Are You An Informed Citizen?

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We are told that democracy depends on an informed citizenry. As Thomas Jefferson warned, in his letter to Edward Carrington in 1787:
“If once they [the people] become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves.”
So how informed are you?
The Pews Research Center has a short and quick 11-question Political News IQ Quiz that you can take. In a national telephone survey of 1,004 randomly sampled American adults who’ve taken the quiz, only 2% correctly answered all 11 questions.
CLICK HERE to take the quiz!
So how did you do?
After you’ve taken the quiz, find out the demographics of the quiz results HERE.

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0 responses to “Are You An Informed Citizen?

  1. Candance Moore

    I also missed the one about obesity. Got all of the others right.

  2. I am in the top 2%. I had all eleven correct. I am sure most people on this blog will do well. (:

  3. Steve, you probably thought the quiz meant the % of Americans who are overweight, which was 63.1% of adults in 2009. 26.5% of Americans were obese, which means very overweight, or a BMI index of 30 or greater. (BMI index for overweight is between 25-29.9; normal is 18.5-24.9; underweight is less than 18.5.)

  4. i missed obesity, medicare and coal coal still provides electricity that sort of surprises me. i thought we had gone nuclear several years back. and only 25% obesity that number seems awfully low.

  5. I am in great company… Only missed the obesity question.
    Moochelle wolfing down tamales at the White House Cinco de Mayo celebration has clouded my judgement.

  6. I missed 2 also. 🙁 The obesity and medicare questions. I generally do not watch news programs or read newspapers. I get most of my information from radio and internet blogs.


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