Are You a Right-Brain or Left-Brain Thinker?

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By AOL Jobs Contributor, Posted Jan 26th 2009 @ 1:58PM
Are you a genius at certain jobs but feel like a half-wit when trying to complete other types of work? The two sides of the brain each have distinct preferences and capabilities, and your strengths and weaknesses are frequently based upon the side of your brain that is dominant.
Take this quiz to find out whether or not you are a right- or left-brain thinker and check out the correlating career choices.
1. Are you better at math and science than art and literature?
YES – People who are left-brain thinkers are often better at and enjoy math and science over art and literature, making them perfect candidates for a career in engineering.
NO – People who are right-brain thinkers are often better at and enjoy art and literature over math and science, making them perfect candidates for a career in grant writing


2. Do you love playing sports outdoors over reading indoors?
YES – The great outdoors and athletics are favorites of people who are right-brain thinkers, and a career that can combine the two, like one as a recreation director, is perfect.
NO – Staying indoors and reading are favorites of people who are left-brain thinkers, and a career that can combine the two, like one as a librarian, is perfect.
3. Do you prefer verbal communication over physical communication?
YES – Left-brain thinkers love to work things out by talking, and would enjoy a job like career counseling, where they would be very effective.
NO – Right-brain thinkers think that actions speak louder than words, and would be very effective at a job that shows their worth without words, like a yoga instructor.
4. Would you rather draw pictures freehand instead of putting together a model airplane?
YES – People who are right-brain thinkers aren’t fans of tremendous structure and prefer having some creativity at work, which makes marketing a perfect career for them.
NO – People who are left-brain thinkers are in need of structure and prefer having specific guidelines at work, which makes computer programming a perfect career path for them.
5. Do you like being in groups more than being alone?
YES – Group-oriented people are usually right-brain thinkers, making a job in retail a good fit for their lifestyle preference.
NO – Loners are usually left-brain thinkers, making a job in accounting a good fit for their lifestyle preference. 
6. When given instructions, are lots of pictures easier to understand than lots of text?
YES – Right-brain thinkers love picture explanations over textual explanations, and this visual preference usually lends well to a career in interior design.
NO – Left-brain thinkers love textual explanations over pictorial explanations, and this preference usually lends well to a clerical career. 
7. Have you noticed that you’re better at providing the details and necessary information for a project than coming up with the initial idea?
YES – Those who are left-brain thinkers are more into processing loads of information and hammering out the details than being involved in the creative process, and a career in human resources is perfectly suited for this skill set.
NO – Those who are right-brain thinkers are more interested in the initial creative process than the information gathering that follows, and a career in consulting is perfectly suited for this skill set. 
8. Do you need a quiet environment when you are working?
YES – Quiet environments are usually needed by left-brain thinkers, who would prefer a career where they could work from home in silence over something that takes place in a noisy environment.
NO – Right-brain thinkers don’t mind a bustling background as they work, making them more suitable for jobs that come with noisy environments like those in the hospitality and hotel fields.
9. Would you enjoy helping someone solve a relationship problem more than a math problem?
YES – Solving relationship problems is right up the alley of the right-brain thinker, and a career as a psychologist would be both enjoyable and rewarding for this type of person.
NO – Solving math and technical problems is right up the alley of the left-brain thinker, and a career as a computer technician would be both enjoyable and rewarding for this type of person.
10. If you were a writer, would you prefer to write nonfiction books instead of fiction?
YES – Left-brain thinkers are obsessed with details and truth, making a career in banking or finance worth considering.
NO – Right-brain thinkers are more imaginative and don’t mind making a career up as they go, making a job in sales worth considering.
 ~Steve~     Hell I’m just happy when any half of my brain works. 😉

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0 responses to “Are You a Right-Brain or Left-Brain Thinker?

  1. This missed the essential, defining characteristic of our New World Disorder: do you use a digital- or an analogue-style watch? It has been long known and well-confirmed that all humankind, less a 10% exception, prefers one to the other. This is the great Moral Watershed of all our lives: do you digitise or do you analogue? And who’s on first anyhow?
    One is left-brain, the other is right-brain. Neither is correct, but can survive equally well in different environments under differing challenges. As usual, we’re back to “the luck of the draw,” like it or not. Or should that be ‘knot’, as in Gordian. And who the Hell was this Gordy guy any who? And how sharp was Aleksander’s sword when he cut the damned knot anyhow?
    Nebber mind, it’s all a Masonic/New World Odour/gerbils in the exercise wheel race to the bottom!

  2. And yes, Steve has it right. Any day we have one-half of our brain doing what it should is a very good day!

  3. Question one was a no, which means I shouldn’t be in engineering yet answer to question 4 is a yes..and I now am a marketer for professional engineering services. Go figure…

    • Dear DCG & Steve:
      I just realised that half my responses were Left and the other half were Right.
      Does that mean I’m bi-brained? Because I’m also ambidextrous, and can read upside down as well, I’m starting to be concerned. Maybe I’d better check in with my other half–of my brain, that is. Maybe only one half is operating at any one time…. Or maybe there’s a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde battle going on that I, its creator, cannot know! Oh my gosh, time for another glass of Almaden Mountain Red to the rescue!!

  4. It makes me very happy to see us laughing about our human foolishness. The world needs a LOT more whimsy and silly stuff, as we humans get FAR too solemn, mostly about small stuff, and then it becomes big stuff with a big cost. Serious is OK, but let’s agree to keep Solemn in his box as much as possible!

    • Now ya gotta love that part about “let’s try and keep it light even when dealing with the end of the world as we knew it.. makes sense to me”, yeppers, and ditto for meself! Boy, and I thought I had a highly refined sense of gallows humour!
      And yes, all PC crapola definitely smothers any creative thinking, never mind our freedom TO think. It’s another reason why I love “Ideas Have Consequences” so much, as Dr Weaver, a Christian, writes from a philosophically ethical and moral POV, not a political one. His stance demolishes most ideologies, as they are based on neither ethics or morality, but seek only political power. This is why the USSA and Kanada are in the mess they are, “…for all have fallen short, and have sinned.”
      We definitely need more custard pie-throwing clowns to attack our 535 miscreants!

      • Steve,
        I hope you know how important you are to the Fellowship and to me. I and countless others depend on your humor posts and your funny-witty comments that light up the darkness, without which I’d be even more nutso and stressed out than I am. 😀

  5. We gotta bring in the clowns!
    Imagine the headlines: “Terrorist Clowns Throw Custard Pies at Senators” or maybe “Senators Creamed by Custard Pie Clown Terrorists”, or…. You all give it a go, and let’s start looking for pie wholesalers! The clowns will become an acronym, say CPC Terrorists or maybe Politically Correct Custard Pie Clowns, aka PCCP Clowns. Another world awaits our madness!

    • Let’s see, looking at my Indiglo analogue watch here, just after a roast beef sandwich, got to help the yardman w/a load in the trailer to McNutt’s [for real, our local garden organics supplier!], run him home, go to Sears, come back home, and then it will be beer-thirty!! Whew, I hope I still have the strength to raise at least the first one….

      • You’re right. Andrew’s only 24, and in good shape, for the shape he’s in! Well, at least he’s not on drugs when he’s here…. And if he hung around, he’d want/need a brewsky. So it goes.

  6. Yo, Steve! What does an “AAADD moment” mean? Something to do with AA? Maybe AAA? And what about the “DD” part? Is this about dry cells and batteries? Help!


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