"Are You a Racist?" test

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I can’t tell you how many times some liberal troll has come on FOTM with no substantive argument to make, but only insults. And the standard insult is: “You don’t like Obama ’cause you’re a RAAAAACIST!”

Well, here’s a test to find out if you are a raaaaaacist!

Do you like him any better white?


Me neither.

See, you’re not a racist.

H/t FOTM’s Miss May, aka Grumpy. 😀

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0 responses to “"Are You a Racist?" test

  1. now he just looks like a relative of Bagojevich’s. and no, this did not improve my attitude towards this marxist/communist leaning, black nationalist, race baiting, totalitarian pushing, wanna be commissar.

  2. He would look better with the Hitler moustache.

  3. You have a way with words, Terry! Hmmm, which Terry are you?

  4. He kinda looks like Alfalfa all grown up. Needs freckles though.

  5. He is still a commie, and they come in all colors.
    LOL – And that pic makes him look like a sleazy used car salesman.

  6. I never believed I was a racist because in my adult life I fought against racism. i.e., in college I was a leader in the fight to allow blacks into my fraternity. In the military I was appointed as Battalion Race Relations Officer and was awarded a Commendation Medal for the good work I did. In two instances, I served under the command of two high ranking black officers and believed they were amoung the finest officers I knew. In civilian work and life I always went out of my way to welcome black co-workers and tried to make them feel comfortable in the work place. Not always successful, but always tried. Happy to say that I became good friends with several black co-workers. However, when I look and listen to Obama, all I see is an anti-white racist with a very large anti-white chip on his shoulder. WHY? He owes his success to the laws and social programs WHITES voted for and supported. I believe his actions are primarily anti-white and against the Constitution that was written by white men. I also believe he is Anti-American because this Country was settled and built primarily by white people. I did not vote for him because of his inexperence and socialist views, but I did want him to succeed for the good of the Country. Yes, Obama’s anti-white racist views are pushing me toward anti-black racism. He is much too quick to play the race card to get his way. I do not like it, but there it is.


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