"Are You a Racist?" Test

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You know how the Left keep accusing Conservatives of being racist because we’re against Obama? Well, I’ve found the best racism test, ever.
Scroll down….

Do you like  him any better now?
Me neither….
Then you’re not a racist!  😀
A big h/t to beloved fellow May!

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0 responses to “"Are You a Racist?" Test

  1. If you’re against Obama because he is Black then you are a racist.
    If you voted FOR Obama because he is Black then you are a racist.
    It works both ways, but we never hear the second part thanks to the racist media.

    • Of course, for Demo-rats, anyone who votes Republican is automatically a racist regardless of the above (and they’re obviously non-racists themselves because their affiliation regardless of the above, naturally).

  2. The “Racist” B.S. does not fly with me anymore at all. Scream all you want. I don’t care what color you are-it’s whether or not you can handle the job.

  3. It is all a matter of whose side you are on. Do you believe in abortion? Do you support those who want one or so you try to talk them out of it giving other options?
    Do you support the homosexual lifestyle? Do you support taking from the rich and giving to the poor and do you pray for GOD to put it in their hearts to voluntarily give to support the less fortunate?
    As for me and MY house, we support the Lord and what is right in HIS sight. We serve HIM.

  4. No how no way….

  5. Had enough of that “hopey, changey” thing yet?

  6. skin color is not the issue here. it’s whether you can do the job you were elected to do & serve the people who elected you (same old song & dance). The only racism I’ve seen is his; anyone who is NOT muslim. Anyone else notice?
    Blue Collar American

  7. Looks like… Alfred E. Neuman?


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