Are they crazy?

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San Francisco restaurant workers support 25 percent tip standard

Of course, this comes from San Francisco…
Mercurynews.comThere’s a move on to make 25 percent the standard tip in San Francisco restaurants. Media sources report that San Francisco restaurant workers are behind it with support from some high-class restaurants.
But, tipping always has been a personal matter. The restaurant norm now is about 15 percent or 20 percent. The IRS says 15 percent is about right for workers’ tax purposes.
Mike Alexander of Antioch said, “They have to be kidding. The whole purpose of a tip is to reward service. If the price is dictated it’s not a tip. If they’re serious they’ll meet a lot of resistance. It seems like everyone is trying to squeeze another buck out of us.”
“If they try it, people will vote with their feet,” said Candel Garcia. “Tips should be earned, not expected. I usually tip 10 percent or 15 percent, which I think is fair. If they really want a bigger tip they might try to increase their service to justify it.”
Tom Grey of Antioch wants to know how they came up with the 25 percent tip idea. “The government puts 15 percent as the tax tab for individuals getting tips. Does anyone really think restaurant workers will admit to the additional income and report it to the IRS? I’m sticking with 15 percent as my restaurant tip.”
Farrah Harper of Brentwood thinks of a negative effect. “If servers think they automatically will get a 25 percent tip, they could very easily slack off and relax on the service they provide,” she said. “I’m sticking with my 20 percent tips. If the service is really great, I can up that amount, but that doesn’t happen very often.”
“They’re being greedy. How can anyone make a tip percentage standard?” asked Charles Piggett of Antioch. “There is one thing that does affect size of the tip, guilt feelings. Some people are ashamed to appear as a cheapskate so they over-tip. That doesn’t work for me. I don’t need anyone else telling me how to spend my money.”
Valerie Green of Oakley disagrees. “Given the terrible state of our economy, I think 25 percent is not unreasonable,” she said. “I usually do 20 percent, but everyone needs some extra money now and I’m all for it. I’m going to go with 25 percent starting with my next meal out.”
Antioch’s Cliff Lane is thinking out of the box. “If you want to reward service, start tipping the help in fast food places. These people work for minimum wage and get no tips,” he said. “Tips are for quality service. If you get it, give a tip. In restaurants I usually leave 20 percent. Given the rising prices for meals now, a 20 percent tip does include a raise.”
Yes Ms. Green, given the state of our economy, let’s set a minimum tip percentage above the normal standard tip rate for what should be based on performance.  Makes sense to me.
Any restaurant that sets a tip standard (separate from a gratuity placed on large parties) will not be getting my service!

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0 responses to “Are they crazy?

  1. Sorry, I refuse to pay any person a tip that large. If they demand it, I will leave no tip at all! Like everything these days, people are more concerned with what they will get and not with the job they were hired to do in the first place. People who can’t find jobs might first try learning something first to make themselves a better worker. Then, after you have become a super, duper waiter or waitress, you may earn a larger tip.

  2. Here’s the way I feel about restaurants., They do not payt their people even minimum wage. Next the government feeds off their tips. HOw is that supposed to be right? A gratuity (tip) is just that, a gift. So does this mean that when I give my kid a birthday gift of pokemon cards, that the government should get their cut of those cards, or a portion of his birthday cake? It’s absurd notion, I know, but the notion that the government gets to take a portion of someone’s gift to a restaurant worker is balogna. But that’s our government for you. Tax tax tax to death. As for a mandatory 25% gratuity? Well, it stops being a gratuity, and starts being extortion. Enough is enough. I tip according to the merit of the server, not some bird brain’s idea of what they are owed.

  3. What do you expect from the “twilight zone”?

  4. I think it might have to do with the fact that there are some naked men walking around and refusing to sit on towels. If I had to clean butt sweat from chairs here and there I would ask for a raise in my tips as well!!!!

  5. Entitlementland, CA.

  6. Whoa! If your meal is $80., you are talking a $ for a tip! Ok… this is way out of my ballpark. I always considered myself a good tipper, and may even go beyond the norm, but man, this is ridiculous.

  7. LOL – I guess the restaurant workers in San Francisco have gotten tired of their jobs and want to do something else.

  8. My sis & I went to dinner w/nieces tonight. Server brought nieces food while sis and I waited and waited for our pizza. Next thing you know she’s bringing our check & we never got pizza! Think we were going to tip her? Called in manager and managed to get whole bill for free – and we got to take pizza to go 🙂
    No way server was getting a tip for that extreme lack of service!

    • Yep! Exactly why tip should be based on performance…
      She also asked if we wanted to see desert menu. My sis & I just laughed…too funny.

  9. Restaurant workers that are supporting a 25 % tips charge, Must Think they are “Members of Congress”?………….Where Congress Members set; Their Own Salaries?
    Am I The Only One?~~ ” That Congress Setting Their Own Salary, Seems To, NOT BE, What The Founding fathers Had In Mind When They Penned The Constitution!”……”It Doesn’t Make Any Sense!”
    “But There Is A Way To Set Congress’s Pay; That Makes Total Common Sense!”

  10. Yesterday, the owner of Fior d’Italia, a longtime restaurant in San Francisco, called into a radio talk show. He said that, already, what with the city’s legislation on healthcare for waiters/waitresses, running a restaurant in SF costs 25% more than in New York. if this 25% tip becomes city law, many SF restaurants will just go out of business.


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