Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?

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Friends, wrap your head with duct tape (to prevent it from exploding). It’s Down-the-Rabbit-Hole time!
rabbit hole
If you’re age 40 years or older, you’d probably remember January 28, 1986.
That was day of the Challenger disaster, when the NASA Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida at 11:38 EST. All seven crew members were killed, including five NASA astronauts and two payload specialists.
Millions of Americans (17% of the total population) watched the launch live on TV because of Payload Specialist Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. Media coverage of the explosion was extensive: one study reported that 85% of Americans surveyed had heard the news within an hour of the accident.
Challenger disaster
We were told that Challenger disintegrated because of a malfunctioning O-ring seal in its right solid rocket booster. The O-ring failure caused a breach in the SRB joint it sealed, allowing pressurized burning gas from within the solid rocket motor to reach the outside and impinge upon the adjacent SRB aft field joint attachment hardware and external fuel tank, leading to the structural failure of the external tank. Aerodynamic forces broke up the orbiter.
The crew compartment and many other vehicle fragments were eventually recovered from the ocean floor after a lengthy search and recovery operation. The exact timing of the death of the crew is unknown; several crew members are known to have survived the initial breakup of the spacecraft. But the shuttle had no escape system, and the impact of the crew compartment with the ocean surface was too violent to be survivable.
The disaster resulted in a 32-month hiatus in NASA’s shuttle program and the formation of the Rogers Commission, a special commission appointed by then President Ronald Reagan to investigate the accident. The commission found NASA’s organizational culture and decision-making processes had been key contributing factors to the accident.
These are the names of Challenger’s 7 crew members:

  1. Francis Richard Scobee, Commander
  2. Michael J. Smith, Pilot
  3. Ronald McNair, Mission Specialist
  4. Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist
  5. Judith Resnik, Mission Specialist
  6. Gregory Jarvis, Payload Specialist
  7. Christa McAuliffe, Payload Specialist

But wait!
What if someone were to tell you that most, if not all, of Challenger’s 7 crew members are still alive and thriving in their new professions, contrary to what we’ve been told?
That is the contention of simonshack and other contributors on the chat forum, They claim 6 of the 7 Challenger crew members are still alive; some even kept their names. Here’s their evidence. (Note: referenced a short article by Darrell Foss on Opob News, “Was the Challenger disaster a hoax?,” March 2015, as their first source.)

Click pic below to enlarge


1. Francis Richard Scobee, Commander of Challenger Space Shuttle

Born on May 19, 1939, Commander Francis Richard Scobee was 46 when he died in the Challenger explosion. He would be 75 years old if he were alive today.
Strangely, there’s a man also named Richard Scobee, the CEO of a Chicago marketing-advertising company called Cows in Trees, who bears a striking resemblance (factoring in the 30-year timelapse) to Commander Richard Scobee — same high forehead, same eyebrows, same wide-set eyes that are slightly tilted down in their outer corners.
Richard Scobee
The source of the pic on the right of CEO Richard Scobee is his LinkedIn page.
If you go on Cows in Trees’ website, you’ll see an animation of a rocket-powered cow in the sky with swirling smoke shaped like the number 6, much like Space Shuttle Challenger as it was seen on TV exploding in mid-air. Wink, wink. CEO Richard Scobee sure has a sense of humor! /sarc
Cows in Trees & Challenger explosion

2. Michael J. Smith, Pilot of Challenger

Born on April 30, 1945, Challenger pilot Michael John Smith was 41 years old when he died in the explosion.
There’s a man also named Michael J. Smith, who bears a striking resemblance to astronaut Michael J. Smith — same horizontal eyebrows, same grey-blue eyes, same vertical indentation in the tip of the nose. This Michael J. Smith is a Professor Emeritus (retired) of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, whose email address is
Astronaut Michael J. Smith would be 70 years old if he were still alive today. Well, hot diggidy damn, there just happens to be a 69-year-old Michael J. Smith (the professor?) whose addresses include Madison, Wisconsin! (He’s #74 on this LookUpAnyone list.)

3. Ronald McNair, Challenger’s Mission Specialist

Born on Oct. 21, 1950, Challenger’s mission specialist Ronald McNair, the second African-American astronaut, with a Ph.D. in physics, would be 64 years old if he had not perished in the space shuttle explosion. If Ronald (l) were still alive today, he would look just like this pic of his brother, Carl (r).
Ronald McNair
Carl McNair is an author, education consultant and inspirational speaker. He is the founder and president emeritus of the Ronald E. McNair Foundation in honor of his brother. Here’s Carl’s LinkedIn page. (Please scroll down to my Update of May 9, 2015, for the results of my search on for the birth record(s) of Carl McNair.)

4. Ellison Onizuka, Challenger Mission Specialist

Another Challenger mission specialist, Ellison Onizuka, the first Japanese-American astronaut, also has a lookalike brother named Claude. Born on June 24, 1946 in Hawaii, Ellison would be 68 years old today if he had not died in the Challenger explosion. If Ellison were still alive, he would look just like this pic of his younger brother Claude — same eyebrows, same eyes, same crow’s feet wrinkles, same nose, even the same hair-parting.
Ellison and Claude Onizuka
Claude Onizuka is a Liquor Adjudication Board Member of the Department of Liquor Control, County of Hawaii, Hilo, Hawaii. (Please scroll down to my Update of May 9, 2015, for the results of my search on for the birth record(s) of Claude Onizuka.)

5. Judith Resnik, Challenger Mission Specialist

Born on April 5, 1949, Challenger mission specialist Judith Arlene Resnik, with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, was the first Jewish American astronaut to go into space and the second female American astronaut. She would be 66 years old today if she had not died in the explosion.
If she were alive today, it is not difficult to imagine that after 29 years, astronaut Judith Resnik would look like Arthur Liman Professor of Law Judith Resnik at Yale Law School — dark curly hair, dark eyes, same eyebrow shape, same lines on both sides of the face extending up from the jaw.
Judith Resniks
Judith Resniks1
Simonshack draws our attention to how both Judith Resnicks’ upper lips form a slight peak (on their left) when they speak:
Judith Resniks2
I searched for “Judith Resnik” whose birthday was April 5, 1949 (according to Wikipedia). While there are burials and obituaries for Judith Resnik who was born April 4 or 5, 1949 and died on Jan. 28, 1986 (see below the screenshot I took), I looked through’s 241 death records for the last name Resnik but cannot find the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) for astronaut Judith Resnik or any other Judith Resnik. The only Resnik SSDIs I found are for Gerald Resnik, Paul Resnik, Sharon Resnik, Wulf Resnik, Michael Resnik, Charles Resnik, Stanley Resnik, Gary Resnik, Daniel Resnik, Donald Resnik, and Patricia Resnik. There is no SSDI for Judith Resnik.

↓ Click image below to enlarge ↓

Challenger - Resnik1

UPDATE (Sept. 10, 2015):

Here’s a YouTube video comparing the voices of astronaut Judith Resnick and Professor Judith Resnick (h/t FOTM reader CW). They are the same woman.

6. Sharon Christa McAuliffe, Challenger Payload Specialist

Born on Sept. 2, 1948, Sharon Christa McAuliffe was a social studies teacher at Concord High School in New Hampshire when she was selected from more than 11,000 applicants to participate in the NASA Teacher in Space Project. If Challenger had not exploded, she would be the first teacher in space. If she had not died in the Challenger disaster, McAuliffe would be 66 years old today.
Well, there’s a Sharon A. McAuliffe, an adjunct professor at Syracuse University College of Law, who kinda looks like an older astronaut McAuliffe, factoring in the 30 years timelapse. Look at the cowlick of hair, sweeping from the center of their hairlines to the left side of their foreheads.
Sharon McAuliffe
I searched for the SSDI for “Sharon McAuliffe,” with the birthdate of Sept. 2, 1948. I found grave/burial indexes for Sharon Christa McAuliffe and an SSDI for a Sha McAuliffe. See screenshot I took below (click to enlarge):
Challenger - McAuliffe1
Simonshack points us that “It may also be entirely coincidental” that Syracuse law professor Sharon is a cousin of Terry McAuliffe, the current governor of Virginia who was co-chairman of President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. Terry McAuliffe, an advocate of gun control, is also very much concerned about NASA funding issues. See here and here.
In the end we need to ask ourselves this question:
It’s one thing that one of the Challenger’s crew members resembles someone alive today. For that, we can chalk it up to a coincidence.
It’s another thing entirely that SIX members of the Challenger crew have doppelgängers who are alive, in some cases with exactly the same names (Richard Scobee, Michael J. Smith, Judith Resnick, Sharon McAuliffe). What are the chances of that?
You don’t have to be an expert in mathematics to know that those odds defy statistical probability.
H/t FOTM’s Martha Trowbridge

Update (May 1, 2015):

On the genealogy website, I found the SSDIs of Francis Richard Scobee, Michael J. Smith, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and a “Sha McAuliffe” (see above in the section on McAuliffe), but not of Judith Resnik (as I explained above in the section on her above. Here are the screenshots I took of the SSDIs of Scobee, Smith, McNair, Onizuka, and Jarvis. (Click to enlarge)
Challenger - ScobeeChallenger - SmithChallenger - McNairChallenger - OnizukaChallenger - Jarvis
It should be said that although SSDI presumably has the imprimatur of the U.S. government, we still have reasons to be skeptical. I refer you to the curious case of Adam Lanza, who on Dec. 14, 2012, allegedly shot to death, first his mother Nancy, then 20 children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. We are told that he then shot himself in the head minutes before the police arrived at the school.
Genealogy sites such as initially had Adam Lanza’s SSDI with a date of death (DOD) as Dec. 13, 2012 — one day BEFORE the massacre. Then when bloggers discovered that strange DOD, the genealogy websites quickly changed his DOD to Dec. 14, 2012. See:

Update (May 9, 2015): The Search for 2 Brothers

Carl McNair

I searched on for a “Carl McNair,” who claims to be the brother of astronaut Ronald McNair. Carl S. McNair’s LinkedIn page says his birthdate is Dec. 16; Wikipedia’s page on Ronald McNair says his parents are Carl C. and Pearl M. McNair.  So I asked to search all “birth, baptism and christening” records for “Carl McNair,” born on Dec. 16, whose father is Carl McNair and mother is Pearl McNair.
Result of search: Just one record in Texas Birth Certificates 1903-1932, that of Herschel John McNair, born on 12 Oct 1912 – Rosewood, Upshur, whose father was William McNair and mother was Pearl Watkins.
In other words, according to, there is no Carl McNair, brother of Ronald McNair. Here’s the screenshot I took of’s search results, with the time (10:18 AM) and date (5/9/2015) when I took it in the lower right corner (circled in red).

↓ Click image to enlarge ↓

Carl McNair
Just to be sure, I re-did my search for “Carl McNair,” this time without specifying the names of the parents. There were 8,850 results. So I narrowed the search to “Carl McNair,” whose father’s last name is McNair and whose mother’s first name is Pearl. That narrowed the results to 8,980, which include all persons whose last name is McNair or similar-sounding last names, e.g., McNare, McNear, Mackner. Of those 8,980 results, I found no Carl McNair whose father’s name is (also) Carl McNair and whose mother’s first name is Pearl.
No parent names were given for these 3 Carl McNairs:

  1. Carl W. McNair, b. Sept 2, 1950
  2. Carl F. McNair, b. Feb. 9, 1954
  3. Marcus Carl McNair, b. Dec. 23, 1952

Since astronaut Ronald McNair was born on Oct. 21, 1950, we can rule out #1 Carl W. McNair, born on Sept. 2, 1950, as Ronald’s brother. That leaves us with Carl. F. McNair and Marcus Carl McNair.

Claude Onizuka

I also asked to search for the birth records of “Claude Onizuka,” the alleged brother of astronaut Ellison Onizuka. According to Wikipedia’s entry on Ellison Onizuka, his father was the late Masamitsu Onizuka, his mother is Mitsue Onizuka.
Result of search:  “Your search for Claude Onizuka returned zero good matches.”
Claude Onizuka1
Just to be sure, I re-did the search for “Claude Onizuka,” this time without putting in the names of the parents. There were 36 results, none of which is Claude Onizuka. In other words, according to, no one named Claude Onizuka had ever been born in the United States.

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403 responses to “Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?

  1. Wow! This is rather strange. As I looked at the pictures of Robert McNair, as opposed to Carl McNair–we see that Carl has a gap between his front teeth, that is not visable in the picture of Robert. In this instance, that seems to discount that these two people are the same person. In the first set of pictures of Judith Resnick, it is noticeable that the younger Resnick has lips that are much smaller, thiner that the picture of the older Resnick. Whereas, usually with age lips tend to thin out, rather than become plumper. In the instance of McAuliffe, they do not necessarily look like the same person. I would wonder why the government would perpetrate a lie such as this on the American people? I mean, I would not put it past them . . . I jut don’t understand the payoff for them. Can anyone enlighten me?

    • Auntie Lulu do you still think human kind has ever landed on the moon? + hundreds of other videos, satan’s job is to get rid of God in your life, & put science & evolution in God’s place.

      • You. Are. Bat. Shit. Crazy.

      • the big trick that they are getting us all to fall for is not whether or not we landed on the moon; it is what did they find there? remember we are all like cattle, even the smart ones of us. step back see big pic than run.


    • Armstrong Refuses To Swear On The Bible He walked On The Moon

      • Maciej,
        I’ve seen headlines on this but not the actual video footage until now. Thank you.
        Why was Neil Armstrong so defensive? The best defense being offense, it is most telling that Armstrong not only refused the $5,000 in cash for his choice of charities, but went on the attack, accusing the man, “Knowing you, that’s probably a fake Bible,” (O:34 mark) in order to NOT swear on the Bible that he’d walked on the Moon.
        If I had walked on the Moon, I would give the man a big smile, happily swear on the Bible, then take the $5,000 in cash and donate it to an honest animal charity. (Unlike human Americans, animals don’t get the many endless forms of govt welfare — food stamps, Section 8 housing, Aid to Families With Dependent Children, Social Security Disability, etc. etc. etc. — but must depend solely on the kindness of strangers.)

        • I’m not sure the video means much. Armstrong is a self proclaimed (and recorded) Deist. Deists believe in the existence of one creator but not the trappings of organised religion. It’s a bit like the Jeremy Corbyn thing in the UK, he was slammed for not singing God Save the Queen. Considering he has strong views against the monarchy and does not believe in God, it would have been a farce for him to have sung it. I think this may be a similar situation. I’m spiritual but not religious and wouldn’t swear on a bible either. Plus his reaction could very well have been “not this nutter stalking me again” as it’s obvious these 2 have had previous interactions.

    • Auntie LL:
      I agree about Carl McNair having a gap in his front teeth, but I disagree about Prof. Judith Resnik having fuller lips than astronaut Judith Resnik. It’s enough that we find ONE instance of a Challenger crew member having a double — Michael J. Smith is a striking example. But to have more than 2 crew members having lookalike doubles (always factoring in the 30-year aging effects), then to have the doubles having the exact same names as the crew members simply defy random-chance probability.

      • The teeth are different on the two Michael J. Smiths. Also, the lines about the mouth aren’t there in the younger man. (At 40 yrs old, the lines would be there.)
        I went to the original forum and read quite a lot. (Interesting!) The posters considered the idea that perhaps ‘they’ used chosen similar doubles for who-knows-why.
        Wow! Thanks for sharing!

      • This needs further investigation because the u.s gov cannot be trusted with anything,they killed 3000 people on 9/11,those rats are capable of anything..

    • Plastic surgery and the van allen belt.

    • I’m definitely no expert on the subject, but this is my train of thought. If by some miracle, the crew of the challenger did survive and the blow-up was indeed by a mistake on NASA’s part, what is the first thing that is going to happen? MAJOR bad press for NASA and questioning of the safety and efficiency of their multi-billion dollar program. So, IF they survived, the safest thing for NASA to do would be to institute a MAJOR pay-off of the crew members and help them “start over” with a new life somewhere else. Money would be an incentive to the crew to keep their mouth shut, and NASA would avoid an even more questionable reputation. Everybody wins.

      • Shocker… you are missing the big point… this is no mistake… this is all a fraud… they did this for a reason… no mistake was made, in fact, this was a very intricate operation… open your eyes!!

    • I am shocked as well. Something must have happened to make NASA want to stop the space program to the moon. As far as the gap, I had perfect teeth in my youth, I lost a few molars and my front teeth moved, now I have not one but two large gaps. The pics of Judith Resnik were quite compelling, but I see no resemblance with Christa McCauliffe, then and now.

  2. I’m speechless!! LOL😳 Looking for tape now. 😉

  3. Wow! Dr. Eowyn, this is just incredible! We know about the Boston and SH frauds being done today, but if this is true, then it’s been going on a lot longer than any of us thought!

    • It’s been going since the early hominids. Plain trickery to fool the masses. This is just a stupid Disney hoax nobody gives a damn about.

  4. Reblogged this on Your Dog Wouldn't Like It and commented:
    This seriously needs investigating.

  5. Alice-through-the-Looking-Glass-1
    Oh no! It’s through the looking glass time again! I can feel myself getting sucked into the vortex! Help me! I’m getting smaller! 😀

  6. OK, I’m on this & will contact all my friends in relevant fields, then get back to Eo.


  8. Okay okay okay…
    Mind eyes just uncrossed, my head stopped spinning.
    Now I have one BIG question.
    This would have been such supremely great news for a heartbroken nation, what would have motivated the government to hide it?

    • TD and Auntie LL:
      If this is true, I have no idea what the motive and purpose would be. It took everything from me to pick my jaw up from the floor and do this post! LOL

      • As I was racing to the train just now I puzzled over it. If the story is true, AND they covered it up, then they have something to hide. Something big. Is it an escape system they don’t want anyone to know about? Was the shuttle uninhabited the whole time? Is our entire space program a fraud? Was the crash deliberately engineered as an emotional distraction from some other thing that was carried out secretly in the same time period, some “star wars” military launch?
        Or… are we nuts for even contemplating it?
        Has anyone seen a large white rabbit running with a pocket watch in his hand?
        IF it is true, then we have evidence that the individuals were respected by that administration. Were it to happen under Obama or a Clinton, they would probably have been eliminated, like Ron Brown, Vince Foster and Joan Rivers.
        Oh!!! There goes the rabbit!!! Sorry, I have to go catch him!!!

      • Dr Eowyn . . . thank you so much for the time and effort you put in. I was not questioning the total validity of this information. I guess, I just don’t like to think that the government has been lying to us for this long, but then look at the JFK incident. Perhaps, this was the governments way of backing off spending untold millions for space research! I just don’t know. It rather breaks my heart that there are, seemingly, so many people who are “ready and willing” to make a pact with the devil and become a part of these far fetched conspiracys. I think that people who are basically honest at heart feel that others are also honest at heart–therefore, we are duped by those who come up with this kind of stuff. I would agree, on the whole–how could there possibly be this many “doubles” relative to one particular incident.

  9. Sally Jo Patriot

    I’m not saying I put ANYTHING past our government.. however, it appears to me that in many of the pictures, the ears are shaped entirely differently than the original. hard to tell as angle and hairstyles interfere with a good comparison…

    • Sally,
      I tried to scrutinize the ears as well, because one can’t fake ears. But as you pointed out, “angle and hairstyles interfere with a good comparison,” so we really can’t compare the ears.

      • Most portraits of government operatives (eg. Sandy Hook; Columbine High School; Obots) are altered via Photoshop.
        STEP 1 = Zoom in close.
        STEP 2 = Look for straight lines/seams (edits) around the eyes; ears; nose; jawline.
        Once you start doing this, you’ll find all sorts of bizarre edits. I’ve seen sloppy edits to ears and noses, but always the eyes.

  10. I’m calling it a night. Please don’t tell the Queen of Hearts where I am. 😀

  11. I have an idea about the why. Having the challenger explode enabled the shutting down of the space program for years right? During this time the Soviets were allowed to catch up in a manner of speaking even if only as a myth. Not having space wars also enabled the antagonistic dialogue between both countries to simmer down. Meanwhile plans were being made fort the soviets to take down the wall and declare communism dead.
    Of course the wall coming down really just meant the stealthy and quicker infiltration of collectivist, totalitarian ideas into the west. Many people are not aware of this but in 1985 I beleive Reagan signed an agreement with Gorby to merge our education curriculums. The basics of the exchange is that we would provide the Russians with our tech expertise and they would provide us with all their classroom mind control wisdom. ( Common Core is the Outcome based result creating the dumbed down perfect compliant worker )
    Anyway .. I digress…. But I think the point was to create space, no pun intended, to allow the dialectic to move to the next stage. The Challenger ( word play! ) was the synthesis of the thesis /US and the antithesis/Soviets.
    Don’t forget the demographic makeup of the astronauts on board covered all bases. That in itself was very symbolic. You might say Global in its representation.

    • mc . . . what you have said does indeed make very good sense. It’s just lousy that the government isn’t upfront about what’s going on.

  12. Why keep the same names?

    • My guess: A combination of CONFIDENCE that the public will never discover the hoax (1986 was before the Internet) and in-your-face ARROGANCE.

      • I’ve come very late to this party, but I hope you’re still tracking this thread. I think we have to go back, and determine the real purpose of the shuttle program. Was it an innocuous, civilian scientific endeavour, or was there a hidden military purpose? Go back into the archives and retrieve the recordings of Dr. Beter in which he alleges that the Space Shuttle was being used to get surveillance of Russia to update targeting for a nuclear strike. He also alleges that the Soviets defended themselves by shooting down Columbia…several times! In each case, a substitute Columbia was used to provide the American viewers with a safe return landing scene so they would never know what was going on behind the scenes.

  13. Hate to “fact check” stuff Simon Shack is telling me (or the guy calling himself Simon Shack) but the woman called Sharon Christa McAuliffe
    is in fact clearly Laurel Clark, you can even read her name tag:,_NASA_photo_portrait_in_blue_suit.jpg
    So, not sure why Simon Shack is yet again stretching the truth and making stuff up, guess he needs to prove his point?
    Clark allegedly died aboard Columbia.. She is also a UW-Madison character, but it’s important not to be spreading misinformation.

  14. Just to add that the government is capable of deceiving us and so is the media. I read some of the commenters here did not think that the people in the photos looked like the ones “killed.” Got to remember, this was in 1986 and people do change their looks as they age. I remember how heart broken I was at the time,Being lied to did not cross my mind,but now that I am older and hopefully wiser,I want the people responsible for these fake HOAXES to be held accountable.I do not think that is too much to ask.

    • I still vividly remember Jan. 26, 1986. I was just about to go teach a morning class when my husband, his face ashen, told me the news. All of America grieved for Sharon Christa McAuliffe.
      We can argue back and forth about ears, or a tooth gap, or whether law professor Sharon McAuliffe resembles astronaut Sharon Christa McAuliffe, but please use your heads:
      If just ONE of Challenger’s crew members is still alive (the most convincing one is pilot/professor Michael J. Smith — look at their pics, they’re the same man), that means we had been lied to and NO ONE died in the “explosion.”

      • I will admit, the most damning fact is that the Social Secuity Death Index does not show entries for any of these people! Just based on that one fact, the story that these individuals died in this horrific accident tends to make the reader feel it was a put-up job! I wonder about the families of the people involved–how is it that they all kept quiet? Or, was it a situation, similar to going into “witness protection” where one severed all communication with loved ones? If that is true, what kind of people are these?

        • Auntie LL,
          I tried to verify what claimed, that there’s no SSDI on any of the 7 crew members. I found the SSDIs of all the male crew members: Scobee, Smith, McNair, Onizuka, and Jarvis. I found the SSDI for a “Sha McAuliffe” with Sharon Christa McAuliffe’s birthdate of Sept. 2, 1948 and a death-date of Jan. 1986. But I could not find an SSDI for any Judith Resnik.

  15. Well it must be a bunch of fools looking this info up because I found everyone but Judith Resnik (which they had spelled wrong) She was unmarried and no immediate family there for no one to file her death with Social security for benefits Burial or otherwise!! Come on now you bunch of GULLIBLE suckers!!

  16. For some reasson they searched the ssdi for deaths in feb 1986, when in fact they should’ve searched jan 1986… Thats a big differnce… Can anyone search the right date?

    • Thank you, Vin, for noticing the mistake made on I conducted a search on for the SSDIs of the crew members, using their birthdates. Please scroll up to the end of my post for my UPDATE.

  17. NWO is simply the OWO with an upgrade. The ruling crime syndicate is ancient. This feudal cabal has only every been increasing their wealth & power for millennia. They’ve lost a strategic battle here & there, over the centuries, sacrificed an emperor, king, czar, or fuhrer here & there, although they’re sometimes spirited away & allowed to live out their lives in comfortable exile. But, the show goes on. As long as their Abrahamic Mythos remains in place, we can be sure it’s the same Mob ruling the world. ROMAN ZIONIST BABYLON EMPIRE suffers no displacement. It’s all about the money. They own it all, being cunning enough to keep the enslaved legions divided & too busy distrusting & fighting each other to recognize there is ONE ring to rule them all & in the darkness bind them.

  18. A famous super model of the seventies, whose name escapes me now, had a pronounced gap betwen her front teeth, but usually wore a cap that filled in the gap. Also, lip fillers are one of the most common procedures used by women to counteract effects of aging around the mouth. Hollywood actresses OFTEN have plumper lips as they age, as a result.

  19. Lauren Hutten?

  20. Leeann Springer

    I have always been suspicious of the alleged “Challenger’s disaster”. For instance, the Nazis used the media to turn many against the Jews, by making films depicting them as diseased rats. The media is full of trickery and wizardry. I have heard politicians, especially George W. Bush, speak about “shadow government”, which never escapes my ears when hearing it. Another way to create false information mind control is through the media. Good article Dr. Eowyn! Leeann

  21. When I first saw this story a few weeks ago, I too was really perplexed as to what the motive behind this “hoax’ would have been. Clearly, there seemed to be an explosion that millions witnessed – that does seem to have happened.
    The most viable answer I could find was was that there were no astronauts on board, as the astronaut part of the Challenger scenario was a hoax (as it was an empty vessel). When the Challenger unexpectedly exploded, all of a sudden the powers that be were faced with the quandary that they should have dead astronauts.

  22. Wow. Wow. Wake up, will ya? FDR is dead. Truman’s at the helm!

  23. Leeann Springer

    If an illegal Kenyan can have a fake birth certificate made, and be elected as POTUS, then fake death dates can be created too. There are photography companies, such as Phoe-Joe, that can make age-regression /progression images from any photo that is clearly visible of individuals. The FBI often solves cases, using those methods. Personally, I have a healthy amount of paranoia when it concerns government. Leeann

  24. has anyone searched for records of those that claim to be “brothers” of the ones who died to see if they ever actually existed?

  25. Plagiarism hey. I see no links to the original writer of this!

  26. This is a listing from Wikipedia:
    Casualties January 28, 1986
    Francis R. Scobee, Commander
    Michael J. Smith, Pilot
    Ronald McNair, Mission Specialist
    Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist
    Judith Resnik, Mission Specialist
    Greg Jarvis, Payload Specialist
    Christa McAuliffe, Payload Specialist

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  28. Dr. Eowyn: I just took a bit of time, looked up each of the 7 astronauts on Wiki, then used their correct name, birth date, location and date of date of death in SSDI and found 5 of them listed correctly with their matching data. However, Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe and Francis Richard “Dick” Scobee are not shown with any variation that I used on SSDI website.

  29. I’m thinking that blowing 7 people up would suffice as an excuse to not send humans into space again so as to delay the inevitable realisation that Armstrong and his boys didn’t go anywhere near the moon. My 2 cents 🙂

  30. THey’ve been rolling out doppelgangers at least since WWII probably before. Check out Leslie Howard’s (actor in Gone with the Wind) mysterious plane crash while impersonating Winston Churchill. In 60’s The “sound” studio where Beatles reappeared around Sgt. Pepper time was government run – sort of like google and most tech firms of today; Paul (at least) was replaCIAed by a CIAlebrity (all these doppels and memes are part of the social engineering agenda promotion and also psyops for shock value). Check this out: for list of probable dop’s. PS – for those of you who rely on Wikipedia – you’re kidding – right ? It’s the Matrix encyclopedia and only to be used as a last resort. All the techie firms and social media are run by the same people who run the regular MSM, Big Pharma, Defense Industry, Entertainment, and the ‘government’. Google was govt created. But this is GREAT – I didn’t know about the Challenger and I’m glad that Armstrong had some respect for the Bible in his own way.

  31. fritz copeland

    Dr Eowyn, the article was originally written by Darrell Foss in January 2015 and posted to
    He ran the article past those of us that are his Facebook friends weeks earlier and did much more research immediately after the’s the link where they gave him credit for the story:
    Darrell is a very intelligent and resourceful person Dr Eowyn. As well he is a very personable character with a very easy to get along with attitude. Darrell feels that he deserves credit mention for this as it took him some time to develop and write the story. If you would care to meet him, I am sure that you both would have a lot of interesting things to share and make great points and discovery in. I urge you to give him credit to the story. You will find him to be an asset in terms of friendships and as they are.

    • Thank you, Mr. Copeland. I meant no disrespect to Darrell Foss. I will insert into my post a reference to him and his article.

      • This is the sentence I inserted into my post after the paragraph “That is the contention of simonshack and other contributors on the chat forum, They claim 6 of the 7 Challenger crew members are still alive; some even kept their names. Here’s their evidence.”:
        “Note: referenced a short article by Darrell Foss on Opob News, “Was the Challenger disaster a hoax?,” March 2015, as their first source.”

  32. this is too far fetched, why doesn’t someone obtain dna, that would settle it once and for all

    • How about you obtain the DNA data, uh?

      • obtain dna from the “alleged” survivors and from living relatives of the astronauts themselves, if they are the survivors there would be a match!!

        • neil,
          Obviously, that would be ideal. But unless the families of the Challenger crew volunteer, no one except a court can compel them to submit samples of their DNA. Do you seriously think that will happen?

          • I don’t know, have they been asked? If there was a possibility of establishing if a loved one was alive I think most people would!

  33. It is said ears are like fingerprints. The ears are different on the elder vs younger people.
    Not the same people.

    • How can you tell? The photographers’ angles are different. There’s hair obscuring the ears. The ears of the 2 Judith Resniks and Sharon McAuliffes aren’t even visible. I marvel at your certainty.

    • ZOOM IN on the sharpest portraits you can find. Are the ears altered via Photoshop (the way other Hoax participants have been altered)? That is done to disguise the real identity of Crisis Actors.

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  35. My first thought when I read this weeks ago was that it was done for trauma based programming directed at children (among other reasons listed by others), I would imagine thousands of children were glued to the TV either at home or at school watching this unfold LIVE because of the teacher on board the shuttle. No time to filter out or decide if this was appropriate for children to be watching. They already watched it live and would have that image and the associated horror imprinted on their young minds forever.

    • If you think THAT was traumatic for kids, imagine what the (fake boogeyman) “Adam Lanza” did to their minds. “Adam Lanza” was manufactured in Photoshop to traumatize/terrify 300 million parents and kids into thinking “guns are evil; bad people have guns.”
      That’s why the US Government designed “Adam Lanza” to look like a ghostly serial killer psycho.
      26 Death Certificates are still MISSING in the Sandy Hoax soap opera.

      • Make that 28 death certificates still missing!
        20 supposedly dead Sandy Hook Elementary School kids + 6 supposedly dead Sandy Hook Elementary School adults +
        Nancy Lanza, supposed mom of supposed Adam + Adam Lanza himself = 28

    • Jasper: I think the model for “Adam Lanza” was the alien in the Star Trek episode “The Corbomite Maneuver”:
      Seriously, check it out — the elongated head, the facial expression, the upturned collar. . .

  36. The similarities are stunning and then to have the same names is more stunning. I’ve done the research and came to the conclusion the moon landings have no basis in reality they are all show and illusion.
    Now the space shuttle program. Isn’t it opposite of what advancement that the space program has devolved since the 60’s vs evolved. Another words we landed on the moon in the 60’s, 70’s and now just take little trips outside the atmosphere in the new century.
    Now I find out we don’t even do that lol. Thanks for the post you made my day; another achievement relegated to shattered myth.

  37. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post and for all of your scholarly work. The pictures are amazing and I found matching characteristics in the pictures. Incredible!

  38. ah space, the satanic & occult involvement in government. Why fake a shuttle disaster? Trauma of course, traumatizing people is one of the ways to ensure they will respond in a given way… Likely the other reaons other commenters have cited are also valid.
    Lest we forget, “jack” parsons, a practicing satanist, and buddy of l. ron hubbard, was the founder of the jet propulsion labs. hubbard, parsons and parson’s wife participated in a ritual designed by crowley called “the babalon working” a sex magick rite to summon an old pagan whore deity. Why would a satanist be involved in one (if not more of) the precursors to the “space program”? Because the new antitheist religion of science and the delusion of “aliens” hinged on “space” and the implication that mankind could “get there” (it is much harder to convince people about panspermia theory, or alien travel if they don’t believe even humans can’t leave their own planet.) The concept of man being able to travel “elsewhere” was valuable in setting up the current antitheism system, it, along with flagrant dishonesty in mythology and popularizations of sci-fi all serve to further the agenda of getting people to believe “aliens” are “aliens” and not what they really are… devils. All to aid in a big deception in the long term (of which the doctrine of evolution is also key).
    Given the very ridiculed, yet provable presence of the occult in scientific institutions (NASA included, if I remember right.) etc. we shouldn’t be surprised that disaster psychological operations against the general public would be carried out. Aside from traumatizing things, it did put things on hold at NASA, but were they still getting funding? Sure many folks remember “challenger” as a tragedy, but what was the impact of it, what did it make people think at the time? Obviously there was a question of “safety” involved, but that is likely the gloss, what is printed under the gloss, is the real question.
    The whole “space/alien” thing is a big deception going on these days, perhaps a ploy will be that “aliens” will show up, claim they are here to help “defend us” from other “bad aliens” who are coming right on their heels, and who knows what manner of things may be foisted upon mankind at that point, perhaps an “ambassador of good will” may get “nominated” to the highest seat in world government… y’know to help ensure “global peace and safety”. But I should be sure to say that is only speculation.

    • Thank you, Seumas, for reminding us about Jet Propulsion Lab Jack Parsons and Scientology fraudster L. Ron Hubbard being Aleister Crowley cultists, i.e., satanists.

  39. Seumus !!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! I just shared this with a friend in text. We have been having THIS very convo for the past year!! THIS IS THE SUM TOTAL OF EVERYTHING. You nailed it. One million Thank You’s. HUZZAH! I am not alone in my thinking!

  40. semi related..or maybe entirely related… The djinn/ The demons posing as ‘aliens’ ? well they are closer than people realize I think. The post by Dr. Eowyn featuring the creepy face between the newly married couple? THAT was no baby. THAT was no aborted child. THAT was Djinn. Look again at its distorted features and now look at this below. The marketing pitch of her ‘victimhood’ tells the tale. (The Aliens/Djinn are always pitched as victims to gain our compassion and our consent for anything) Ectodermal Dysplasia? Its invented and rarer than rare. Her photo shoots are anything but benign as well. Most of them are very disturbing and palpably evil.

  41. Keep the duct tape out . . .
    Are Christa McAulife and Laurel Clarke are one and the same person?if you look at Christa’s photo from 1986, and Laurel’s from 2003, the similarities are remarkable. No wonder Laurel’s photo was accidentally used in the original post .
    And speaking of the the 2003 Columbia disaster . . . no photos of the explosion actually exist. The last known photo of the shuttle intact is a grainy radar shot taken from Kirkland Airforce base minutes before the purported explosion. It all seems very suspect in hindsight.

  42. Great, now they have to relocate…again

  43. Jasper, it is all relative and cumulative. From a blimp exploding into flames (filled with people) to watching a US President gunned down in broad daylight, to the Challenger, to Sandy Hook to Boston Marathon to the fake riots – one has to come to the conclusion that guns are not the most dangerous thing in our homes. It is the TV.
    You have to remember the Challenger was 1986, a time much more innocent, in a way. I don’t know how old you are, but by the time Sandy Hook came out, I knew immediately it was a false flag event. So did many others.
    I think the real issue here is we need to find these fakers and bring law suits against them for high treason – participating in these fake events and then stealing money from good hearted, misinformed people who believed these cons. We know about it, somebody knows these people. Put there mug shots on WANTED posters until somebody comes forth – then go to the jury system – forget the regular courts – and throw them in prison. Then get that lawyer who represented (what a joke) Jkohar ( pronounced joker), which leads to Holmes who dressed up like the Joker in the movie theater. It is all a theatrical joke.
    Hey, we could start our own TV show – MOST WANTED and hunt them down. The actors, the cops, the media, the lawyers, the judges, maybe we can’t get to the top perps, but it will put a stop to this nonsense and maybe we can get our country back.

    • Its great to read somebody who thinks like i do,im from uk,the crisis actors they used for sandy hook were cringe worthy toe curlingly awful.your country has become a huge corrupt cinema complex.!!

    • You can’t hunt down or judge anyone who fools you. You can only judge yourself for getting fooled.Did anyone took your own money on 911? A liar alone, technically, is not a criminal, the more not when he opts to act within the permitted law. There are scams operated on the limits of legality and aimed at your walled within more congruous reality than outer space. For that, in case you’ve been conned, you may consider class lawsuit.

  44. Savery, if the fakers should be subject to law suits then start with those mentioned in this very post, the “alleged” survivors

    • Neil, I couldn’t agree more. We can’t put wanted posters up in the post office and we can’t get any news sources to report these findings……..but the average person knows 700 people. Somebody knows these people! Somebody knows the guy in Chicago with the goofy cow logo that is screaming to get caught! Somebody knows these fake amputees in Boston, and could testify that they were disabled long before Boston.
      Convene a grand jury and put them away. We don’t have TV or media or the post office – but we have the INTERNET. No matter if they leave the country – somebody somewhere knows them. Even if they are in Switzerland. We have an unbelievable power to catch these people no matter where they are using youtube videos or some other means of posting the information so that there is an incentive for people to turn them in. And who would be more motivated than the donors who got duped!

  45. fritz copeland

    Thank you Dr Eowyn, Darrell is ecstatic! He’s a deserving gentleman. And so are you Sir! You are a man of high class, thank you, that is a great quality and it is rare. Again. thank you Dr.

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  47. Bud, so a pickpocket distracts you and “fools” you and it’s your own fault?

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  51. I think this one is really lacking. Dude, your pics dont show a solid resemblance. Move on to something better suited to challenging the current powers. I remember sitting in 5th grade, watching live news video if the explosion. I also remember my dad saying missions were overall successful and they had to install affirmative action….the whole thing failed

    • Lacking ?
      FFS…shill alert!

    • “scooter”??? REALLY??? hahahahaha! Hope what they pay you is worth it. You traitor shills are gonna suffer just as much if not MORE than the people you helped deceive. Why don’t YOU just “move on” yourself… YOUR KIND MAKES ME SICK

    • I would say I believe every word of it! 🙂 And plan to reblog it.
      All the world’s a stage,

      And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts
      William Shakespeare’
      “You will best benefit yourself by keeping an open mind and forgetting most of what you have learned in the past.” Jay Sebring
      And remember the Lincoln killing happened in a theatre, John Wilkes Booth and brothers were actors. Lincoln knew he was dying of `marfan before the election and agreed to a plan to have Johnson take over after he disappeared.
      The Ford theatre was bought by the government, for only $100,000 dollars. He was not as fortunate as Lucky Larry Silverstein.

    • Scooter those who refer to others as dude, generally spring from a certain ordinary style of consciousness.

    • The pics don’t show a solid resemblance? Are you kidding? They’re exactly what you’d expect if you were to add 30 years to the individuals in the pics. And not just one or two of them, but ALL of them! If the older individuals are real people and not some computer generated aging of the crew, I would literally bet my balls that they were indeed the exact same people from the photos. No resemblance? Strong is the shill in this one!

      • Except the fact that most people don’t get a gap in their front teeth later in life, if they didn’t have any sign of one as a grown adult.
        In fact, it’s pretty unheard of.
        Ears and noses can change as they continue growing… Eyelids droop, faces sag, but at least two of them have grown gaps in their teeth.

    • A solid resemblance? I almost got arrested for using someone else’s ID with a 2 year old picture of myself on it. 20 lbs, a tan, an a new haircut fooled a veteran officer.
      In 30 years I’m not sure I’ll even resemble myself. Age changes people a bit. Of course they’re not identical to their old pics
      The fact these people bear such a striking resemblance to these astronauts after so long is pretty amazing. I’m wondering what your definition of resemblance is.
      A child’s mind is highly malleable. The fact that you’ve been told something, lie or not since a child proves in itself you’ve been molded and your whole paradigm has been shifted. Shifted to believe without doubt what you’re told to believe, reinforced of course, by your parents reassurance in this fact being truth. Psych 101. Your truth is just that, your truth. No matter how compelling the evidence. If it doesn’t fit your world view, it won’t fit. If you strongly assume something, all information regarding it will be subconsciously shifted to fit the paradigm you’ve created.
      Myself, like a lot of these people truly believed the challenger exploded and these people were killed before reading this article and seeing the evidence. The fact were on this website goes to show our paradigm has been shifted in a way that allows us to question things. To look from an unbiased perspective in an attempt to find the truth. We’ve leaned truth is difficult to come by when blinded by preconceived notions. Its impossible to drop them all of course, but if truth is important, then its important to delve into your subconscious and do all you can to hit the erase button. Erase all you’ve been told. The history you’ve been taught. All that authority figures have told you to believe as fact, on that basis alone…and erase all your parents have told you as fact because chances are, they’re parroting what they’ve been told is fact. They’ve changed their world view to include these ‘facts’ as truth, and filtered every other piece of information they’ve received through this bias. Its tough, but necessary…unless you want to continue the route ‘they’ want you on. But, as we can see these preconceived notions can blonde us to the obvious. Make us unable to see because it doesn’t fit our paradigm,however contrived it may be.

      • Blind us. Not blonde us lol still, questioning things requires research…and then questioning the research. This article is compelling, but from what we know about mainstream info, this could all be b.s. too. Compelling as it is, more research is required of course. Very very interesting. If it is true I wonder the motivation? Knowing the beginnings of space programs, jack Parsons JPL and the beginning of NASA mass public deception of this scale isn’t surprising at all and wouldn’t be the first time. Big lies are the least of their crimes.

  52. Reblogged this on Geoff's Say and commented:
    So , is it coincedence or is this a prank…you decide

  53. @Scooter….just because you watched “News of the explosion” doesn’t mean the crew was inside. I watched the explosion with my own eyes here in Florida….and I think this article nails it. Perhaps he could be wrong with one or two….who knows….but IMO, he nailed it for certain with Resnik, Scobee and Smith. Kudos on the research and article!

  54. Hey, Im in Guadalajara,México and I think this is great stuff, excellent researching and data recopilation… Congratulations for this work. Of course after knowing the official “story” about JFK, 9/11, ML KIng, and The man in the moon ; we know that eerything is possible … the truth is out there…
    Thanks again

  55. The missing person on the pic (Jarvis) should be Donald Asher, can also be found on linkedin and works with McNair..

  56. The only person without double (Gregory Jarvis) wears the LEASAT (US military satellite project) patch.

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  58. This is a fascinating bit of work, Doctor! If it’s true, what do you think the motive was? There were no terrorists to frame, no war started. Did we just need to kill NASA for some reason?

    • Ginger,
      I have no idea! But a commenter offered the most charitable explanation: that NASA knew there were problems with the Challenger, but was under political pressure to launch it. So they protected the crew members by pulling them from the Challenger without telling anyone.

      • I never thought I’d hear of a government hoax with a HAPPY ending. Sheesh. We truly can believe NOTHING we see or hear on TV. With all the hoaxes going on over the last 100+ years, detractors say “if this were fake, the thousands of people involved in the lie would not be able to keep quiet.” Well, there is always an incentive. Businesses and individuals make out big on these things.

    • The motive is trillions of taxpayer dollars being funnelled into a FAKE “space” program.

  59. Considerable evidence has been presented linking Judith Resnik who was killed in January, 1986 in the explosion of NASA’s shuttle, Challenger, with Attorney Judith Resnik who is a professor at Yale University’s College of Law.
    There is ample pre-college background online for NASA-Judith, including a worshiping father, Marvin, and her high-school years near home in Akron, Ohio. The narrative is that she went on to study electrical engineering at Carnegie-Mellon and then earned a PhD in EE from The University of Maryland before joining NASA and dying in the Challenger’s explosion.
    There is less background online for Attorney Resnik. She emerges as a brilliant Bryn Mawr student at age 18 who graduated in 1972 and then graduated from law school at New York University in 1975.
    Attorney Resnik’s resume has her leaving, in 1980, a position at Yale to teach at the University of Southern California in downtown Los Angeles. She remained in that area until returning east to Yale in 1997. If that time-line for Attorney Resnik is accurate, it puts her in Los Angeles at the time of the Challenger’s explosion in January 1986. She remained in California for more than ten years.
    Following Challenger’s 1986 explosion NASA-Judith’s heart-broken father, Marvin, moved in 1987 from Akron, Ohio to Encinitas, California (for the weather, no doubt) where he remained until his death in March, 2010. Prior to his death, he collected more than $2 million from the manufacturer of Challenger’s O-Rings, failure of which had been determined by NASA to have been the cause of his beloved daughter’s death.
    I wonder if heart-broken Marvin Resnik ever knew that a brilliant young woman who, coincidentally, bears an uncanny resemblance to his beloved daughter, as well as carries his daughter’s name, Judith Resnik, was for more than a decade only an hour’s drive away.

    • Are you kidding?Of course they knew that she was a live and well.2 million dollars is a LOT of money.This whole thing was a scam to get money either for themselves or their family members.I admit that I thought for years that this was for real,until I started to get, that the government was evil and corrupt and and did not tell the truth about anything.

  60. Has anybody tried to contact any of these people and quiz them on their apparent resemblance and even more striking name match to the challenger astronauts.

  61. bdnokidden: Unlike fake 9/11 dead victims, it is easier to find living Space Shuttle hoax victims. Actors’ compensation is a small fraction of NASA’s huge hoaxing budget most of which goes to military/industrial corporations. Shuttle and Space Station hoaxes are produced by absurd moon-buggies guys for their gullible U.S. TV audience that is made increasingly petrified of atomic bombs and Arabs, in general.

    • Stewart, why do you think they did this Challenger hoax? Who benefited? Who went bankrupt? Who made a killing (or lost everything) in the stock market?

  62. after thousands of hours of research,,,,the whole “SPACE” program is to cover up the flat earth. I know, this is too crazy even for us who know we’ve been lied to. But check out the evidence. Check out how Apollo 11 faked their distance to the moon in “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon” and “astronauts gone wild”…Then check out video where Chicago can be seen from Lake Michigan. They are 60 miles apart,,,,that should be, according to THEIR math, a curvature of 2400 feet. IMPOSSIBLE on a globe….There has been thousands of tests to find curvature and none can ever be found. All of NASA’s so called “photos” of Earth are admittedly composites,,,,strings of data run through a computer and produced CGI/Photo shop type programs… They also use the same shot from Apollo that we know as faked. They turn it, zoom in and out,,and call them new images. This lie was to perpetuate the lie of EVOLUTION (see Kent Hovind),,,,to make us all believe we are either just some chance happening on a rock in the middle of trillions of other rocks in the middle of space,,,and by evolutionary methods developed from rocks over millions of years…There is no evidence of this,,,it is a lie…The other part, which i’m fairly certain will occur,,is that they will say we were seeded from our “SPACE” brothers,,,, they are our created and we developed through evolution… The truth is God created us,,,,the King James Bible is the true word of God,,,and these monsters in charge are worshipers of Satan…and the Luciferian Doctrine… Genesis 3:15 tells us of 2 seeds (species) on Earth,,the seed of the Woman,,and the seed of the Serpent…Genesis 6:4 tells us that the fallen angels came down and mated with women and produced hybrids called giants or Nephilim…Satan is the god of this world,,,and he has given authority and power to his children since the beginning… The whole Bible is about DNA and genetics,,,The whole reason for the flood was that Noah and his family were the only genetically pure people left on Earth,,,,and God was saving him to later bring Jesus Christ into the world to offer us salvation,,, This is why the Illuminati track their bloodlines so carefully,,,they are keeping pure the fallen angel DNA,,,,the Book of Enoch tells more of the story… This is also what the Mark of the Beast in Revelation is about,,it is a genetic marker that will change people into these hybrids,,who have no hope for salvation… Please check into all of this,,,it is true,,we are living in the last days,,,

    • Have you ever flown on an airplane? Simply look out a window and see for yourself that the planet is not flat. I still don’t understand how in this day and age, people can believe that the world we live on is not an orb. Simply do some experimentation yourself by sending up a camera on a high altitude balloon with an assortment of telemetry gathering sensors. You will be able to prove/disprove your theories quickly. Get out and see the world, it’s far more amazing than you can imagine. Don’t be afraid of learning and seeing truth.

      • He is telling the truth! What you are seeing out of the windows of airplanes are GoPro You can test this by sinking down in your seat and looking out of the bottom. Cover the top of the window with a book. All balloons are sent up with these GoPro lenses with the exception of just a few. How can people believe the sun is 93,000,000 miles away when you can see the hotspots from the sun on the clouds when your up in an airplane. Also, how can you get 60 degree angles from the rays of the sun coming through the clouds. Look at the horizon. You will see it is eye level! If we are on a heliocentric earth we would not see our horizons at eye level. Research miss le experts from the Navy talking about the corealis effect. Just trust your own perception from your eyes and if you feel like we are spinning 1,010 miles per hour at the equator. Simple experiments can help you see. 🙂

    • Anthony, I believe you are a shill, here on this site to intertwine “flat earth belief” with unrelated facts, so that the whole article and/or the whole website will be discredited by others. Thank you for your contribution. You can go away now.

      • Here’s the thing. A week ago I would have agreed 100% with you. So, for my own humorous entertainment, I viewed a flat earth documentary on YT. I honestly thought it would generate some funny banter with a few coworkers. Not ten minutes in and I was riveted. I watched it two more times. Trying desperately to find just one point in it that I could call BS on. Then I watched another. And another. Now I will never look at a globe the same again. The secret lies in Antarctica. Please view the documentary Flat Earth Clues. The round Earth is perhaps one of the greatest lies ever told and opens up to more lies. To anyone reading this…please research, with an open mind, the flat earth theory. And then ask yourself why the UN flag does not depict Antarctica. And why would our President even mention a group of so called flat earth nuts in one of his speeches? Has a vital nerve been struck? Most of you probably consider yourselves free thinkers or truthers perhaps. Well here’s a challenge for you. Put up or shut up. Thanks for your time. 🙂

      • For the record, Flat Earth theory TOTALLY relates to this thread. NASA, and it’s lies has been crucial to the ball Earth fairytale since it’s inception. Let’s put aside their hoax “Earth from space” images for a minute. Take a hard look at what they allegedly accomplished. The point in technological history that they accomplished it. And the short period of time in which they accomplished it. And then nothing to do with the moon EVER again. Now take a look at the post Apollo 11 press conference. Pay attention to the astronauts’s (actor’s) body language. Particularly Armstrong. The man looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable with lying to the world. Finally, let’s go back to the phony images NASA tries to pass off as authentic. There is one…ONE…image from Apollo 17 that had been used over and over and over again. For 40+ years. Even to this day it’s used in news stories and on science books. And if it was a painting… could you possibly say for sure? Well it’s been picked apart and there are serious doubts. And the funny thing is, NASA has admitted that ALL of their photos and videos from ALL of the lunar missions has been lost or mistakenly recorded over. That’s a bit of a shame isn’t it? Yes, my friend, NASA is a giant scam and it’s entirely possible that monetary gain wasn’t the only motivation.

    • Um, Chicago is ON the shore of Lake Michigan.

    • You are exactly right Anthony! People should listen to him. That’s all I can say now!

  63. You hypothosis requires a huge leap of faith to believe that the before and after pictures are the same person. Christa McAuliffe the astronaut and Sharon McAulfee don’t even have the same eye color.
    However, there is a dirty little secret that the media has never once mentioned: The adhesive on the failed o-rings and the o-rings themselves were made from a new formulation that was rushed into production with minimal testing. It was a formulation in which CFCs (chlorofluoronated hydrocarbons) had been eliminated. CFCs had been recently banned by the EPA because they supposedly created a “hole in the ozone layer.” The CFC ban was the first of the just-a-bunch-of -bull environmentalist malarky that was to presage the whole ban-everything enviro-nut-job lobby. Anyone with a brain knows that the ozone layer does not have a “hole” – it’s not like a doghnut. The ozone layer is like the ocean in that it ebbs and advances fairly regularly. But of course this fact was not of interest to the environmental lobby. Nor did they care that their little scam killed seven brave astronauts. That’s what you should be concentrating on.

    • OMG you’ve got to be kidding. She looks exactly like her,. Have you ever heard of colored contact lenses?? Actually do some research because your response is ridiculous.

    • Indie,
      You seem to be woefully ignorant on the concept of statistical probability. If you weren’t so ignorant, you would know that the chances of so many Challenger crew members having same-age doppelgangers, some of whom with the same exact names, are ZERO.
      And if just one of them is alive, that means the whole thing is a hoax.

  64. Great piece, I’m with you on this one, the whole charade called NASA (North American Space Actors) is a black hole sucking in trillions of dollars, and all those lying masons think they can get away with literally everything, especiallly funnny are the hair-sprayed frauds mimicking zero gravity in their alleged space missions. One can only laugh or cry when realizing the true extent to which our whole conception of reality has been warped by the endless plethora of lies. and a few lying masonic luciferians come a long way with all the trillions of dollars stolen from the taxpayer… It borders on the surreal!

  65. UPDATE: In his obituaries and elsewhere it is said that Marvin Resnik moved to California in 1987 for retirement. In 2002 he established and
    incorporated Deep Creek Eye Care, Inc., located at 261 Viaduct Tierra, Encinitas, CA 92024

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  67. Anthony Fusco – im confused by your comment since your bible itself also states that the Earth is a sphere!

    • Actually it states several times that Earth is indeed flat. I laughed off Flat Earth at first too. Watch…with an open mind please…one or two Flat Earth documentaries on YT. Flat Earth Clues is well done…as are many others. I won’t ever look at a globe seriously again. The tapestry of lies is being shredded daily. Have you ever noticed the UN flag? There’s no Antarctica. That’s where the secret lies and, ultimately, will be revealed. For a supposedly being tiny group of crazies, how does the “Flat Earth Society” manage to get mentioned in a recent presidential speech? The right buttons are being pushed, methinks.

    • The Bible makes several references to our world being a flat plane. Other holy books do as well. Including the Qur’an. In order for a ball earth theory to work, there are a number of other theories that must be believed. Including, but not limited to, gravity and relativity. A close look at the individuals, their influences, AND their theories suggests something sinister at play. And you don’t need a background in trig or advanced mathematics to poke holes in some theories we all blindly accept to be true from our youth. Although such mathematic or physics background surely won’t hurt…lol. It actually can help prove a flat earth but you first need to research the theory to either prove or disprove it. For example, a ball spinning at 1000 mph would simply never work without an invisible “force” such as gravity. And while at first look Newton’s “Law” seems to work out mathematically, the fact remains he, nor anyone since, could ever explain WHY it works out. There’s a lot more information out there that is sure to get you thinking. Believe me! Lol. Happy hunting!

  68. so you have to ask the question if they are alive as i believe they are how did they hide away so long to sort of pop up in other jobs and careers and does not anyone confront them eg clients or students or whoever go up to these people and confront them!

  69. I remember the Challenger explosion as I was sitting in the lunch room in elementary school. I believe that they all died. But what I also think is that NASA may of used time travel to save them, so now we have two alternative time lines.

  70. when i was digging around Asher on his web sites and stuff I noticed one of his affiliates was McNair which is wierd facebook dick Scobee has on his friend list a Bruce Sauer who looks the part …a little also Sharon Bulova govt official of virginia looks a bit like Macauliffe BUT oddly there is in the same state govt a macauliffe family and dorothy Macauliffe to me looks like this Sharon bulova daughter I found out that the Macauliffe guy husband of dorothy is a COUSIN to Christa Macauliffe…

  71. Also i am quite sure that any and all of the companies associated with any of these people are not making any money and are simply fronts and they get paid through NASA or whoever like cows in trees how can you make any money in that stuff?

  72. Anthony Fusco,you shill:go fuck your Momma,you son of a bitch:eat her fuckin’ asshole OUT,you cockSUCKER!

    • That’s not a very professional response and actually quite vulgar. Are you upset about something, or personally unwell? Perhaps you should ask you doctor to change your medication.

  73. So are we to assume that the CEO of Cows in Trees, the Yale Law School Professor, and all the others you mention have no documented professional backgrounds before January 1986? They somehow just appeared out of nowhere after that date and landed great jobs?
    Or, alternately, are we to assume that the astronauts themselves did not exist, and that their educational/work backgrounds, etc., were/are unverifiable? For example, they purportedly had PhD’s in astro-physics or whatever, yet nobody in their graduate programs ever knew them, their doctoral dissertations can’t be found, and also their military backgrounds (if applicable) can’t be vouched for?
    Which is it? Because if your overall premise is true, it seems that it HAS to be one or the other…

    • Marie,
      I’m just a humble blogger doing this for zero pay every day, every week, every month, for 7 years. Why don’t you help out by doing some fact-finding to answer your excellent questions? I’ll publish your findings.

    • Marie, no one at the Wharton School remembers Trump either yet there’s a guy by that name making a lot of noise and calling attention to himself so he either exists in this persona or he’s a hologram. Take your pick but neither proves he’s what he appears to be. Speaking of holograms, hmmmm

  74. As a manufacturing engineer, I use probability calculations every day and would be interested in seeing the calculations and assumptions you used to determine that 7 sets of two people of about the same age, who resemble each other and have the same names could not be possible out of the entire US population. I’m also interested in how these astronauts managed to lead dual lives in that (for example) Judith Resnik managed to leave behind two full sets of life histories up to the point of the Challenger disaster ( ie.records indicate that she was born in two different places, have two different sets of parents, two different sets of school records, two different sets of classmates, friends, neighbors, etc.). How does one person managed to become both a PhD in electrical engineering and a lawyer at about the same time? Finally, why would anyone bother with such an elaborate cover-up?

    • Dennis, what you left out from your sentence are these words I capitalized:
      “As a manufacturing engineer, I use probability calculations every day and would be interested in seeing the calculations and assumptions you used to determine that 7 sets of two people of about the same age, who resemble each other and have the same names AND WERE ALL ASTRONAUTS AND DIED AT THE SAME TIME IN THE SAME SHUTTLE EXPLOSION could not be possible out of the entire US population.”
      If you indeed are an engineer, you would have some appreciation for the odds (statistical probability) that this could have happened by sheer chance.
      As for your other questions, how would I know? I assemble the empirical evidence; I don’t claim to know the answers to the “why” questions. Why don’t you help us by finding the answers, with your brilliant “manufacturing engineer” mind?

    • Wiki updates its information at anytime. It even shows last time updated. I do find it too much of a coincidence that most of these people do resemble one another and have many similarities and not surprised by they fact that 30 yrs later they’re all successful. But we have to call into question each other because thats the only way we get to the truth. But when ask someone a question they suppose to know but have no answer then we’re forced to dig deeper. My opinion (and only an opinion) is its not a small cover up. Challeger mission wasnt going to moon. Just doing basic low orbit things. The cover up would be to keep the masses from questioning NASAs trustworthiness. They sacrifice people everyday in bs wars whats a few more dollars? Its all FUNDED monies anyway

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  76. How do we know that any of these people, astronauts and doppelgangers, really exist? The perpetrators of this nonsense are extremely clever with well developed senses of humor, cynicism, and irony and they know precisely what it takes to con a gullible public. They have been at it for centuries. Anyway, check this out:

  77. Alright, this is crying out for a detailed analysis of their facial dimensions. But just looking at the photos… I have a bad feeling I’m not going to like what I find out.
    Will post results as I get them. I’m going to start with McAuliffe, using a different photo for the astronaut since she’s not looking straight at the camera on the photo posted above.
    This one looks good:
    Then Smith, those photos look usable. Look at the close similarity with those front teeth…
    Honestly, this has the potential to be much worse than learning the truth about Paul McCartney. All those crying schoolchildren, fer crying out loud…

  78. Alright, results from my my first attempt at McAuliffe. This is FWIW, I note that Prof. McAuliffe has her head tilted to her right just the tiniest bit, and is holding her head slightly lower than astronaut McAuliffe. And I don’t have any great clarity on either picture. Having said all that…
    1) Ratio of distance between eyes (pupil to pupil)/ distance from height of pupils to bottom of nose:
    Astronaut McAuliffe: 1.48
    Professor McAuliffe: 1.51
    Notes: Close numbers, and the slight increase in ratio of Prof. McAuliffe is consistent with the slightly lower head posture. These numbers indicate a close match, imo.
    2) Ratio of distance between eyes (pupil to pupil)/ distance from height of pupils to bottom of upper row of teeth:
    Astronaut McAuliffe: 0.90
    Professor McAuliffe: 0.99
    Notes: Fairly big discrepancy on this ratio, *and I note the shape of the upper lip is completely different*. I can’t get a great look at astronaut McAuliffe’s teeth (blurry) but from what I can see, the teeth look completely different between the two pictures.
    Prof. McAuliffe’s teeth look too perfect, like my friends that come back with implants, lol. They look redone, imo. But again, I don’t have great clarity on this picture to get a great look at them.
    Does anyone know, is it possible to have plastic surgery on the upper lip? I’m guessing so.
    3) Ratio of distance between eyes (pupil to pupil)/ distance from height of pupils to bottom of chin:
    Astronaut McAuliffe: 0.55
    Professor McAuliffe: 0.59
    Notes: Again, the slight increase in ratio of Prof. McAuliffe is consistent with her head being held slightly lower, and indicates a close match, imo.
    Notes: Not only is the ratio very close, but the shape of the chin/lower jaw is very much the same as well.
    Putting it together:
    The upper part of the face is very similar in appearance, and the ratio to bottom of nose is a close match. Similar appearance of brow and nose.
    The appearance of the jaw and ratio to bottom of jaw is very close as well.
    The biggest difference is at the mouth, both with respect to lip shape and appearance of the teeth.
    At this point I think it’s the same woman, with dental work and plastic surgery on her upper lip. Still don’t know if that’s possible, but they repair cleft pallets don’t they? On that basis it should be possible…

    • THANK YOU, Triuwida! I know you’re a busy man and I appreciate the time and effort you gave us. I can hardly wait for your facial analysis measurements of the other crew members of Challenger. 😀

  79. Analysis for Smith…
    At first glance, this appears to be the most obvious “doppelganger” I’ve seen yet. The face is distinctively shaped, and those front teeth…
    These are also the best photos I’ve worked with yet, since I did my go-round with Paul McCartney. My only complaints are: with Astronaut Smith, his left pupil is not as clear as I would like. With Prof. Smith, the bottom of the chin is not as distinct as I would like. And Prof Smith’s head is tilted the very smallest bit to his right. Still, these are good images to work with.
    And since this man has characteristics so unlike my previous two comparisons (McAuliffe and Carver/Marks), a comparison of the ratios should give us some idea of just how variation there can be between people.
    Alright, let’s crunch some numbers. Since I have good quality photos on this one, I’m going to three decimal places:
    1) Ratio of distance between eyes (pupil to pupil)/ distance from height of pupils to bottom of nose:
    Astronaut Smith: 1.19
    Professor Smith: 1.16
    Notes: It’s a close match. Also note the significant variation from the numbers obtained for McAuliffe.
    2) Ratio of distance between eyes (pupil to pupil)/ distance from height of pupils to bottom of upper row of teeth:
    Astronaut Smith: 0.770
    Professor Smith: 0.772
    Note: It’s a *very* close match. Again, note the significant variation from the numbers obtained for McAuliffe.
    3) Ratio of distance between eyes (pupil to pupil)/ distance from height of pupils to bottom of chin:
    Astronaut Smith: 0.483
    Professor Smith: 0.476
    Notes: Not quite as close as the other two, but still very close. I did say at the beginning that the clarity of the bottom of Prof. Smith’s chin is not quite as good as I would have liked.
    Conclusion: The same facial dimensions and characteristics are conclusive in indicating it’s the same man.
    Disclaimer: My only objection to these analyses is I can’t really verify that I’m not working with altered photos. If they have been altered, it was done to make people believe that they’re the same people because the dimensions and characteristics agree to a very high degree. Which is a bit hard to believe.
    Having said that, I’m taking a break. Feeling a bit ill, and upset…

    • Thank you, Triuwida! Your measurements are quantifiable confirmation of the facial similarities that we can see with our eyes. I believe astronaut Smith and professor Smith are the same man.

  80. The Space Shuttle requires two pilots to fly it. Scobee and Smith. You think they went up alone knowing it was going to blow up? How about the audio recordings during liftoff where all the crew members checked in?
    And why would NASA intentionally blow up a billion dollar shuttle and spend billions more during the down time?

  81. Great research. We’ve been taught to believe what they want us to believe. Period!! Their goal is to make us believe this is a God-less world. Exactly what the bible says. The Western world (which i reside) is the haven of all that defies Gods laws, sad to admit. Whats happening now in my (opinion) is the Satanic Sun worshippers/illuminati are running out of time nd we’re spiritually awakening AGAIN. So we’re calling in to question the things that dont make sense. We have natural senses plus common sense but have been taught ‘dont trust them, let us explain’. Lol. The UN uses a flat earth model as its symbol on the flag. Which does not include Antarctica. Ask yourself why. Because they know definitely now and have known for 50+ years that the earth is flat. Now (if) the earth is flat like the bible says, everything NASA has told us is basically a lie. So who’s behind NASA? The Government. Who runs the governments? The banks? Who runs the banks (the Major Banks we really dont hear about)? And yes the answer is the Satanic Sun worshippers, the Illuminati. We need to spread the word and stop being fooled by Hollywood Astronauts. Does it matter wether the earth earth is flat or not? Yes and No. Yes because we all seek the truth and just the truth. No because it only confirms that we are the center of this universe as God planned and made it to be. We are special to God but only if we do good deeds and believe in Him. But if we’re fooled into believing we just came into existence by chance, the Big Bang ‘THEORY’ , then God doesnt exist. So in return they want us to believe we can do whatever we want because when we die we have no one to answer to, which goes back to to the bible where Gods curses the Devil and his followers and warns man he is the enemy and if we follow him we shall perish for eternity. Remember a close minded person wont accept any new ideas wether its logical or not because of his pride. You can only teach a old dog new tricks if hes willing to learn them

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  83. Here’s a YouTube video comparing the voices of astronaut Judith Resnick and Professor Judith Resnick (h/t FOTM reader CW). They are the same person.

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  87. Eowyn
    I reblogged this and it is going viral. 935 hits on that piece as of now!

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  89. You have forced me to add you on to the blog at this point! 🙂

  90. Reblogged this on We see as through a glass darkly and commented:
    If anybody hasn’t taken a look at this whole thing yet, then you’re missing a fun one. I think what’s weirdest to me at this point is how UNsurprised I was to learn about this. It only fits right into everything else we know about “space lies”… 😉

  91. Reblogged this on Girl, Hand me My Sandwich Board and commented:
    I can’t even know what to say about this because I have absolutely…NO…WORDS!

  92. As Judy Resnik’s cousin, I can assure you that she is deceased. I’m sure you get off on conspiracy theories, which is fine. I do agree that the NYU professor looks similar, but I’m afraid it isn’t her. Uncle Marvin was a highly intelligent man (who also couldn’t keep his mouth shut). If Judy were alive, it wouldn’t be a secret.

    • “I’m sure you get off on conspiracy theories”
      Why can’t you disagree without being insulting? Do you “get off” on delivering insults?

      • How do we know this comment is from Judy Resnik’s cousin.This could be anyone off the street and most of all I believe this blow up was a false flag and they(NASA) are so scared that this will become public and be caught in just one of their many lies.Keep digging for the truth Dr.Eowyn.God Bless You!

  93. Prof Bruce Lipton is Greg Jarvis? voices are the same and they look alike and their birthdays are 2 mths apart same sideways grin?

  94. How about Prof Bruce Lipton is Greg Jarvis?

  95. Unlikely. Prof Bruce Lipton and Greg Jarvis have different eye color, teeth, and facial wrinkles, also compare ears shapes : and

  96. I can’t wait until the next Civil War kicks off. It’s gonna be the soverign 50 vs teenie tiny DC.

  97. According to i have never been born… my life is a lie because a website doesn’t know me 🙁

    • Well, “Martin J” with an IP address in Blue Bell, PA, we can only verify your assertion if you give us your real name. Then we can determine if you’re on Otherwise, you are just another drive-by troll.

  98. NONE of these older people look like the younger versions. All of their ears are different, some have a bit of a cleft chin which was not there before – not buying this ONLY on looks – though I must say of late, anything can be possible.

  99. Here a hearing with a younger Judith Resnik. If you ask me. The two Judith’s are different persons.

  100. What could be the motive for staging this shuttle disaster? I don’t doubt that these people are the real crew members; I just don’t see what they have to gain by doing this.

    • Doesn’t mean it was staged! Just would mean they were never on board the shuttle! There is no way anyone could have survived that and seeing how NASA told us they were, they had to follow through with the deception and make them disappear….i.e..,give them new lives. Makes perfect sense. Oh, and there was no need for a crew to even be on board. NASA has had the technology to send unmanned missions since the start of the space program.

    • They were not on the space shuttle, the shuttles were cargo only, ie parts, food, supplies for ISP International space station no humans. Humans flew on SSP pod hoppers, these were and still are secret space ships.

  101. I doubt it was set up (the explosion) i believe the shuttle never has been in space, its remote controlled and empty . We have never been in space or the moon NASA is the joke on everyone.
    The shuttle that you see coming back is a jet made to look like a shuttle.
    (Why ?) i can think of many billions of reasons why (greed)

    • I disagree. I was part of the team that built all the shuttles and the International Space Station. I have been inside the shuttles and they are not “jets” in disguise.

      • No idea who you are, but in the Sixties I knew a very bright fellow who designed the waste collection & recovery systems.
        He was a REAL character, VERY fringey, but his brilliant engineering got him ‘aboard,’ so to speak.
        So here’s a question for you: Did you ever meet or know of a fellow tagged ‘Charlie the P——? I can’t recall his family name, but everybody on the NASA design team either knew him or had heard of him.
        One more clue: he was what I’d call short, maybe 5’4″, had a balding head BUT what little remained he let grow to a ridiculous [to my taste] length, and it was bright auburn. No one could mistake Charlie for anyone else.
        I’ll believe yr anecdote perfectly if you give me his moniker. Thanks, because I’m not biased against you, even hit both ‘thumb up’ and ‘Liked’, just need some of what Ron Reagan called ‘verification’.

  102. Polygraph them, prove it.

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  105. Try fingerprints.

    • Of course. But who will do it? Ordinary citizens like you and I have neither the authority nor the financial resources to collect the needed fingerprint evidence.

  106. I’m not convinced with this conspiracy theory. The school teacher’s picture on the left has brown eyes, while the picture on the right has blue eyes, not to mention the picture on the right’s chin is too sharp. Her chin isn’t wide enough. Also the supposed brother doesn’t look anything like the picture on the left. The Asian guy’s smile doesn’t match in the before and after picture. I am my family’s genealogist, and the research you have done for this article is not nearly enough to prove much of anything when it comes to something like this. Most of what you have found is based off of speculation and assumptions.

    • Couch Commander

      A person would literally have to be retarded to not see that those are the exact same people, including Carl.

      • Goes to show that the Govt has long been playing mind games with the public for many years. Do more research into other situations, but don’t be surprised by similar results.
        There is always an agenda behind the actions. As far as the actors involved; clearly everyone of them had a magic price. Who’s to say, maybe the Govt didn’t give them
        “a choice.”

  107. I would believe it except that I am a mother and I am a spouse. I cannot believe that they would move on with their lives and leave their families in grief. Can you please address that point?

  108. I am a forensic toxicologist and have first hand knowledge that the astronauts are indeed deceased.

    • James,
      Please be so good as share some of your “first hand knowledge that the astronauts are indeed deceased” with us. If you prefer, you can email me at:
      If you do not provide even a modicum of your first hand knowledge or at least point us to confirming evidence, and since anyone can claim to be anything on the Internet, you will have to forgive me for not believing you.

    • Mr James, Exactly what we need is to see is the proof you have … in order to know for sure it was not an hoax. As you can see, words are not enough. We will thank you to publish real evidence for once, and please don´t answer that it is CLASSIFIED. Thank you very much

      • Felipe,
        James has not responded to my request for evidence, either in a comment or email.

        • I have a relative with “first hand knowledge” also… Maybe you worked with him? Last name: Marden…. He was i involved with some of the more “gory” parts of the clean up.

          • In other words, Clay, what you are offering is at best second-hand knowledge, which is hearsay. Perhaps you can invite your relative, Mr. Marden, to come on FOTM and provide us with his first-hand account?

            • My comment was directed at James. My relative was in the Air force. A doctor. Was wondering if he in fact, had “first hand knowledge”, he may know who I’m talking about?

    • Teri Cooper Brown

      Where have you gone since you claimed you have “first hand knowledge” of the Challenger astronauts re: toxicology?

      • Sir Huddleston Fuddleston

        You need to prove that these people have no alibis for the day of the launch. If the records show that person X was in fact teaching his usual eighth grade math class that morning, that person cannot have been one of the astronauts. You need to establish this for each of them. Until you do, you are basically doing “eyewitness identification” of a bunch of random people 30 years after a crime. And we all know that eyewitness testimony is the LEAST RELIABLE form of proof.

    • Ok so does this mean you were privy to physical recovery specimens for DNA analysis? I was under impression that no physical remains were recovered after explosion, but maybe you know different. Just curious 😕

  109. Dumbest thing I have ever seen. Just another uneducated moron that believes in conspiracy theory hoaxes.

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  111. Don Hefkin, Captain USN (Ret.)

    Mike Smith was a close friend and classmate at the Naval Academy. The guy pictured in this article is not Mike.

    • Have you seen Mike Smith since he left the Naval Academy in 1967? If you haven’t, and since you mention being friends with him only while at the Naval Academy, so I’m guessing you haven’t, that was frickin’ 49 years ago!!! “I marvel at your certainty.”

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  113. Who would have thought that people with the same surname be genetically similar and look the same.

    • I guess you failed to read the part about researchers finding no evidence of Ronald McNair and Ellison Onizuka ever having a brother. Or you’ve been fooled and you’re finding it hard to face reality. Or you’re a shill.

  114. I added mascara to the older Judy Resnik, because, to me, it was easier to see the similarities when both had on similar eye make-up.

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  116. 1. As has previously been stated, things like ears, jawlines, etc. don’t match.
    2. I have been doing genealogy on Ancestry for several years. Just because you don’t find something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Plus privacy laws keep many records from the past 75 years or so unavailable. Ask anyone who is actively involved in genealogy how many birth and death records they have had to order because they weren’t available on-line.
    3. A quick comparison of the educational background of a couple of them shows that the Challenger people and the ones you say are them are completely different.
    4. If the Challenger people were still alive, do you really think that they would be going by the same names or even something close?

    • Yes, I do believe that they would do this. Why should they fear discovery when governments have been doing false flags since the times of the Roman empire and the average person not only does not know this fact but stubbornly refuses to believe that this could occur. The United states has a long rich history in this activity which still goes unrecognized by the average American. When presented with facts and realities that differ from government sanctioned narratives, people seem to cling mindlessly to authority and refuse to further investigate things for themselves. You appear to be such an unfortunate person.

    • Jim Fetzer and James Perloff recently made a well researched video explaining the history of American Government orchestrated False Flag events Enjoy.

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  118. Can you talk about why they would do this, and to through something this involved and life changing, what could nasa or the gov or the illum get from the explosion , This is what I want to know, ??????

    • Coal,
      I’d like to know that as well!

    • $$$$$$$, it’s all about the money .
      Let’s face it, the Majority of Americans are peaceful , and do not prefer to send their sons and daughters to get killed overseas.
      Most would not support war, unless they were ALL outraged , like I was , the day after 911.
      To get everyone riled up, start a false flag, blame another Nation, or group of people, label them anti -American , and viola!
      War! Lots of connected Companies and elites enriching themselves at the expense of the lowly tax payer, but it’s all good, because we are “safer” from the Terrorists.

  119. Hello Again, as I said before, I live in Mexico and I can not go in person to talk to the older look alikes, to interview them or their families/sons/fathers/friends/workmates and get a better idea of this…. If anybody in the USA could do that, it would be really appreciated. Thanks to Triuwida for the data… and thanks a lot to Dr. Eowyn…by the way ; does anyone know about what happened to the children of Christa? where do they live now ? Gracias a todos

  120. I think there is a lot of prove the possibility they still alive and there is also great argument against the evidence…Since Nasa has been faking all space exploration started with Moon landing hoax…I believe no one was on board the shuttle and it accidently blew up they had to orchestrate their death .look at all the footage from the space station now fake it is …..there is no space exploration except in low earth orbit…astrophysics plainly admit the van allen belt has so much radiation ..nothing has ever passed through it ..go do the research the bloopers of fakery are just comical ..

    • I agree 100% however more thought needs to go into why they would save these people and for what purpose. ? This eludes me in many ways and as nothing makes sense at to why?

  121. Come to think about the o-ring failure in the solid rocket booster that allegedly doomed the Challenger space shuttle. It is unfathomable that engineers would have designed in something that had such low margin from disaster and not to mention without rigorous testing to more stressful environment. Of course, it is convenient to blame it on inept management. Working as an aerospace engineer in the past, that smells very fishy to me.

  122. The SSDI data used to be managed by the Social Security department used to have numbers added in each entry to guarantee the existing data cannot be modified. However, after transferred over to (private) a few years ago, this authentication mechanism is compromised. So, if you have obtained the SSDI data after the transfer, there is no guarantee of their accuracies.
    Before the transfer, this SSDI data have shown the following events were staged events due to lack of deceased victims shown.
    ** Ruby Ridge stand off of 1992
    ** Waco
    ** Columbine
    ** Virginia Tech
    And many others
    So, don’t dwell too much on the SSDI data after the transfer into private hand.

  123. Sputnik just ran a piece about the astronauts hearing strange music on the other side of the moon!
    See my comment: It must have been the wind in the California desert! LOL

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  125. Basically you’ve been debunked by people who worked on the Shuttle, people who worked on the forensics, people who knew the deceased. And your only reply to those people is “you may be lying.”
    In your eyes, the entire world is lying all the time, full time. Tens of thousands of people involved in the space program, from 10 countries, for 70 years, people from academia, industry, government: professors, teachers, engineers, the astronauts themselves — all liars, every last one, all holding steadfastly to their lies for 60 years.
    And you the only truth teller.
    And your “motive”? “I don’t know, maybe greed?” Why do they spend billions of dollars on disposable rockets and landers and equipment, which is blown up, left behind, destroyed? So they can “make money?” They’re sure spending a lot of money to make money — I’m not sure any is left over! The Saturn V rockets were — and still are today — the biggest (355 feet), most complicated (3 million parts), most powerful (entire power output of Great Britain, every SECOND), and most expensive ($500 mil in 1960s dollars each) machines ever built. They built six of them. They used and blew up six of them. All made by hand, down to the rivets and drill holes. Tens of thousands of man hours. For what? As a fake? Why not just fake it then?
    Want to steal money from people? Wall Street just goes to the government and ASKS FOR IT. And we deliver — more money to Wall Street in 2004 than was spent by NASA IN ITS ENTIRE HISTORY. NASA is not very good at making money.
    Your criteria for judging is the “I can’t believe it” criteria. That’s not a logical argument — there are lots of things that people can’t believe, and it doesn’t mean they’re not real.
    TL/DR: your junk is all innuendo and doesn’t pass the smell test. There are more questions about your “evidence” than there were about the actual event. The actual event has lots and lots of physical evidence, lots of telemetry data, lots of live video. Your evidence is a bunch of photos with somebody saying “Hey, could be, right?!?!” Junk.

    • “Basically you’ve been debunked by people who worked on the Shuttle, people who worked on the forensics, people who knew the deceased.”
      Really? Point us to where this “debunking” is, or shut up.

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  128. Nobody here is suggesting that we have incontrovertible truth. What we are stating is that what evidence we do possess makes investigating further completely justifiable. We want more “proof” ; we want to gather more evidence to establish the truth one way or the other. This is a perfectly rational attitude. But prejudicial skeptics like yourself believe we should stop thinking independently, gathering empirical evidence and just believe the official narratives. Sorry, but we have every right to persist.

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  130. really??? How would they have gotten out of the smashed wreckage? None of them are really uncommon names, and resemblances are likely just coincidence. If you want proof (which likely doesn’t exist), ask them for their 30-years-ago photos.


      What are you talking about?No one said they got out of the wreckage,they were not in it to begin with.This was a total lie told to the American people and I was one that believed it happened until I saw the truth that NASA lied to all of us and the parents and kin folks of the crew knew that NO ONE died that day.All you need to do is look at the photos.Sure they are older now,but they are the same people that supposely was killed…NOT.wake up to the fact that,just about everything that has happened is total fake.

  131. NASA ~
    High priests of science
    Never A Straight Answer is
    their ancient motto.

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  133. I’m upset. This for some reason really bothers me. It’s like my whole life has been a lie ( I’m 61). We find out our government had been responsible for so many things they have lied to us blaming others for. 9/11 for one. I’m sick to think I sat and cried over that space ship blowing up and those folks never even went up in it. What was the purpose of all that. God help us.

    • I share your pain. I’m a wee bit older than you and felt the same! After my initial reaction of the sickening realization of the total lie in which we have been raised and live, I chose to self-educate with as many alternate sources as possible. FOTM is my all time favorite site as it is a wealth of TRUTH and willingness to investigate the information provided to we the people. I have also learned an incredible amount from the youtube channel of Tim Kelly at thkelly67.
      Tim holds degrees as a historian and is a Traditional Catholic with a large family. His wife and Tim homeschool their 6 children. (IMHO, I bring up his background because I think he has a vested interest in revealing the Truth.) Tim hosts a weekly podcast where he has lengthy interviews with many knowledgable guests. Tim, himself is a wealth of historical information and has the ability to connect the many seemingly disparate facets of information. I am still learning but have learned that all of this nonsense and these psyops go way back to (at least) the fall of the Roman Empire!
      Lastly, I am Catholic and have found the Glorious Objective Truth of the (Spiritual) Catholic Faith {not the verbal garbage spewing forth from the mouths and behavior of the sinful, earthly men who hold clerical roles, today.} from the videos posted on the Sensus Fidelium youtube channel: and there and separate youtube postings of Fr. Chad Ripperger. Fr. Ripperger also has a web site Sensus Traditionis: Father asks for prayers as Penance-ware for listening to his work.
      So, my advice is to not believe a morsel of information we are being fed by the total spectrum dominance of information flow through news events, TV, radio, newspapers, many books, politicians, social media, music and any other way that escapes me, at the moment.
      True “Knowledge is Power” Allow yourself time to grieve the past you thought you knew and work towards TRUTH.

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  136. John Hamilton

    I would like to know the actual sources of these pics. For all we know, they could be photo shopped, like so many other photos with some BS background story. And to pass off pictures of relations is not evidence of survival.
    I have to face the evidence for the controversy with the same skepticism as those who debunk or disagree.
    This doesn’t mean I believe NASA or the Gov’t at all. I’m not naive to believe that 911 wasn’t a false flag event. However, today, it seems that every tragedy is a false flag or fake. Really? I’m not buying it just because a few nutters say so. That’s as stupid as me saying the pics and names of the supposed survivors aren’t uncanny and hold some resemblance if they are real. Usually, the kill the witnesses. However, considering how stupid the gov’t thinks we are, times have changed. And if thi is true, they all deserve to burn.

  137. sausage fingers

    Hi, Interesting reading, and there are for sure some similarities.
    Let me start with; I was one of the few lucky bastards who actually was @ cape canaveral and watched the whole thing in ’86, which of course made all of this even more spectacular. (Was looking for some photos online, haven’t heard about this before, so late on subject) 🙂
    I’ve spent 2 hours now comparing photos and going thru both Resnik’s bio, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t the same. There are photos of the living Resnik from the 80’s if you image-search.
    Going to spend a little time on Smith before I start the day. (I really want this to be true.)
    I’ll get back if I find something, so don’t count on it, but it was a soft start even for a Sunday.
    PS. It was a horrible day at cape c.
    PS2. Why don’t you guys ever learn? NEVER reply to a flat-earth-shill.
    They don’t believe the earth is flat, they are here only to connect events to idiots. I got good insight in firms working solely with this.
    (Of course there are jerks believing in all kinds of magic, but not to this level.)
    The same goes for lizard-ppl..😉

  138. NASA was started by the Masons and is kept by them as well. Why? You would never believe me.

    • Jack Parsons, a deep occultist, was a founding member of NASA, I thought. That’s worse than “The Masons”.

      • Yes, Aerojet General and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) are attributed to Jack Parsons and his crew. Let’s not forget “Operation Paperclip” as well.
        Prior to “The 911 Movie”, false flag operations or hoaxes were known, but not thought to be extensive. “9-11” was so spectacular and “in-our-faces” that it went a long way to showing just how outrageous TPTB were willing to be in order to justify their agenda.
        As a result, many of us have had to go back over history and reexamine what we learned at earlier points in our lives. With regard to certain aspects of my life I’ve had to completely “unlearn” certain things.
        I no longer have any difficulty whatsoever believing NASA (or any other government entity) would do something like this. That slimy little vermin Karl Rove was not joking when he gave his little impromptu speech; “We’re an empire now. We make reality………”. He wasn’t stating a future plan, he was admitting an existing reality.
        When BO came out with at least two Executive Orders related to truthfulness in broadcasting and the use of propaganda on American citizens, there was a reason. He was both hedging his bets and setting the stage for an argument that, because something is “legal”, it is “moral”.
        To me this is about as good as anecdotal evidence gets. Someone should try to run the stats on this. Our conditioning runs deep. I find it in myself after all this time. We don’t WANT to believe that “our” government lies to us, even when we know that it does.

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  140. Are you, and the people who agree with you, partially sighted?!?

    • No, we’re not. Thank you for asking.
      Are you blind and unable to see the striking similarities in the pictures of the Challenger crew and their doppelgangers?

    • Yes, I am…and getting closer to blind day by day. Nevertheless, I can see perfectly that the crew members who allegedly died on the Challenger are very much alive and well, as evidenced by the photos in this article. NASA is staffed by consummate LIARS
      There is none so blind as he who will not see.

  141. I am very thankful of this post for giving me more information about NASA which I believe the worst foundation in deceiving people..

  142. I am prone to believe that this info is real. Now, lets think about the disaster and the crew still alive. I think that those who can plan such deceptions would have no qualms about killing seven people. So why let those seven still be alive with their normal names and such, rather than kill them in the crash? My guess is that from the beginning they were not meant to fly in the shuttle; they were meant to be a cover-up for what was really inside the shuttle. Hence something to be kept secret, maybe such as launching some star-wars weapons in space. But the shuttle and its real occupants exploded, while the false crew remained on Earth.

  143. Very nice piece of research….my guess is this is the next Mandela Effect….well done.

  144. Constance Sullivan

    Wow incredible, and yet obviously true due to your proof. So did NASA put anyone in space. Why hasn’t the press pushed the truth on this?

  145. Valencia Hargrave

    The black guy (Ronald to Carl McNair) did not have a gap in his teeth in the first picture as an astronaut and the second picture there is a VISIBLE gap and teeth do not separate like that. You are either born with that gap and can have it closed but I’ve NEVER seen or heard of anyone going to the dentist to have a gap put in their mouth.

  146. Here is video of lawyer Judith Resnik speaking alongside Joe Biden in 1987. Clearly she is not the same woman as the astronaut whose name we were told was Judith Resnik.
    This is not to reject all possibility of the Challenger Disaster as fake news, but to separate truth from fiction within the details. Yale Professor Judith Resnik clearly had her own high profile life going on in the 80’s, and as a young woman she looked nothing like the same-name astronaut.

    • Although there is a clear resemblance, here is some info to support the comment that this professor from Yale is not the same woman. This does not discount this overall theory that the astronauts are still alive, or the other info in this article.
      In Jakes link, Judith Resnick is speaking to congress in 1987 and the screen identifies her as being from USC. Below is a link to Yale professor Judith Resnick getting an award in 2012 and the bio includes USC and speaking to congress. The award is from NYU law for alumnae of the month, saying she graduated in 1975.

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  149. No SSDI’ S For Michael J Smith Renik’,or Mccaullif.Michael J Smith of Univ.of Wisc.& the Astronaut Have the Same B.Date & B.Place.In A Small Town in the Carolinas.the Statistical Probability of These Abnormalitys Are Almost Astronomical

  150. IT HAPPENED!!! I saw it with my own eyes in my front yard, i had a bad sinus infection and stayed home from work. I was laying on the couch watching cartoons when the news interrupted that the shuttle was about to launch. I ran outside in my shorts, t-shirt and flip flops and froze my butt off…it was abnormally way too cold for central florida…i stood on my lawn with my neighbor and watched in horror, we both just burst into tears. We had seen many many launches, but never like that one. We knew immediately they were all dead. I’ve seen many from my yard and 2 from the other side of the lake from the launch pad. YES, they do leave the ground, but i don’t know where they go after they disappear from my sight into the sky. When I heard NASA talk about a launch window I used to think they had cut a hole(an escape window) into the firmament or dome and they had to wait for it to line up just right for them to go through it into space…..I used pray for God to safety guide them through that hole so they wouldn’t crash into the dome. Not gonna say how old i was when i found out what they meant by launch window………Lets just say my dad couldn’t stop laughing when he heard his adult daughter and her launch window theory.

    • Everyone know the explosions happened, that is not what this post is about. This post is saying that the 7 people who, supposedly, died were never actually on the ship.

  151. Looking through the comments here I’m beginning to understand why Trump won…

    • Since your IP address says you’re in Sweden, reading your comment, I finally know why Sweden is in the sorry state it’s in, so overrun by Muslims your shopping malls have become “no go” zones.

      • anonymous_coward

        Not to my knowledge, and I live in Sweden. Media, both the official media and the ‘alternative’ media are very good at using statistics and such to prove their ‘truths’… It’s funny how people will always seek out things that prove their own views of the world, and easily dismiss things that would prove them wrong. I’ve had to change my views a number of times through the years, and I did so because I saw overwhelming proof. This is NOT overwhelming proof. To me this is about as conclusive as the proof put forward by some people claiming the earth is flat. Of course, if you actually ask follow-up questions, asking them to explain how this or that works, since it obviously has to work in a different way if everything we know about the earth is not true, they fall silent. Or fall back on their old arguments about cover-ups and lies from the powers that be. I just wonder if it was worth it, should this turn out to be true. I mean, the enormous cost of just blowing up a shuttle like that, for the sake of.. what exactly? As Sally pointed out, she, and many more, actually saw the launches. That’s a lot of money spent on an elaborate hoax going on for many, MANY years. To what end? It’s like the idea that some shadow government is controlling everyone… Really? A much simpler, and more plausible explanation is that a few big corporations, and the individuals with the most wealth in the world, use their wealth and influence to change national policies on a global scale. THAT is happening. But no, just like we have to add some god to the mix to explain what we can’t understand or explain, we have to invent some spooky conspiracy cabinet because we can’t fathom how things work. KISS is a good thing to live by – Keep It Simple Stupid. See also; Occam’s razor. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

        • “This is NOT overwhelming proof.”
          Straw man argument. I never claimed this post to be “overwhelming proof”. What I did ask is the statistical probability that the Challenger crew would all have living doppelgangers with similar, in some cases identical, names. Since you’re so smart, certainly you would know about statistical probability/improbability.
          Two of your statements contradict each other:
          (1) “It’s like the idea that some shadow government is controlling everyone… Really?”
          (2) “A much simpler, and more plausible explanation is that a few big corporations, and the individuals with the most wealth in the world, use their wealth and influence to change national policies on a global scale. THAT is happening.”
          “It’s funny how people will always seek out things that prove their own views of the world”
          “just like we have to add some god to the mix to explain what we can’t understand or explain, we have to invent some spooky conspiracy cabinet because we can’t fathom how things work. KISS is a good thing to live by – Keep It Simple Stupid.”

          And with those sneering sentences, you just destroyed whatever argumentative points you’d made and good will you might have earned. Your nose is so up in the air, you must drown when it rains.

    • Lol, being an American citizen it pains me to say that your observation is not far for the truth, but may I suggest an alternate theory? They make up this “fantasy” and others like it because its much more comorting to live in a world where the Earth being round is a lie, still haven’t heard the reason why anyone would lie about that, and is now a conspiracy perpetrated by ever modern country that has been to space or has sent up a satellite.

  152. McAuliffe pictures don’t really resemble each other, to my eye. Also, their bios don’t overlap in any respect (geographically, academically, or professionally).
    This one does not seem like a match to me.
    Same goes for Scobee. It’s also hard to imagine that somebody with Scobee’s technical expertise would have gone into marketing.
    Re: Smith, the pics do have a better resemblance. But I can only assume that Michael J. Smith is a very common name and if you look at other pics of astronaut Smith, such as this one, the resemblance weakens:
    And here too, their bios don’t seem to overlap in any respect.
    (And though the other Smith’s profession is industrial engineering, it’s not the kind of ‘heavy duty’ technical engineering that you would have expected Smith the astronaut to go into.)
    But most importantly, to my eye there are some physical differences. The ears of astronaut Smith stick out. Their noses don’t really look alike, especially the nose of the other Smith, which looks generally wider and is fat at the tip with more pronounced indentation (the overall difference is more evident in the pic of the other Smith linked to in the prior paragraph). Also, the upper lip of the other Smith makes a faint v in the middle when he smiles, while that of astronaut Smith does not.
    So Smith does not seem like a match to me either.
    As for McNair and Onizuka, see relevant comments to this article:
    (As to Resnik, see comments to this article.)

  153. I’m curious how you would explain the legal publications that Prof Resnik authored as per her resume?
    An example: one of the articles PRIOR to the Challenger disaster….
    This article was written in 1985 at a time when Dr Resnik (Astronaut) was clearly in training for the Challenger

    • This post is about the curious fact that the Challenger crew all seem to have living doppelgangers of the same ages if the crew members were still alive, in some cases with identical names. I ask questions; I don’t know what actually happened, nor do I have the answers to questions such as yours. I do find it curious that nobody from NASA, nor any of the doppelgangers, incl. Prof. Resnick, has come on FOTM to give their testimony.

  154. This fascinating story leads to the next question regarding the coverup: Why? What would be the motivation for hiding the crew’s survival? Who or what benefits from this? Or what is jeopardized if the truth is known?

    • Some thoughts…
      1) If the space program is real, and they knew the shuttle was going to blow up (but had to launch anyway), they would take the astronauts off beforehand. The public later learning that the astronauts were alive would expose that the space program is full of deception and waste.
      2) If the space program has been fake all along (and no one ever goes up to any altitude at all), then of course this would be exposed by everyone seeing live astronauts who were supposed to be dead.
      On a related note, most or all of the space station footage is faked in a giant pool of water, with backgrounds added later. They use the so-called training pool, which has full size replicas of all their stuff. This is why you’ll occasionally see bubbles whizzing past, and why people believe in UFOs (and a NASA coverup of the UFOs). They’re bubbles.

  155. I think there is a good explanation for why they could all have survived the crash and continued on their lives in other careers, but everyone seems to be working out of the box the government has formed for them. If you step out of that box for a few minutes, it might seem possible, that it wasn’t these other careers that were developed, as they were possibly never astronauts to begin with. What if it was the astronauts who had the fake personas? Maybe there never was a genuine space program, and no one ever went to the moon? What if these people were all pretend astronauts and the government was deceiving all of us? Yes, it’s a bigger scam than the original premise.

    • I think it’s highly plausible that NASA is a big scam, and all the billion$ go to other nefarious things the government doesn’t want us to know about.

  156. NASA: Never A Space Adventure.

  157. I’ll never forget sitting in my living room watching the launch when the Challenger exploded. The level of mental illness it would take to come up with this article is sad.

    • The level of malevolence for you to insult me as mentally ill because I exercise my First Amendment right of free speech and my God-given right of free thinking by asking questions is not just sad, it speaks to your abysmal character.

      • I have never taken the government at face value since I was able to reason for myself. I guess it is just a fault of mine. However, I remember watching the first man walking on the moon with national pride, like many of us. Now, these many years later, the thought has filled me completely, why have we never gone back? And I suspect that the answer is simply that we never went there in the first place. I know that there is supposed to be some sort of a beacon there that people can get a signal from, but I also know that now, the average Joe can build sophisticated telescopes and radios that can do amazing things. Heck, I have been a ham radio operator since I was a kid, and some of the things these people are doing amaze even me. And many of them are saying that the radiation would not allow a space craft to make it to the moon. These are people who are really smart, not just hacks like me. The idea of the government blowing up a shuttle for publicity is not an unrealistic notion to me. They had to somehow get out of the program, since they knew it had run it’s course. They just needed an excuse. I am just surprised that they didn’t simply sacrifice the astronauts. They have no qualms about doing that, so there must have been some reason for it. NASA has not really done much for us lately, but we continue to fund them. Does anybody wonder why? They are a fine way to funnel money to hidden programs, I suspect. I mean, who really knows how much it costs to send someone up to the ISS, which is a boondoggle for several countries. There are more questions with NASA than answers.

        • “NASA has not really done much for us lately, but we continue to fund them. Does anybody wonder why? They are a fine way to funnel money to hidden programs, I suspect.”
          Craig Nelson, a space historian and author of “Rocket Men: The Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon” (Viking 2009), said, “The space budget at the Pentagon is much bigger than NASA’s budget. They launch missions all the time and they don’t reveal hardly any of it. They have their own launch pad next to NASA’s in Florida, and another launch pad in California.”

    • And I bet you still believe the official lie that the Twin towers just fell like a controlled demolition, and that bldg. 7 just blew itself up in sympathy too, right? Go away govt troll, or just go back to watching CNN.

    • I too remember that day very vividly, but we shouldn’t let our emotions get in the way of facts. It’s the same reason we were never able to have an open and honest investigation into the Sandy Hook shooting…because people’s emotions prevented it.

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  159. Why would they do this? Were they planning on blaming some ‘foreign power’ for the explosion and then called it off after the fact?
    I don’t doubt the veracity of this article, just wondering why the govt and nasa would even do this. Very interesting to say the least! And to quote the cliché, “Truth is stranger than fiction”….

    • One theory is to get people interested in space. I remember after it happened, there was a big sentiment to rebuild and get the shuttle back up, as a way to overcome the tragedy. As a kid, it made me really interested in space. I begged my parents to send me to space camp.

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  161. that turns my stomach. I believe I was in 1st grade when that happened and that’s so disturbing to put a country through that. What sickens me even more is the sandy hook school massacre. Do you know who really committed the massacre? Thank you for writing this article. I’m sure you have to put up with a lot of abuse from close minded people but it is very courageous of you. I appreciate and respect your writings and thank you.

    • Thank you, Cilla Jane, for your kindness.
      For Sandy Hook, see
      God bless you!

    • Cilla Jane. There was no Sandy Hook shooting. Nobody died there. Adam Lanza is a fictional person made up by the perpetrators of this hoax/social experiment/psy op- whatever you want to call it…nobody died there. I remember first hearing that it was a hoax and thinking “how can that be possible?”. After looking into it myself with, it became very clear that the media reported on it, without absolutely zero proof of it happening beyond people saying that it did.

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  163. Interestingly, this was enough to get me digging deeper into the subject, out of curiosity. I think, however I found something compelling to see that these two “Judy Resnik”s are not the same.
    Please compare:

  164. The Older “Resnik” probably has same name but if you had seen Judy in person you would know there is little resemblance

  165. That’s true, but I am in my 60’s and I bet most people would say there’s any resemblance to the person I was in my 20’s.

  166. psyop of inestimable value and effect

  167. its so strange that they hide this from the world

  168. I am very thankful of this post for giving me more information about NASA which I believe the worst foundation in deceiving people..

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  170. Can the astronauts’ pictures be checked against their suspected doubles’ pictures using the eye-tooth ratio as described in the video linked on your story about Hillary’s body doubles?
    video here:
    The ratios would be powerful evidence if the same, and conclusive evidence if different.
    Does anybody have a graphics program through which they check?

    • Curious,
      There are so many comments on this post that some of them are on other pages. In an older page of comments, a reader Triuwida, who is an engineer, did calculate the ratios for some of the Challenger crew and found they and their doppelgangers to be the same persons. See his first comment here, then scroll down for his other comments.

    • You can do a screenshot (shift+PrntScr), then paste into “Paint.” Zoom in and draw a line between the pupils, then a line down to the bottom of the top teeth. Compare the line lengths.

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  172. I am a big fan of your work but it has been proven that these are 2 different Judith Resniks. This should be updated.

    • If only one Challenger astronaut is alive, then NASA is a criminal enterprise. Perhaps they exist only for money laundering? What are the chances that six astronauts have such amazing doppelgangers, all of the correct age?

      • I agree NASA is a money laundering scheme that’s fakes almost everything they do, I also agree there is something very shady with the challenger disaster and this is a hoax in some way. But the 2 Judith Resniks in question have been proven to be 2 different people and it is important to update this information and make people aware of this, just like it is important in making them aware of all the other anomaly’s with this case. Its a 2 way street.

    • I’m with Mike. I think this is a different Judith Resnick, but the others are pretty compelling evidence. Who knows where the original Judith Resnick is right now. Question: have you tried to contact any of these people to ask them? Many have their contact info readily available.

  173. The way the screwy government ‘works’, they could have used the fake explosion in order to just get a spiffy newer space shuttle.

  174. Pineal Visiom

    It seems pretty clear to me that this was a psyop, distracting from whatever was going on at the time, while forcing the majority of school children in the US to watch a teacher explode on live television in a massive display of trauma based mind control. Traumatized people (and children) are very easy to manipulate and control, as evidenced by the successful and disturbing Monarch Project. False flags are a system of governance that most governments in the world have utilized to one extent or another for millennia. This is not a secret anymore. I was in first grade when the Challenger exploded. My entire elementary school was seated on the floor in the cafeteria to watch the first teacher go to space and I know that most public schools were in similar formation. Children all over the country were lined up to watch this highly traumatizing event. I remember not really understanding what was happening, and I also remember that an older student fainted and that there were many children and adults in hysterics as we were herded like cattle out of the cafeteria. Whether the “astronauts” are alive or not seems secondary to the fact that there was a sadistic agenda and that this was no accident. Crisis acting had become quite a career for some people and it would not be surprising in the least if none of them were actually on the ship. It would appear that Hitler lived out his days in Argentina. Why not these guys?

  175. I dont know what to believe really after just watching the documentry and being quite overwhelmed by the tapes…i thought i would do a bit of research..then i find out all these conspiracy theories i never knew existed were around.
    ..and all by extremly educated people who have done so much research into it… its quite fascinating looking at these photos..but with photoshop who knows…anyway fascinating stuff guys…

    • I provided links to the doppelgangers’ photos. Not photoshops.

    • This is a testament to conditioning. Very few of us would doubt that we are played by the Government. Somehow, people would rather believe a lie than admit they’d been had.
      We’re talking BIG SCAMS here. These mutts are the ULTIMATE con men. The loot is endless. Their very lives depend on their ability to sustain a lie.

  176. Elliott Evans

    Well,interesting..but it begs the question how and why..? If they survived,howvdid they do so..? Probably weren’t on the shuttle at all,sort of Capricorn One scenario…then the next question is why…why did NASA do it..? What could they gain from it all..? Why were the astronauts allowed to then continue with their lives under their own names..,? Further research maybe needed..I would point out that BDM registries, and are not very reliable sources..but interesting nontheless

  177. It was done to bring an end to NASA’s own lies concerning their whole space programme. I think they were becoming alarmed at the fact that there were too many embarrassing questions being asked about it and that they were close to being rumbled. They realised they were not going to be able to justify their demands for billions more dollars for an obvious fraud which they feared was about to be split wide open by too many sceptical voices. A “disaster” such as this was the best way out.

    • Wyatt, what were the embarrassing questions being asked, and how was NASA close to being rumbled? Were the questions about the space shuttle itself, or about the photoshopped/faked space missions? We are still sending billions to NASA, so I guess they achieved their goal of hoodwinking the public?

  178. It’s always telling how badly some wish to hold onto fantasy regardless of the evidence. SHES is just like this, along with a host of other hoaxes that would fill a news cycle.
    The game is to present images and sound bites that can be easily manufactured and then attack the “belief” of the audience. I call it “faith-based news”. No evidence, just invective for those who refuse to proclaim their faith in the propagandists.

  179. Randomly Hiccupping Ballads

    Not sure what I believe. I’m on the fence. But one thing I am certain about is I most certainly do not trust our Government, or any other “powers that be” for that matter. They are, without question, a bunch of Cluster B traited personalities running shit. The powers that be, that is. Manipulating people. Using shaming and guilt tactics so everyones beliefs and opinions aligns with what they want it to. Gaslighting tactics is something used on society in abundance. So THAT I have absolutly no doubt about.
    Certain aspects of what you have written here have crossed my own mind over the years. Some things I agree with, other’s I do not. But you’re not making demands of anyone to agree with you, but rather, entertain alternative theories. I hope I conveyed that okay. I definetly do not want to come off insulting as I know you get enough of that as it is.
    Be well.

  180. I read about how the NWO has been sending up secret space missions to the moon, apparently they’re building some sort of facility up there for the elite and their evil minions, wondering if that’s why they did it, so they could have a ‘secret flight crew’ for the missions.

  181. On the other hand, of course, all the comments surrounding this disaster are pure speculation – there may well be other reasons that we know nothing about as far as NASA is concerned. What we should say is that if these more recent photos are genuine, this matter of the survival of the astronauts must be a cause for rejoicing!

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  183. Reblogged this on Dreaming 🐦 Freedom and commented:
    Wow, remember this? Good research!

  184. I think most people know today, that we never went to the moon, never visited the outer space, everything was done in the pool, in the movie studio and on board a jet liner in low altitude. It was the biggest money machine of the time and later followed the space shuttle flight and the ISS.
    Huge amount of money was received by NASA, but only a fraction was used to deceive the public, the use of the remaining amount we are not informed about, but a guess would be more spy satellites and Pentagon projects.
    Just think of other big scams in the last 60 years, it’s always the same people/families who are behind and always backed by the media and its lies.
    Did the crew die in this disaster, no, as with the moon rocket launches, no one was on board, just a short flight into the Atlantic and a return capsule dropped from an airplane. The Shuttle on the launchpad was an empty shell which together with the rocket dropped in pieces into the Atlantic and a return shuttle was dropped from a large airplane to glide to earth. The Shuttle and rockets could simply not lift the total start mass told to us by NASA, so an empty Shuttle shell was given a short travel, that’s all.
    And to the “Why” about the Challenger disaster, well it could very well be about future insurance payment for satellites which would benefit the same people and again the money would come from the tax payers as usual.

  185. Very good article!! I link to and mention this evidence in my YouTUbe video:US Faked Apollo but Have Flying Saucers Which Landed on the Moon. I think the international Jews are in control and they did this and th crew was not on the Challenger. They may have wanted to traumatize America and children for their evil plans.

  186. You are correct about alot of what you are saying, many times the space shuttle were cargo shuttles only and never took humans because they were death traps. They astronauts work with alien crews and no way could they be filmed. It’s all a “Frame” , fiat and fake. Never believe what you see on tv

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  188. You conspiracy theorists are sick human beings. Go talk to the families of these brave heroes. I wish they were alive…

  189. Dr. Eowyn, please don’t let trolls like Peter (comment date 1/27//2018)
    harass you. Even cursory inspection of prominent events in the last
    20 years will reveal obvious “conspiracies.” Worked in construction
    and later taught physics for decades. First thought upon seeing
    THREE buildings collapse (one not hit by anything) at a free fall rate pancake
    style indicating a typical planned demolition was 9/11 was an inside job.
    Sandy Hook “massacre” with NO PARENT VIEWING THEIR CHILD’S
    ACTUAL BODY IN PERSON is another blatant planned fraud on the
    American people. We are ruled by a genocidal, parasitic elite who
    manipulate gullible Americans with sloppy propaganda events

  190. You are fucking delusional. There is no other way to put it.

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  192. NASA’s Michael J. Smith graduated from Annapolis in 1967 and supposedly died as Challenger’s 1986 pilot. The guy at UW-Madison is said to have earned his BS there in 1968, an MS in 1970, and PhD in 1973. The only problem is that there is no record in the 1965, 1967, and 1969 Badger yearbooks of his presence there. Perhaps someone can find him through but it looks to be a very long shot.
    Judith Resnick’s father, Marvin, told his Akron, OH optometry clients and colleagues in 1987, the year following his beloved daughter’s Challenger “death”, that he was retiring. He moved to Encinitas, CA and opened Deep Creek Eye Center there. Interestingly, a young woman looking very much like his daughter and even bearing her name and age was teaching at the UCLA law school not far away. Interesting coincidence I guess.

  193. Good effort Dr. im not the conspirator type, tend to ignore most of it. and still undecided about Apollo missions. but this looks totally fishy. these people look WAY too much like their dead doppelgangers… but all have the same name.??!@! too fishy. i studied faces for a long time as a hobby. and i really see the similarities in all of these prospective ppl. but just cant imagine how they could or would go on using the same name and not be petrified of not being caught. but stranger things have happened.
    this needs more investigation hope someone could do it. could someone go to the UNI where Resnick works and get a video of her reacting to a younger NASA photo of her. also how about doing a technical analysis of her voicewave patterns – do they change with age ?? wouldn’t that be amazing. like a DNA test of sorts ! well done tho. very interesting.

  194. If one is going to prove this theory, then don’t rely on sites like I don’t have my name or my family tree there; doesn’t mean I don’t exist.

  195. The resemblance in the case of both Scobee and Smith are remarkable; especially considering their names, etc. For what it’s worth, I know for certain that we didn’t land men on the moon and that NASA defrauded the American people out of 30 billion dollars. Like many others, I’ve done extensive research on the question of the moon landings (and I’ve documented my findings at Though the reasons why I’m confident that we didn’t send men to the moon include an in-depth understanding of the larger conspiracy (of which this one is a part), another reason is that, like other conspiracies, this one forces us into accepting an impossibility over what many would argue is an improbability. It’s often argued that a conspiracy can’t exist because it would be “improbable” that so many people could conspire and keep it a secret. No doubt there’s often a measure of improbability involved in a conspiracy but it’s usually overrated as a result of not taking such things into account as the compartmentalization involved. In the case of the moon landing conspiracy just how overrated this improbability is can be illustrated just by considering each of the major hardware components resting on the launchpad prior to launch and asking yourself how many people involved with this particular component would have needed to know the ultimate truth? In fact, very little of the hardware on the launchpad involved persons who needed to know the truth as the hardware itself didn’t even go beyond Earth’s orbit! Nonetheless, even if everyone involved in the Apollo program had to have known that they weren’t sending men to the moon (and they had to keep this a secret), still, we can know with certainty that the mission was a fraud. Here’s why… Whenever you’re faced with just two choices–one being the most outrageous improbability (and you ought to be ashamed for even considering it) and the other, an impossibility–then you clearly have no choice but to accept the improbable (as per the famous quote by Sir Arthur C. Doyle). Given that, the moon landing conspiracy offers multiple opportunities for us to know with certainty that a conspiracy took place. One which I discovered myself is in the form of film footage that shows the ascent stage of the lunar module slowly approaching the command module following the ascent of the former from the lunar surface. This entire sequence was filmed using a camera dolly track (see my aforementioned website, at the bottom of the page titled “Mechanical Attitude Changes”). There, in the paragraph beginning with the words, “Another curious anomaly…” I discuss this “goof” which essentially proves that the moon landings had to have been faked. Everyone knows that when a camera pans, everything in the picture frame must move in unison, right? Well apparently that’s not true when NASA cameras are involved. And that’s just one impossibility that we are forced to accept in believing that the moon landings were real. 😉

    • To me one of the most telling clues is that we have not “gone back” since the alleged initial visit. That doesn’t make ANY sense at all. Recently they were quoted as saying that there were technical difficulties that had to be overcome before it was possible. Why is that? Haven’t they done this before?
      Your write up is faultless. Just like with the school shooting drills. As long as everything is compartmentalized and controlled, what’s to worry? Most of the immediate players believe what they’re told. The ones who know the truth are allowed that because they’ve proven themselves to be good liars.
      After 9-11 especially, how can anybody trust anything they say? We KNOW that was a fraud of monumental proportions. Why would we expect them to tell the truth from that point on?

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  197. nasa in hebrew literally means “to deceive”, we have been lied to about everything

  198. Where have you photos and screen shot gone?

    • They were burned down by WordPress when WP arbitrarily took down FOTM on August 15. We are now back with another host-server, but each of our pre-Aug.15 posts must be restored, one by one.


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