Are Liberals Patriotic?

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0 responses to “Are Liberals Patriotic?

  1. Liberals are lying traitors who want to transform America and do not embrace any of its established values.

  2. Candance Moore

    I love those videos!

  3. Liberals were born with a gene that dictates their inability to form reasoned thought, thereby making them vulnerable to any brainwashing by a corrupt
    ideology. The power mad know it and use it to advantage.

  4. now was that reasonable? Probably not, but how else to explain this madness?

  5. mentally twisted and delusional-they don’t understand why they can stand and be as disrespectful as they are-we oughta set them all in the mid-east,every single one of them-useful idiots.

  6. In a word… No.

  7. this gave me a headache…

  8. Most “classical” liberals are, as classical liberalism was built on the libertarian model, but they are a dying breed.
    As for the “modern liberals, they are a lost cause, as modern liberalism was built on the Marxist model, which has always been, and always will be, a total failure.


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