Are Liberal Jews a Lost Cause?

President Obama attacks Israel: Will liberal Jews ever get it?

by Eric Golub – Washington Times – May 19, 2011
Israel has always faced existential threats from Arab neighbors who are anything but. Now Israel’s very survival is at stake, and they cannot even get the support of American liberal Jews, even when the American leader joins in the attack.
The other day Palestinians tried to invade Israel. The fact that this was done with rocks and not rocket launchers does not make it any less of an invasion.
Thirteen Palestinians were killed while the rest of these murderous defective Arab zealots received praise from Barack Obama.
The very creation of the state of Israel is known among Palestinians as the “Nakhba,” which means “catastrophe.”
Only days later, the unfeeling, uncaring automaton or a President gave a speech demanding that Israel return to its 1967 borders. Well, I demand that President Obama sit down and shut up. […]
There is no more room for dialogue. Barack Obama has just given Palestinians a green light to destroy Israel. The only solution for Israel is to engage in a crackdown that would make Bashar Assad envious.
Palestinians are a lost cause. Barack Obama is a lost cause. Peace in the Middle East with suicide bombing savages is a lost cause.
Yet one question remains, and it must be answered immediately.
Are liberal Jews a lost cause?
Will any of these spineless jelly (gefilte) fish finally stop acting like battered housewives?
Will Henry Waxboy stand up?

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif)

Will Anthony Weiner stand up?

Rep, Anthony Weiner (D-NY)

Will Debbie Wasserman-Schultz stand up?

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Florida)

It is time for Jewish liberals to realize that they can no longer be both. Either their religion is Judaism or liberalism. Either thousands of years of religious tradition means something or it doesn’t.
The days when Jewish liberal women care more about abortion than Israel needs to end. The days when liberal Jews consider global warming to be the real Holocaust needs to stop.
The Democratic Party of old is dead. It is now headed by a man willing to reward terrorists by giving them a place to live that was never their home to begin with.
It is time for human rights activists obsessed with Rwanda and Darfur to realize that attempted genocide of the Jewish people is happening while the world blames the “poor, misunderstood Palestinians.”
They are not misunderstood. They are murderers. They do not want peace. They want every Jew dead worldwide. Yes, they would slit the throats of the Ws (Wasserman-Schultz, Wiener, and Waxboy) with glee if they could.
It was one thing when Barack Obama showed indifference to Israel. After all, he is indifferent to virtually everybody. No law requires that a man, even a president, be capable of human emotions.
Yet, now he has crossed the line. He has demanded that Israel give up land while giving lip service to Palestinian promises of ceasing terror activities. […]
As for your water carriers in the liberal Jewish community, they need to stop making excuses for you, and for once in their lives stand up.
After all, when the Palestinians come for the Jews, they will not distinguish between conservative and liberal.
They will come for the liberal Jews too. Only then will those liberal Jews realize that Barack Obama has no interest in speaking up.

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9 years ago

If they continue to support Obama, the answer is yes.
Self-loathing Jews just can’t help themselves.

9 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Your friend is rather perceptive.
LOL – Then again, I never took you for one to hang with dullards.

9 years ago

Sadly, the answer is “yes” I was so upset today that I even wrote an email to the rabbi of the synagogue on the UberLiberal island I live on outside of Seattle……I’ve gone occasionally but the Progressive atmosphere drives me nuts ( plus all the Obama bumperstickers in the parking lot ) anyway I wrote him asking him about his opinion on the speech today and this was his reply: “Dear Wendy, I think we may disagree on this one. Though I’m certainly not an expert in foreign policy, I have always been open to and supportive of the idea… Read more »

9 years ago

Don’t forget BOXER, there is no such thing having peace with muslims. Never has,never will be.

9 years ago

These fools formed “Jews For Obama” and play the race card anytime you have criticism of the teleprompter reading demon.

9 years ago

Seriously, is anyone REALLY surprised at nobama’s actions???? He said during his campaign that he would stand with muslims!!! [he kept that promise]! His treatment of Israel has left no doubt [or should have] of his true feelings – disrespecting the PM – no visit to Israel… He has been very clear on this – and he’s not done yet!!! I can’t believe we are still putting up with his sh!t….. “Danger Will Robinson”. SCREAMING!!!!!!

Ted Nougat
Ted Nougat
9 years ago

Obama’s speech was a lesson in Orwellian Newspeak. Here’s what Obama did – 1. Obama just told the leaders of nations in the Middle East that the U.S. will encourage and support their overthrow when their people rise up against them, demanding “democracy” during this glorious “Arab Spring.” Syria already had threatened to strike at Israel should we meddle in the “uprising” in their country. Assad of Syria allegedly has called a meeting with other leaders of nations today. Do you think Israel will be their first target should they decide to make a defensive/retaliatory statement toward Obama’s policies? 2.… Read more »