Are Americans “Pre-Revolutionary"?

I can't take it anymore

Mobs flooding the streets are becoming a standard scene in most of the northern hemisphere as the worlds’ living standards decline under greedy and painfully inept political management. Will that come to North America, about the only significant place so far mostly resistant?
The U.S. government seems to be worried; it has quietly reorganized the U.S. Army to maintain population control inside the country, a first.
Poll Finds Americans Pre Revolutionary has this to say:
Should violence plague American streets as a result of a deepening economic crisis, U.S. troops have already been prepared to deal with such a crisis. As we reported three years ago, U.S. troops returning from Iraq were being re-allocated to occupy America, running checkpoints and training to deal with “civil unrest and crowd control” under the auspices of a Northcom program that revolved around deploying 20,000 active duty troops inside America to “help” state and local officials during times of emergency.
The preparations have been reported elsewhere to include provisions for housing large numbers of people under secure conditions in several large scaled locations. That part of the report is persistent, but has not been verified.
Rest of story HERE!!
~Steve~           H/T Miss May & the Constitution Club

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lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

The mobs and violent demonstrators in America have all been on the left; the union demonstrators who broke into the Wisconsin capital building in Madison, the “flash robs,” the CPUSA/Reconquista May Day demonstrators in Los Angeles. If the Powers that Be fear mob violence, their own supporters are the tinderbox, not the tea party.
Remember the tea partiers left the Mall in spotless condition when they rallied in DC. The lefties who attended Skippy’s inauguration trashed it.


yes LTG you are right. Lets hope these troops can see the forest through the trees. Lets hope they can see the enemy within. For their sake.


I may be naive here, but I have always held the belief that in the event government officials (elected or otherwise) were to direct our soldiers to fire on American citizens, that it would be those government officials that would be the first ones shot by said soldiers.
I just have had too many soldiers in my family to believe otherwise.


Hmnn…weren’t there some dead college students when the national guard was sent onto a college campus to handle a student demonstration in the 1960’s?


Semper Peratus !
Acta Non Verba!!!