Are All Democrats (and Some Republicans) GOING TO HELL?

The title of this article poses a pretty provocative question. In order to answer it rationally, let’s leave our emotions at the door and apply logic and reason. The first thing we must ask ourselves is whether God actually exists. Most intelligent adults, including virtually all of those who have actually researched and studied the evidence, say Yes, God exists.
Accepting now the view shared by intelligent adults and the evidence experts that God exists, we then have to ask ourselves whether Heaven and hell also exist. Again, most rational and intelligent adults say Yes. The duality of nature also suggests this, as do the witnesses. “Witnesses?” you say. The Catholic Church is replete with visionaries who have been afforded glimpses of both Heaven and hell. These aren’t the fly-by-night mystics or New Age channelers who charge money for their seminars. They are actual eye witnesses whose testimony has withstood years of rigorous scientific investigation.

If we take the side of evidence, the testimony of multiple eye witnesses, and the consensus shared by intelligent and rational adults, and accept the fact that God, Heaven, and hell all exist, we now must ask ourselves what has the Democratic Party (and some Republicans) done to justify our original question.
We know for a fact that the Democratic Party and some Republicans endorse and encourage abortion and the murder of the unborn. No one denies this, not even the Democrats themselves. We also know that the Democratic Party and some Republicans encourage and exploit racism and poverty. No one who has studied the evidence denies this either.
So if God exists – and we’ve already determined that He does – and if Heaven and hell exist – and we’ve determined that they do – then doesn’t it make sense that behavior such as abortion, the murder of the unborn, and the encouragement and exploitation of racism and poverty would call for restitution?
I realize that there are many who believe God to be a benevolent being who neither judges nor condemns. It’s a popular belief among many in the New Age movement. But is it reality or just wishful thinking? Are you going to believe some New Age marketer who makes their living by selling books and seminars, or are you going to put your faith in a book and in a Church that have served as the foundation for not only our country — the country that has done the most good for the most people than all other countries combined — but the foundation of entire Western Civilization?
And is it not also possible that God does not judge, yet remains a being of such pure love that sin is simply not allowed in His presence? Can it be that God does not condemn souls to hell, but that souls choose to be sent to hell by their own free will while here on earth?

A purist could make the case that the Democratic Party (and some Republicans) routinely violate almost every one of God’s 10 Commandments. The Democratic Party has voted to remove God’s name from their platform. (No one denies this). They dishonor the mother by promoting abortion, and they dishonor the father by social programs that remove him from the home, particularly in the black community. (No one denies this.) They violate God’s Commandment not to commit murder, again by promoting abortion. (No one denies this.) They violate the Commandment not to steal by promoting regulations and taxes that take money and property from one group in order to distribute it to other groups. (No one denies this.)
All in all, it’s impossible to deny the sins committed by the Democratic Party (and some Republicans) and they make no attempt to deny it themselves.
Now let’s consider the second word of our premise in this article’s title: all. Are all Democrats going to hell? Even those who only vote for Democrats or fundraise for Democrats? Look at it this way, when we vote for a politician or donate money to their campaigns we automatically become responsible for everything that person does or doesn’t do. Sounds harsh, I know, but how could it possibly be otherwise?
We supported that politician, we put that politician in office, we now bear the responsibility for every action that politician takes. If the politician we put in office resorts to actions that God finds offensive, then aren’t we equally to blame? Kind of puts a whole new spin on the word responsibility, doesn’t it?
So back to our title. Are all Democrats and some Republicans going to hell? I can’t speak for God, but my guess is if they continue along the path that they are currently on, they better load up on the ice water now, because some day soon they’re going to need it.
If you have voted for Democrats (and some Republicans) or raised money for their campaigns and now regret your actions, it’s never too late to change. Ask God for forgiveness and begin to make up for your past sins. He’s waiting for you. He never gets tired of waiting for you. Won’t you ask His forgiveness now?

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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
6 years ago

I applaud you, Mike, for your boldness! I hope this post will bestir the near-dead consciences of those who have willingly given themselves over to evil.

Gunny G
6 years ago

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6 years ago

Is this a rhetorical question???

Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

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6 years ago

Thank you Mike for this thought-provoking post. Clearly, people choose where they wish to go, to heaven or to hell, by their choices. What is most important here, is that Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Divine Mercy and Love, will accept those who come back to Him with contrite and sincere hearts and minds. Jesus’ ocean of mercy is unfathomable to us; but He wants everyone to repent and come back to Him.

6 years ago

The short answer: Yes.

6 years ago

We are left with a meaningful decision to make. Do we abstain from voting, vote for the lesser of evils, or determine to unite the heaven-bound individuals from both parties with a platform based on God’s will of greater value than other objectives that would fill some immediate and reasonable desires but carry with them actions that will lead to eternity in hell-and continuing destruction of the United States?

6 years ago
Reply to  marblenecltr

Marblenecltr, you raise a great point. In my Assembly District, the Dem candidate is pro abortion and pro gun control. The Repub challenger is pro Second Amendment BUT also believes abortion should be legal. Even though she is much better than the Dem, I don’t think I can vote for her.
What if she gets elected and votes to support some abortion legislation? What am I going to say to God when it’s time to account for my actions? I’m very confused.

Richard Raymond
Richard Raymond
5 years ago

I don’t know if your Catholic but before anyone attempts to answer this question you may want to read this:
and listen to this:

4 years ago

Mike and Richard I thank you both so much for the article and Video. I was not born Christian but I later became a Christian. No one tried to convert me, it’s through my dreams/visions, and miracles, I met Lord Jesus in my dreams and HE healed my disease when I was a kid and HE’s raised and fed me when I was an orphan. I knew without the LORD, I’d be dead for long times ago. Even with all HIS Love and Grace I still didn’t accept to follow HIM, until later, HE Showed me the Judgements that scared… Read more »