Appropriate Halloween costume?

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Remember the pageant mom that dressed her 3-year-old girl as “Pretty Woman”?

3-year-old "Pretty Woman"

Well, she came up with a great Halloween costume for her little girl…

3-year-old "Biker Chick"/Photo TMZ

I just gotta wonder how this little girl is going to survive her teenager years.
h/t tmz

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0 responses to “Appropriate Halloween costume?

  1. This is so disturbing to me. This child’s mother needs counseling. Who will step forwrd to protect this child’s innocence?

  2. What??? No tattoos?

  3. This is getting awfully close to child sexual abuse.
    This “mother” is one sick puppy.

  4. Wow, this is pretty much abuse.

  5. We will probably be hearing more from the mother in later years wondering why her daughter is so out of control… Yeah right lady….Ya THINK?

  6. By posting it you are only spreading the picture around and causing her to be objectified even more.

    • Chris, if you google this you will find there are over 150k hits to “paisley biker chick”. Yes I don’t like to exploit children yet it’s not like this wasn’t out there for the world to see.
      There’s a lot of things I don’t like to post yet do so to draw attention to things that are wrong and/or evil.

  7. This mother should be SLAPPED!!!! What the hell? How are we supposed to teach our little girls to respect their bodies and to grow up with taste when moms like this put ‘whore-outfits’ like this on their 3-YEAR-OLDS!!!!???? Now she is going to grow up thinking it is ok to dress this way. Why in the world would a mother want to degrade her child’s innocence and sublime beauty by making her parade around in this. And you know it was the mom, there is no way a 3-year-old said, “you know mom, I think this year I would like to wear black leather that barely covers my body.” And even if she did, it is the mom’s RESPONSIBILITY to tell her that it isn’t appropriate. Just think, now that the little girl has worn that, it can only get worse, what’ll she wear next year to top it, cause you know that’s how it goes…..”but mom, you let me do it last year!!”
    Sorry, but this really hit a nerve with me! Grrrr! Parents: keep ’em young while you can!

  8. Its still not OK to spread it around, talk about a child or someone’s parenting skill and make jokes about it. I’m sure everyone else on here with kids have done a thing or two others don’t agree with. No one on here knows what kind of mother the woman actually is. Yes, this is innapproprate attire for a child, but she isn’t hurting anyone.

    • We’ll have to disagree about my posting it. We certainly aren’t making any jokes about this.
      You want to know what kind of mother she is? The kind that dresses her 3 YEAR OLD up as a prostitute character from a movie and has her parade around in skimpy costumes at 3 YEARS OLD. Suggest you google “Toddlers and Tiaras” and look at some of the videos from this show w/Paisely in it. That’ll give you an idea of what kind of parenting skills this woman has.

    • And, next, she’ll be dressed up as Jenna Jameson (bet Mom knows who she is).

    • chris,
      You are clueless. The mother of this girl “isn’t hurting anyone”? She sure is hurting her own daughter — or you wouldn’t be so (faux) outraged that DCG had posted the little girl’s picture. You castigate DCG for posting the girl’s pic but not the mother for dressing the girl like a little prostitute in the first place. Are you by any chance the mother?

    • No one on here knows what kind of mother the woman actually is.
      You’re joking, right?


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