Apparently public warning signs that brick Portland buildings could collapse in an earthquake reinforce gentrification

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I got nothing. I can’t keep up with all the racist and white supremacy (even though I’m undoubtedly labeled both) tactics. You’ll have to decipher this story on your own.

As reported by Oregon Live, public safety messages are now deemed racist.

From their story: The Portland branch of the NAACP is jumping into a fight over a city policy that will require owners of brick buildings to post public warnings that the buildings could collapse in an earthquake.

The civil rights group said Thursday it would hold a rally Saturday on the steps of City Hall urging the city to drop the ordinance, which affects about 1,600 buildings throughout the city. Its leader said the policy, approved by the City Council in October, would reinforce gentrification in historically black segments of North and Northeast Portland.

The policy “exacerbates a long history of systemic and structural betrayals of trust and policies of displacement, demolition, and dispossession predicated on classism, racism, and white supremacy,” the Portland chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said in a statement.

The signs were to go up in publicly owned buildings by Tuesday. If the ordinance remains in effect, most other buildings will be required to post the signs by March 1, but churches and nonprofit organizations would have two years to comply.

Leaders of predominantly black churches affected by the ordinance castigated the city in June as the City Council discussed requiring seismic upgrades over a 20-year timeline. Pastors said then that they had been left out of talks while the ordinance was drafted, and the NAACP said the black community was similarly were left out of the discussion over the placarding ordinance.

“It speaks to our houses of worship and everything about the black presence in the North-Northeast area,” said the Rev. E.D. Mondainé, president of the Portland NAACP chapter and a pastor at Celebration Tabernacle Church in North Portland. “As usual, the African American community is the first affected and the last informed.”

Other owners of brick and concrete buildings also have objected to the ordinance, saying it would drive away tenants and customers and make it harder to pay for upgrades in the long run.

The ordinance would require building owners to prominently post signs with the disclosure: “This is an unreinforced masonry building. Unreinforced masonry buildings may be unsafe in the event of a major earthquake.”

The same warning would be distributed to tenants of the buildings, and the owner must file a record of compliance among county property records.

The NAACP and other building owners have said the compliance record will make it difficult for building owners to secure loans, discouraging investment in the structures. Ultimately they would be forced to sell, the group argued, and the buildings would likely be demolished and redeveloped.

Read the whole story here.


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16 responses to “Apparently public warning signs that brick Portland buildings could collapse in an earthquake reinforce gentrification

  1. I think what they are saying is that brick buildings could collapse during an earthquake and injure a bunch of Portland’s Antifa terrorists.😊 But since they can’t read anyway, why put up signs?😎

    Other than that, I got nothing either.

  2. I agree with the protestors who own properties. That is so typical of big bully government trying to meddle and ruin people’s lifelong investments with fear and speculation. These properties were already built. Unless big G wants to pay to reinforce them stay out of people’s homes and religious institutions and leave property owners and church goers alone already.

  3. It’s too bad the naacp resorts to gasbag race baiting when those pastors are almost certainly correct in seeing real estate interests pulling the City Council’s strings in a ploy to steal their property at forced sales. If I’m not mistaken, such quasi-condemnation proceedings posing as safety measures are what the Progressivist University of Chicago used a century ago to throw blacks out of their homes in the vicinity of the campus to confiscate the land for expansion. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi’s husband has been seen checking out brick buildings in Portland lately.

    I also wonder what number of deaths and serious injuries have resulted from the collapse of one-story brick churches or of one- and two-story brick homes in black areas of Portland that would justify such warnings. I’ll take a guess that the number is zero and the hazard for their buildings almost nonexistent. The naacp should argue that if signs are a good idea, the City Council ought to show food faith and start with signs warning people of being trapped on an upper floor in an office building or posh residential highrise after losing power in an earthquake.

    • YES! It is the real estate interests/corporations/ALL government/more taxes/urban renewal/you are our slaves and we own you and your property strategy. It affects ALL people, not just black people. I live here. Oregon use to be beautiful and pleasant. Not anymore.

      • J . . . . As one whose family has lived in North Portland for 100 years. I can verify you are right on the money regarding this once “beautiful and pleasant” place being turned into a $*ithole.

        What really gets me, far to many politicians and various government leaders truly believe that they can legislate “saving lives” on the one hand–yet are all for killing and dismembering our unborn babies on the other hand.

        I long ago adopted the attitude that my life here on Earth will come to an end at the time, and in the manner that the Heaven’s have decreed. No amount of governmental tinkering is going to change that outcome. If I am appointed to die due to a building collapsing on me due to “natural causes” such as earthquake, fire, etc . . . . then so be it.

  4. Aw, no. Buildings collapsing on your noggin during an earthquake is racist? Fine. Let ’em fall. Undertakers don’t care so long as you aren’t breathing.

    • HA! Love it. OK…so, let met “get this.” IF you live in a building of brick…the PREMIER building material of the last 2 centuries in the USA, opposed to the poor man’s German lap-siding or Mexican stucco, you were “targeted” in advance by Whites or others, if you are Black or other, to have an earthquake collapse the building down upon your heads. This was all planned a century or more before you inhabited this particiular section of the city…and in fact, a century before this part of the city declined in value so far as to become a rental area for low-income renters of varied races, other than “PURE WHITE.” See. This is what made me run away from teaching history (or English) and into my first single subject of art. I “ran away to art” and, tho’ I still teach history when called upon, it’s always an exhausting year for me when I do b/c of this sort of unreasonable/stuff not based in historical FACT.

  5. All of this ridiculous squabbling will be meaningless when Portland is leveled to the ground, as I have seen in dreams. The signs will not save one life.

  6. You mean the brick buildings could collapse on the homeless drug addicts, protesting Antifa and “gender confused” rainbow screamers? Good! After the quake they could douche the whole place out and rebuild anew.

  7. hahahaha serves these Oregon hyper government idiots right. Be careful of what you ask for you just might get it.
    Oregon the bastion of liberalism has signs all up & down the coastline of entering “tsunami zone”. They have all the bells & whistle to go along with the signs including practice drills.
    Heaven forbid should anyone get injured or die that the government could have prevented -with a sign. The nanny state on steroids. Like warnings are going to save any lives.
    The virtue signaling and wasted taxpayer money justifies this ridiculousness until well…it is racist or something.

    • Mist’ears Mom . . . . Bravo! I agree, it is just a bunch of hooey, and unfortunately they can come up with all these nonsensical ways to spend monies that they seal from us taxpayers.

  8. As stupid as this policy is, maybe the black civil rights leaders that are so disturbed by the ordinance, can rebuild churches into mud huts.

    Those will collapse, too, but it won’t cost as much to rebuild, either.

  9. I heard an extended discussion of this ordnance on the Lars Larson show. First, city, state and U.S. buildings are exempt from the ordnance. Second, it affect everyone – not just the black neighborhoods. It will probably raise insurance rates, drive away some renters, and create major problems for owners that try to get loans. It will create problems when owners try to sell their properties. Making changes to buildings to comply with the ordnance will cost major dollars. This is a dumb ordnance that was ill-conceived, without community input or, apparently, concern for the effect on the community – whether white or black or other.

    • True Dan . . . Here in Portland, the land of the loonies, they are toying with instituting “Rent Controls.” How is it that building owners are supposed to keep up with all the feel good proposals.

  10. In the words of Mr. T. of A-Team fame…. Yo’ FOO! Dat crib gonna fold bustin’ yore haid!
    I think dat be proper ghetto-speak…


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