AP & Reuters use photo of Netanyahu in Hitler pose

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Yesterday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a 32-minute speech at the United Nations.

Out of those 32 minutes, this is the moment-in-time that two of America’s biggest news wires, the Associated Press and Reuters, chose to use as their photo about Netanyahu’s speech:

The photo shows Netanyahu raising his left arm in a gesture that is uncomfortably similar to the infamous salute of Adolf Hitler. The photos, of course, just capture a moment in time as Netanyahu was gesturing from behind the podium.

What a shining example of objectivity and impartiality from the journalism profession!

Why be so subtle, AP and Reuters? Just get it over with and paint a Hitler moustache on Netanyahu’s face already.

You media whores make me puke.

H/t FoxNews Insider.

Despite Obama’s now-overt hostility to Netanyahu and Israel, a new nationwide poll finds that some 65% of Jewish Americans still say they’ll vote for the POS. Go figure.


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0 responses to “AP & Reuters use photo of Netanyahu in Hitler pose

  1. Most of the mass media are servants of the illuminati, a satanic cult. Most people don’t know that, but if they investigate it then they would learn its a fact.

    • Leftst, Media Matters-enabled Democrat machine politics elevated to the national level is even more slimy and conspiartorial…

    • @Paul,,,,,, Gerald Celente Came up with the word that best describes the MSM “Presstitutes”

  2. Thanks for pointing it out. I never noticed it during the speech. Typical tactic of the media.

  3. Objectivity would be a Good Thing, IMO, and the best that could happen to them– or anyone else! I try to be objective, but fail 90% of the time.

  4. But as my friend Martha pointed out, they are also showing their stupidity. The Nazis ALWAYS saluted with the right arm, unless a disability prevented them from it. As proven in the previous photo, Bibi is definitely not disabled.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for pointing out this “subtle” gesture. Unbelievable! The correlation to Hitler is ridiculous and unconscienable! Idiots!

  6. So much evil in these people! How dare they?


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