Antifa terrorists at Portland rally assault, spit, and expose butt

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In April 2016 in Baseline Comparison of US and Foreign Anarchist Extremist Movements, a confidential joint DHS/FBI intelligence report, the Obama administration identified radical Left anarchists who call themselves Antifa as “domestic terrorists”. Inexplicably, the Trump administration and police departments across America behave as if that DHS/FBI assessment never took place.

Portland, Oregon appears to be the capital of Antifa terrorists.

Last Saturday, November 17, 2018, in a public park in Portland, a mob of black-clad and masked Antifa terrorists showed up in force against at a #HimToo rally organized by conservative activist Haley Adams to draw awareness to false accusations and sexual victimization of men.

An Antifa of indeterminate gender mooned at the police.

The Antifas also harassed and assaulted peaceful #HimToo demonstrators and independent journalist and Quillette Magazine editor Andy Ngo.

Backed by a chant of “We believe survivors” by her fellow Antifa terrorists, a female Antifa with purple hair (later identified as Hannah R. McClintock, 19), gets into a fighting stance and taunts the #HimToo demonstrators. She spits at them, yelling “bitch!”, and physically assaults the men.

The #HimToo men stayed calm and refused to be provoked. One man said, “It’s all good, it’s all good. Let her spit. It’s all good.”

That just infuriated McClintock even more.

Finally, Portland police officers in riot gear arrested her and put her in the Multnomah County Jail on a charge of harassment.

McClintock is one of six people who were arrested at the rally, according to a press release from the Portland Police Bureau.

I had the two above GIFs made from this video taken by Andy Ngo:

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17 responses to “Antifa terrorists at Portland rally assault, spit, and expose butt

  1. Stay far, far away from Portland. It’s a cesspool of leftist violence with a mayor who condones Antifa and their actions.

    • DCG . . . . You are absolutely correct! Portland is lead by mayor Ted Wheeler, who loves Antifa, and refuses to have our police chief go after those who vandalize, who harass, who commit assault and battery on other citizens. He used to hold a job at the State level, but more recently ran for major. It is disgraceful what has been allowed to happen in our downtown area.

      It is interesting of the six who were arrested–four of the six, are females. Of course, these females are put at the forefront of the Antifa band, evidently with the hopes that the men they are pitted against will not strike out, no matter what the provocation. As far as I am concerned, the one young lady, who bared her ugly butt, was spitting at and on the men she opposed . . . what with the horrible scourge of diseases that are spread via human body fluids–I would have no problem with her getting a real lesson at the hands of those she was attacking.

    • DCG, I’d guess that because this is public theater, it’s more likely these Antifa rioters are coordinating with the mayor’s office and not just condoned by it.

      There’s also the stark contradiction between the all black, pseudo-paramilitary battle attire, concealed deadly weapons, and criminally presumptive masks of Antifa and the My Little Pony rainbow sweetness and love we’re told by the Vatican and Dems is the essence of LGBT relations and activism—which judging by the signs is mainly why these demon-possessed psychos are out there rioting.

      Since homos and dykes already do and get whatever they want, it’s theatrical provocation on the face of it, although the psychos don’t quite realize their part as useful idiots. That activism and the double-minded dissonance of accepting the premise these violent, masked thugs could also be champions of children suggest this street theater is yet another ‘neo-lib/neo-con’ divide-and-conquer psy op for polarizing and destroying the nation.

  2. I believe that I was incorrect . . . the gal who was so proud of showing her skanky butt WAS NOT the same one who was spitting on the other crowd of protestors.

  3. The one with the pink hair at the end though

  4. OMG the end was great! That thing that was spitting and yelling at these men got her a$$ hauled off by the Police pronto when they finally rushed in the look on her ugly face was great. lol. The one with her a$$ hanging out-her parents must be so proud…
    This stuff is hard to watch – the ignorance & delusion of these morons is mind blowing. Calling the peaceful men & women rapists & Islamophobes … good Lord- help us.
    This crap should not be allowed-this isn’t peaceful protesting its a riot.

  5. When the next big quake hits the San Andreas Fault, taking all of Oregon, Washington and Northern CA into the sea would be an excellent place to start. It would certainly reshape congress and get rid of the commies in the U.S. Senate.

    • We don’t need the San Adreas Fault to rid the earth of the Portland cess pit. There is a large independant fault that runs directly under the city. In a dream I have seen Portland utterly destroyed by a quake. Also, the largest fault in North America is the Cascadia Fault that hit Oregon with a 9 quake in the 1700’s.

  6. These folks should tangle with some one who studies Krava Maga,they never strike first but they defend themselves appropriately around this detritus.

  7. First off, why wasn’t she arrested for indecent exposure? Secondly, when will police and lawmakers demand these hate filled brainwashed loons cannot wear masks? The first amendment allows peaceful demonstrations, but none of Antifa’s demonstrations have ever been peaceful….

    • My understanding is that they “can’t” wear masks. However, they “selectively” enforce that. Many in this crowd said that the cops just watched as some were assaulted. I know that at one point I read that masks and gas masks were prohibited. That would make it very simple to pick them up right at the outset.

      The mayor doesn’t want the cops to do their jobs. The cops should resign. So the net effect is that anarchists are in charge. They harass citizens in traffic and this. I’m frankly amazed that some of them have not been shot.

      I don’t agree with the one protestor’s position that they should just allow her to shove and spit on them. One of them should have put her lights out. Then they could have dragged her off to the looney bin for observation.

  8. It seems the black clad ‘antifa’ are a group of low-lives that are guilty of cultural appropriation.
    And….just why is it that they hide their identity??

    • They conceal their faces because they know they would do something unlawful, like assaulting, spitting on people. WNy else would they wear masks?

  9. Please! Expose your rearend while I have my pellet gun.

  10. When these same mentally ill useless idiots going under a different name back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, they were doing the same thing to peaceful John Birch Society meetings, anti-immigration protests etc. What was noticed was that masked agitators were in the back of the crowd trying to incite the mob to violence.
    These liberal lunatics claim to want “Diversity” of non-Whites here to destroy our culture,economy,environment,society, and nation, but not “Diversity” of political views and ideology. They should all be deported to Zimbabwe or the Congo to experience the real joys of diversity and non-white run government

  11. I believe–based on general shape, nose and face shape, that ”butt girl” may be a frequent Antifa participant, the one who threw the wine bottle and got decked by a guy at Berkeley. If so, she’s an internet porn girl from LA. Fairly famous in the Antifa arena. I will not post the name. I could be wrong.


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