Anti-Trump protester gets jail for Inauguration Day riots

dane powell

Dane Powell (left). Photo from

New reality for libtard butt hurt: Actions have consequences.
From NY Post: A Tampa man was sentenced to four months in jail Friday after participating in an inauguration day riot that injured six police officers and cost tens of thousands of dollars in damages in Washington D.C.
Dane Powell, 31, was captured on video carrying a black flag while throwing rocks and bricks at D.C. police officers and shattering store windows during the 30-minute riot that spanned 16 city blocks, prosecutors said. He was also dressed in black and had part of his face covered.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff said Powell was spotted in Logan Circle the day before President Trump’s inauguration with gas masks and carrying the same black flag seen in the video, the Tampa Bay Times reported.
“He initiated violence,” Kerkhoff said. “He came to the District of Columbia to engage in violence by hiding his face, throwing rocks and running. He’s a violent coward.”
Kerkhoff called Powell “among the most violent” of the defendants that participated in the riot. “He was throwing rocks and bricks at windows where people, customers and children were inside,” she said. “He charged the police line with bricks.”
Powell asked Judge Lynne Leibovitz for “leniency” and asked for “forgiveness for anyone who was scared, hurt or felt threatened,” the Times reported.
Powell’s attorney Ashley Jones told the court her client, who spent nine years in the Army, did not travel to D.C. to riot, but to protest peacefully. She also blamed police officers for inciting violence. “Mr. Powell’s motivation was to protest the inauguration,” Jones said. “And during that protest he got carried away.”
According to the Tampa Bay Times, Powell pleaded guilty in July to assault on a police officer and inciting a riot, which are considered felony charges.
Authorities said 234 people were arrested during the riots and of those, 198 cases are pending.

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0 responses to “Anti-Trump protester gets jail for Inauguration Day riots

  1. Only four months? Give me a break, I would charge him for everything he did, instigating to riot, hurting private property AND endangering the life of police officers, children and adults. and I would carefully run a background check so intense he would sit his a@@ in federal,prison till he can’t remember his name. S.O.B.

    • Alma . . . We must be brain twins. I was astonished that he only got 4 months–now that is a travesty. He crossed state lines with the exact purpose of creating mayhem, it’s BS when his lawyer said “He got carried away.” I hope that the incident in Tampa where he injured a police officer gets him a looooooooong time in the Big House. Until those who perpetrate this kind of carnage get really, really long sentences . . . they will continue to do the same thing over and over again.
      Just to look at him . . . does he look like a citizen who works a job? Is he receiving food stamps, or other kind of public assistance . . . why is it that he has free time to roam our land and cause this kind of havoc? He might as well be working on a chain gang doing something constructive for society!

      • I was hoping he would be forced to go to work and pay restitution for all the damage done. No pay, back to prison.
        And Soros whose groups are promoting this should be arrested for inciting riots and financial support.
        During the New York occupation, the rioters were being trained by our favorite non serving prison time terrorist, good ole Bill Ayers.

  2. >>… “A Tampa man was sentenced to four months in jail”
    Are you sure that’s a Tampa man?
    Looks like a Pakistani woman to me.
    (But then maybe I’m being unfair to Pakistani women.)
    ~ D-FensDogG
    [Link:) STMcC Presents ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’

  3. “She also blamed police officers for inciting violence.”
    yeah, blame the cops because he’s an idiot…makes sense
    I do wonder how this poor vet can afford an attorney

    • Maybe the ACLU is covering his a$$.

      • Didn’t George Soros promise to cover any legal expenses of the protesters? George Soros & family need to be stripped of their citizenship, fined tremendously, charged with sedition and removed from the USA, IMHO!

        • I’m not usually one for vengeance-well,yeah,I am,but I think it’s REALLY important for this Administration to not only BUST these criminals,but make EXAMPLES of ’em-show others of their ilk what’s in store for ’em if they keep it up.

          • I think one could make a case for violating anti-terror laws. Antifa has been declared a terrorist organization. We know that he (or rather his boss, Rothschild) funds many of these. The problem is that most of those in positions to do anything about it work for his boss too.
            This is such a hypocritical mess. Go ahead, you try this. You’d be under the jail.

  4. . “And during that protest he got carried away.” Wow. Can’t wait until the pedophiles, rapists, drunk drivers, murders and wife beaters start using THIS defense. It’s a winner for sure……

  5. Dem Lib Judges strike again
    He’ll be D-PendsDogG after four months in the gray bar honeymoon suite.
    How about civil suites? Does he have income or assets?

    • Good point-he SHOULD be paying restitution for all the damage done. NOT just HIS part. It’s like if you’re just driving the getaway car in a crime,you’re as guilty as the people riding with you. If the rest escape or get killed,guess who does the time…

      • Truck . . . Amen to that! I’ll just bet he a basement dweller, with nary nickel to his name. He should mandatorily have to get a job and start working to repay all those he stole from (Yes, the damage to another person, or their property is a kind of theft.)

      • They were going to cut loose one of the DC snipers. What happened with that potentiak miscarraige of justice?

      • As I understand the original charges, they could all get decades for this. This isn’t even a slap on the wrist.

  6. Four months? Good thing he didn’t kill anyone. The judge would have gotten really, really mad and gave him six months.

  7. Should have been 4 years not 4 months. Now the Secret Service needs to go pay Linda Sarsour a little visit and arrest her for sedition and treason.

  8. If I’m a cop and this low-life subhuman is throwing bricks/rocks at me, I’m going to blow his sternum out and pin it to whatever he is standing in front of.

    • Which is probably why I’m not a cop. 😉
    • Dave, and you would be crucified by the stinking rotten media, your life and your family a living hell, and who knows, you’d probably get blown off while blowing the bastard’s sternum. And I would say, good job my man.

  9. Dude was in the U.S. Army 9 years?!?
    Oh right, I remember the movie, “In the Army Now”… wait, that’s an unfair to say the dude looks like Pauly Shore; he looks more like a macaca. But then, that’s unfair to the macaca, too…

  10. ManCavePatriot

    Stupidity has consequences, but there still is no cure.


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