Anti-Obama sentiments are increasing in U.S. Marine Corps

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In the wake of the dismissal of U.S. Marines Sgt. Gary Stein for being critical of Obama on a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party, the Marine Corps Times is reporting that Stein is neither alone nor unusual in his sentiments.

Sgt. Gary Stein

The cover story in the latest issue (March 26, 2012) of Marine Corps Times (MCT) says that “anti-Obama talk is being heard” in the Marine Corps. Here’s the issue’s cover:

Gina Harkins of Military Times reported about this MCT cover story here. Her report, alas, is very brief:

Sgt. Gary Stein might be saying things about President Obama that a lot of Marines think, but some are saying he took it too far.

Stein has come under fire for stating on Facebook that he wouldn’t follow certain orders given by his commander in chief.  And Marines say Stein’s not alone in his disapproval.  More anti-Obama talk is being heard in the workplace and new Military Times poll data shows declining approval among military service members for the president’s job as commander in chief.

The Marine Corps depends its chain of command structure, especially in a time of war.  Some Marines say Stein and other vocal Marines like him are undermining that system.

See this week’s issue for a breakdown on what is happening, what it means for the chain of command and what Marines are saying about it.

It turns out Gina Harkins is the author of the MCT article in question. So I purchased a subscription to the MCT to access the actual article. Curiously, I couldn’t find Harkins’ article online — on MCT‘s website. But I was able to find the article in MCT‘s print edition. Alas, MCT does not let me copy and paste from the article; I can’t even print the article. Such obstacles are tantamount to waving a red flag in front of a bull. LOL

So I hand-copied the article in its entirety and re-typed it. Alas, Marine Corps Times will not allow FOTM to re-publish the article, citing copy right violation. So I’m posting only the choicest sentences from the article.

Here are 2 paragraphs from “Social Insubordination?: Some Marines are speaking out against the president — and may be undermining the chain of command,” by Gina Harkins, Marine Corps Times, March 26, 2012 issue, pp. 22-23.

[…] Stein is not alone in his disdain for the president. Published in early March, the most recent Military Times survey of active-duty service members shows the lowest approval ratings for Obama’s job as commander in chief since he took office in 2009: 25 percent, down from 35 after Obama’s first year on the job. And rank-and-file Marines are hearing considerably more anti-Obama talk on the job than they noticed in the past.
[…] Of the 792 active-duty troops and mobilized reservists who responded to this year’s Military Times Poll, 44% said they disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job as commander in chief.”

It’s official: Sgt Gary Stein has been recommended for a discharge from the USMC. Click here.


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0 responses to “Anti-Obama sentiments are increasing in U.S. Marine Corps

  1. Marines are sworn to defend America from enemies both foreign and domestic. Obama is both foreign and domestic, so why are the Marines being punnished?

  2. “simply because of your own innate curiosity and NEED TO KNOW”
    You’re an uncanny people-reader. Bless you, Grouchy, for knowing me so well. 😀

  3. Careful….this thin-skinned president doesn’t care for dissent!
    Going to have to check out this FB page…

  4. This is on it’s way to, to get the word out to ten million more ASAP. I have VERY well-informed friends back East in NY who are current w/all branches off the military and they’ll see to it this makes the rounds, all LIVE ones!

  5. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, this article is covered with the power of Almighty God, protecting the readers and messengers of FOTM. We need you LORD. Praise your Name. Amen AW

  6. Not surprised.

  7. Some day we once again will have a President that does not Censor God, worships God, does not place himself higher than God, and turns his back on God. Then and then can America truly have a chance at Freedom.

    • Cocoa,
      “Some day we once again will have a President that does not Censor God, worships God, does not place himself higher than God, and turns his back on God. Then and then can America truly have a chance at Freedom.”
      Why do you want a President that “turns his back on God” as you put it? For this is what you said. You should repent.

  8. I do not have a Facebook account. Any ideas on how to voice my support of this fine man and others like him?

  9. While I feel for this guy he went over the line. When ya join the Military ya sign away some of your rights. That’s just the way it is. When I was in the USN I could sit around with my buddies and bitch about carter but I couldn’t wear my uniform and do that in public.

    • …that’s just what they WANT you to think,but it’s NOT slavery.
      Political correctness in the military undermines discipline
      more than anything ANYbody could say. Don’t antagonize the
      sleeping guard dog …especially if he’s been trained to kill.

    • Sir, even in the armed forces, you retain your fundemental rights. You could, as you say, sit around and bitch, and in truth, you could stand at attention in uniform, and lay out a case of the commander in chief violating the rule of law, the UCMJ, and explain to any who would listen, the consequences which we have seen, the only stipulation is to do so, one has to be dead certain of the correctness of one’s facts, and the purpose of doing it in uniform, in an official capacity had to be to register a complaint regarding the violation of orders, law, and precedent by a superior officer, and be able to support one’s assertions by the book. Most do not choose to do so, some of us were born with a stick in our craw.
      Marines died because of The Peanut, and I was not going to let him do what he did without having my public say. I was eligible but not recommended for promotion to corporal for two years because of my refusal to shut my mouth. Being right was more important to me than being a Corporal.
      John McClain

  10. I entered the Corps on 1 April, 1976, as a strong supporter of the principle of “sovereign citizens responsible for all the sovereign duties in a Nation, including its defense”, having been raised in a Navy family, and having read the Constitution for the first time at about six.
    I stood staunch in the face of the war protesters, fully supporting their belief in the wrongness of U.N. wars, but knowing the Marines and Soldiers they vented upon were Americans, doing their duty.
    I went to Beirut in 82, spent the winter of 82-83 in a tent in the airport, while an Iranian fomented civil war was waged over our heads and all around us. I returned with a completely different perspective on The Uniform Code of Military Justice, the full responsibilities of a member of the Armed Forces, from the rank of Private up through General, and knowing it was my duty, as a Sergeant with knowledge, to ensure each and every Marine who ever served with me, under me, or even over me, was fully aware of the legal obligations the oath of Service entailed.
    We, those who serve, are subject not only to American law, under the UCMJ, but are subject to the International Criminal Court, in full violation of our Constitution, which precludes that authority, as our National Creed states government is established by man for the exact and sole purpose of defending our Endowed Natural Rights, and man has the responsibility as well as the authority to alter or abolish such government as he finds does not fulfill its duty. Since no man from any Nation has any say in altering or abolishing the ICC, it is not legitimate government by our National Creed, The Declaration.
    None the less, it is a fact every member of our armed forces is subject to its decisions, and as the Nuremburg Trials demonstrated, “following orders” is no security against charges, even privates are held accountable to determining what are “lawful orders”, and what are not. For this reason, I taught the Marines in my authority to always “question authority” first and foremost, and to stand on principle, remembering, one’s oath is not to government, nor to any person, it is not even to The Nation, but it is precisely to the fixed and established principles upon which the republic was founded, and even if those principles are ignored by an illegal alien in the oval office, even if the central and thus illegal government refuses to acknowledge the Constitution as “The Law of The Land”, no order which does not comport completely and exactly within the principles of our Constitution, and of our National Creed, The Declaration of our Right to be a Nation, can ever be acknowledged as lawful, and such cannot be followed, regardless of circumstances, or consequences.
    I have stood before officers assigned over me, as my rights, under the UCMJ were read to me, and a punative “fitness report” with charges of insubordination and defying orders was read to me, for telling that officer, the Sergeant Major, and the Commanding Officer of the Squadron, they were violating my student’s rights by going outside the command, without the legal documentation of his presumed violation of the UCMJ.
    It is one of half a dozen “derogatory fitness reports” on my two decade record. It got me fired, and the squadron that took me in put me in charge of the shop which was appropriate for my specialty, aviation electronics, and my last three fitness reports before I was medically retired were of the highest caliber.
    I did my duty according to my certainty of what was right under the law, and under my oath, regardless of the consequences, and was fortunate to retire and not be put out dishonorably, because I defied orders that were unlawful, and on occasion, put other Marines under charges, sometimes supported by the Command, on a number of occasions, command loyalty was to the persons violating the law, and I was punished. My only regrets are that I failed to take the last instance to its full and proper level, and charging the Lieutenant Colonel with violation of the Naval Manual on the conduction of urinalysis, and the legal requirements of an official notification, by naval message, before any action, even questioning a suspect, can be done. I did not push the issue to that level because my wife was still getting accustomed to the fact I had multiple sclerosis, and was shortly going to be unfit for further service, and I chose a bad fitness report rather than make her go through my testifying in the courts martial of a Commanding Officer, a Unit Sergeant Major, a Captain, officer in charge, and having to without any doubt, also testify at further court hearings if the verdict was guilty, as the law would have properly applied.
    All those who stood against me in that last confrontation found themselves forced to retire because their errors in dealing with me, caught the attention of the higher command level, and their investigation showed the training command was in violation exactly as I suggested and tried to convince them to follow the orders, but was rebuked because they felt they didn’t have to abide by the rules in a training command.
    The very fact that the basic standards every single person who is serving, or has served, have been completely brushed aside, gives legal cause for any American, military or not, to state the facts in evidence, and to put an opinion on the state of our Nation, based on those facts. I called The Peanut, for what he was during my time of his serving, and freely commented on the violations of the UCMJ he committed, and on the violations of military protocol by which he caused the utter and complete failure of the rescue mission, single-handedly. I was able to do so as a Lance Corporal E-3 precisely because I stated facts in evidence, I placed his conduct up in comparison to that of other Commanders in Chief, and I demonstrated his direct abrogation of the chain of command, rules of engagement, and his personal insertion of command, where no Commander in Chief had ever done before, and while I was “apprehended”, put in a cell, sweated, questioned, rebuked, threatened, I ignored it all, stating only the facts when the Marine designated to break me paused, and I did so evenly, with no anger, no response to the unfounded accusations of treason and violations of orders, but simply stated my case, and when all was said and done, they opened the cell, returned my pocket contents, and turned me loose, becuase I had broken no law, and had only made a personal comment on the legal activities of a criminal commander in chief.
    I have no doubt, if I were on active duty today, I would be in hot water until the military chose to discard their foolish acceptance of vice and immorality as a part of our “code of conduct” or until they found a lawful way to force me out. I have no regrets for what I did, and how I conducted myself, and a host of Marines, along with a few Sailors, know the right way to carry themselves as Sovereign Citizens, living under Their Oath, because they got taught it right.
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

    • Thank you for your service gunny. And don’t call me sir, I was an E-5. I went in the Navy on 28AUG78 and served for 6 years. Although I didn’t know as much then as you did I raised a little hell. Was on the USS Coral Sea CV-43 for the rescue mission, The decoy carrier. My brother would have been in Beirut, a combat corpsman, when the shit hit the fan but his unit was diverted. Hand Salute Gunny.

  11. Well said Gunny! The greatest enemy is right here in our own back yard. That is to say, “The American Communist”. Oh wait a minute, we do not hear much about Communism any more. America has been hoodwinked.

  12. What will happen now that The Great One has signed a “No protest/demonstrations Fed law and the ‘preparedness of military reservists’ here…in America!..The Great Pretender could at any time declare Marital Law, which would STOP the November Elections! At which time, he crowns himself “Dictator for Life?” We would NOT be allowed to demonstrate or protest. Just like Hitler!

  13. I have never subscribed to the idea that just because a person becomes a member of the United States armed forces, that he or she somehow forfeits their constitutional rights, 1st Amendment or otherwise, the instant they sign their name on the dotted line.
    The Dear Ruler appears to me to be driving any and all from the military who do not bow down and worship him.
    I wonder how far we are from Obama demanding a personal oath of loyalty, just as Adolf Hitler did.
    Given what we have seen over the last three years, and not to mention throughout recorded history, there is no way this is headed for a good place.

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    Military Times is pleased to see your interest in our content. However, reposting an entire article, or the majority of one, on your Web site is a violation of our copyright. Some examples of such unauthorized use can be found at the following urls:
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    You are free to link to articles on our Web sites along with the corresponding headline and/or the first paragraph of text. I’m sure that you can understand that our online success depends on traffic to our web site (i.e. page views).
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    M. Asthana
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    • Dear M. Asthana:
      I’ve deleted Gina Harkins’ article, “Social Insubordination?,” from this post, except for two paragraphs, which is in conformity with Fellowship of the Minds’ Fair Use Disclaimer:
      This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of political, human rights, economic, democracy, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
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      Semper Fi!

  15. Grouchy,
    In total agreement, esp. about the gender-neutral M. Asthana.
    Please note that I’ve inserted instructions for readers to obtain a copy of the entire MCT article by emailing me. LOL
    Alas, Marine Corps Times will not allow FOTM to re-publish the article, citing copy right violation. So I’m posting only the choicest sentences from the article. If you want the entire article, send me an email: I have the article as a Word document.
    Also, the original post has had 77 Facebook referrals and 10 Twitters. By now, it’s already gone virtual.

    • Hey Doc,
      “It is also apparent that Dr. Eowyn has no desire that its gender be known, or such individual would have at least noted a prefix OR a first name.”
      Hooyah Grouch!!!!!!!!
      You really are a stupid, inbred, copyright infringing fck ‘tard, aren’t you. Why don’t you read the UCMJ sometime!! And by the way, the M . is for Maneet, you canine-sphincter-lovin’ scum. BTW, what was that rumor I heard about the dog, the peanut butter, and your scrotum? Now go pretend to be somebody else!!!!!!!!!!

      • “go pretend to be somebody else”? Hilarious as you have posted comments here with three different email addresses and now two names. Take your foul mouth outta here troll.

        • Sorry troll, you come to our blog then you are open up to anyone that comments here, and especially us contributors. Don’t like our rules, then begone.

      • Well hello, sgt!
        So you’re now calling yourself GEN? Alas, it’s still the same boring, foul-mouthed you, with the same boring IP address in or near Arcadia, California.
        When a person cannot engage in an argument on substance, he typically resorts to gratuitous name-calling. You must be very lacking in both grey matter and that other organ. So sad.

  16. All you fck ‘tards should inter-breed the way y’alls parents did. maybe then, through genetic mutation, we’ll read some comment that shows a smidgen of intellect. “Course, you douche-balls don’t believe in evolution so I guess you’ll be protected from such thing-uns. I needed to put this in language y’all-uns would understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, sgt,
      Here’s language that I hope your small cranium can understand:
      Jesus loves you even if you don’t! 😀

    • Sgt-
      Your comment was about as useful as a trap door on a canoe!
      BTW, I would probably refrain from bragging on how intelligent I was in the future, if I were you. IMO, hmmm… do I put this in a language that you might understand……you’re an IDIOT!

    • Not surprising you are living in the Boston area. A lot of folks there that think they know it all and love to insult people. They even act rude while at Red Sux games 🙂

  17. Hey Grouch et al,
    I was talkin’ to hujewmi and the anons and their bullsh*t, unless you’re one of THEM. Then I’m talkin’ to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey “SGT” – You come to our blog and spew profanities at fellow friends, then you are speaking to all of us. We don’t take kindly to trolls bashing anyone that is a regular commentor. And if you have anything else to say that actually might contribute to a post and some dialog, I’d be impressed, well, probably actually more surprised.

    • And I see you’ve got another email account to post your intelligent comments, as your comments from another email are sent to spam. Wow, you really care about us that much to go to all that effort?

    • “one thing gen / sgt and other trolls of variant degree had best learn about this forum – We are FAMILY~! We may disagree internally, but don’t mess with ANY ONE of us”
      We are the Fellowship of the Minds. We watch each other’s back and we fight shoulder-to-shoulder against trolls and Orcs.
      God bless you, dear Grouchy! ♥

  18. For hatin’ Crackers so much? Ya sure know how to Talk the Talk!!

  19. Sgt, Yain’t never been no Sergeant. Maybe an inSurgent…………

  20. By the way, the phrase isn’t “gone virtual”, it’s “gone viral”. But, again, that knowledge presupposes some understanding of evolution, which explains my ignorance.

    • Hey “Gen” & “SGT”-
      Your comments are about as useful as a pogo stick in quicksand!
      If you are an example of so called “evolution” then why would I WANT to believe in it.
      Even The Left wishes ppl like you would just shut-up! Honey, I think you might be one fry short of a Happy Meal….

  21. Sage, I’m sending this troll to spam until Doc can ban him. Done wasting my time.

    • 🙂

    • You have to admit that givin him a hard time is kinda fun….considering that he makes it SO EASY! 😀
      What is wrong with me! That was horrible!
      Sorry, “SGT” or “Gen” or “whatever your next name might be”. I just couldn’t help myself! 😉
      BTW, Liberals brag about seeing “beauty from the inside” & not being prejudice against anyone, unlike the Right…yet they are always the first to attack a person’s looks or weight when backed into a corner? I have never seen anyone,that comments on FotM regularly, type something ugly about another person’s physical looks…including obvious Lefties. Isn’t it a tad ironic?

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ummmmm….if you consider 5’7 & 120lbs “Super-Sized” then you would be right!!
    Way to Fire Matchhead.

  23. Evidently, the Communists hate the military and this blog. Communists are worse than trolls. Communists are a deadly malignancy.

  24. “ENG”-
    Thanks! 😀

  25. To comments-
    In a such diversive world, a combatant resolutions emerges. To qualify in a democratic surrender is a must. To realize hard labor is an action to rededicate peace to our children and fellowmen!
    The best way to do now is to banned and refigure society. I thank you!

  26. Dr. Eowyn, thank you for your impeccable research and hard work on the subject of marines disapproval of the king and his administration. In my opinion, he has turned himself into a king, devoid of democratic values and the values and meaning of the Republivc of the United States of America. I continually hear very often, the disapproval of the king who signs numerous executive orders and other similar documents to get his way, FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I hear this same, said disapproval in my community consistently.

  27. The Marine Times is the National Enquirer of the USMC. Half of the stuff they print are assumptions and garbage rumors. I am one of those Marines who feels he less than flatteringabout our dear leader and his regime, but to say there is growing dissention among the Corps is wrong. Most Marines do not really care about the president and do not even vote.

    • The National Enquiirer…the one media outlet that broke the news of the Edwards affair? That publication actually did its job, unlike the rest of the SRM.

  28. obama is awful

    I have yet to hear any soldier – Marine or otherwise that respects that bozo in the WH. Their parents, wives and friends despise him too. This is not new. I sat in the hospital next to my wounded son for a month and not a SINGLE soldier had any respect for the bozo. They all were praying that the guy would not cheapen their purple heart by being the one to give it to them. They wanted a REAL commander to come see them.

  29. Generals are no better

    This is obama’s friend Bill Ayers – enough said… NO real soldier likes the jerk in the WH right now.


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