Anti-Israel Protestors: See if you can make any sense of 'em


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0 responses to “Anti-Israel Protestors: See if you can make any sense of 'em

  1. Bob McElhaney

    Wow,there are some really stupid people on the streets,and these people are allowed to vote.

  2. Can’t fix stupid.

  3. Goodness, do these nuts breed, cause they are scary. So Hamas can bomb Israel for 10 days and when they finally return fire, that is bad? And Hamas can use human shields, stage scenes. And that is good.
    We have sent billions to Palestine and sent aid during their earthquakes and they hide terrorist and that is good. And when 9/11 happened Palestinians danced in the street and that is good.
    Israel is our only ally over there and that is bad, but aiding our enemies is good.
    Am I confused or is the world upside down?
    Do these people not realize how much they are being manipulated by these cretins?

  4. traildustfotm


  5. Not sure I’ve ever seen so many soft handed “men” and masculinized women in one video. War is the only way of dealing with extremists, you can not reason with Muslims. Even Jesus knew that.

    • “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” John Stuart Mill

    • There were Muslims in Jesus’ time???

  6. I think this article has the wrong title. Shouldn’t it be: “A Representative Sampling of Obama Voters.” (?)

  7. There has been a disproportionate response. And Palestine does not actually have an “army,” except Hamas, the militant wing of a political party.

    • OK…now that we’ve heard from the Politically Correct Kids….can we now hear from grown ups who are paying the bills/HAVE paid the bills & are STILL pulling the weight?
      JUST this early AM, as I worked in my front garden, I talked to a Polish-born ex-Concentration Camp survivor who JOGGED BY—who still has a job in his twilight years (79…soon to be 80), & rides a bike in an annual “race” in his community…HE was taken to the concentration camp w/his parents at age 5…..I did not press to see how he could have been passed over for immediate gassing ….all I know is that he volunteered that he has permanent nerve damage that produces Parkinson-like effects, but that he doesn’t have Parkinson’s ……maybe medical experimentation on him as a child while held in the camp?????) This was a total serendipitous encounter to me…as I have never met him before (he’s visiting a youngest daughter on my street–so he doesn’t live here).
      SO….when I intellectually see and know the history (as well as the historical claim each has to the area) of these two disparate groups of people and understand what motivates each…I understand that anyone who does NOT protect themselves in response to bombings, will be victimized into extinction. All one has to do is tour a Holocaust Museum to experience this.
      The most powerful part of the Holocaust Museum to me was standing in front of an enlarged photo of a hospital, capturing the images of Nazi soldiers throwing newborn babies out of the windows to splat into the beds of dump trucks below (into which the new mothers were herded to be taken off to the dump, too). The Jewish community….denied their right to own guns years earlier by the Reich…could only stand around the trucks in a helpless ring of horrified humanity. They could NOT respond. And so, the atrocities continued.
      IF the Jewish community could have responded ….if the WORLD would have responded…..this obscene atrocity —this festering and forever wound on the face of humanity would have NEVER happened. Remember—EVEN Roosevelt refused the entry of a Jewish refugee ship….which had to return to Europe where the refugees perished under the Nazi policy of extermination of a particiular religious group. (Please reflect, liberal, that Israel does not profess nor seek to exterminate any particular religious or racial sect….BUT, the Palestinians …in particular, HAMAS, DOES state these aims aloud and with regularity!)
      Every country has the right to respond to bombs being lobbed at it…even Palestine…(and, BTW, liberal…HAMAS…whom you marginalize…IS the government of Palestine…) The deal is—if you are willing to bomb…you must expect to be bombed in return. And, let’s see….how about when you agree to a cease fire but YOU are the one who doesn’t honor it??? There are NO rules for love and war…haven’t you heard? If there are NO rules for Palestine, then it follows that there are no rules for Israel. So, Knock it Off Mr. “reasonablyliberal.” And finally…please inform us about “disproportionate response” the next time a HAMAS rocket lands on YOUR house. Will YOU, like Israel…send out leaflets & other communications to inform the civilian population , times, dates, locations for when YOU will return fire?

  8. Thank you for the history lesson of what happened 70 years ago. However, Palestine is not Germany and we are not living in the 1930s and 1940s. Clearly, Israel is the stronger party and is occupying Palestine, not the other way around.

    • Maybe you should brush up on what happened between Israel & Palestine about 70 years ago as well. But I’m sure, being the reasonable liberal you are, you must take the popular side of those poor Palestine victims.

    • So Israel is stronger, what’s your point? You liberals now want “war equality”?

    • So, Hamas gets to rocket Israeli civilian areas first, hide weapons in schools and keeping firing during ceasefires ’cause Israel is stronger? And it’s unfair for Israel to fire back? Great moral relativism in action on your part… when Hamas blows up a few Israeli school buses are you going to say Israel “had it coming”?

    • The lessons of history are obviously lost on you, “reasonblylib.” It doesn’t matter what you call it/them….there is no season or expiration date on EVIL. There is no good end to people who think that you should be wiped from the face of the Earth if you don’t believe as they believe. Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Mao, Stalin, their names are legion, their names are all interchangeable, and they all come, eventually, to the same wasted, no-good end: A blight upon the Earth, a scourge upon their own people, a failure to their children & subsequent generations. An evil society that loves death, studies death, perseverates upon death, aims to bring death to the “non-believers” around them…eventually dies. Go figure.

      • Here is a video of Israeli police arresting a woman in front of her children:

        • Blond Palestinians? This is propaganda intended for western liberals. Bring light skinned, light haired, northern European woman and children, plus a cameraman, and confront Israeli soldiers until they have to make an arrest. Oldest trick in the book.

        • Oh noes, a women is arrested in front of her children…like that’s never happened before. Again, the bias is thick on this one….”occupation soldiers”, “this land whose thieves are guarded by soldiers”, and the kids “just lost their mother”. What, was the mother beheaded?
          War never is pretty, no matter what side you are on. You’re not going to change our minds nor our hearts nor our support for Israel.

  9. It seems like Israel is now “Germany” and Palestine is now “the Jews.”

  10. If we speak of something that happened 70 years ago as if it means nothing in regard to things that are happening today, we are forgetting that history not only repeats itself, but how very often it does.

  11. Bob McElhaney

    No Fixing Stupid…And they vote democrat.


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