Anti-gun activist threatens to shoot GOP senator & the NRA

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Yesterday, the State of Connecticut Judiciary Committee conducted a public hearing in Hartford to discuss tougher gun laws following the accidental shooting death of a teenage boy. Ethan Song, 15, accidentally shot himself with a gun belonging to his friend’s father.

As reported by the Daily Caller, a variety of gun control measures were discussed, including:

  • Safe storage of fire arms in the home.
  • A measure requiring anyone open-carrying a firearm to produce a permit if asked by police.
  • A move to regulate “ghost guns” or 3-D printed firearms and components.
  • A bill prohibiting cities and towns to enact their own firearms laws

Blind to her hypocrisy and the irony of the situation, an anti-gun activist threatened to shoot the place up and had to be removed from the hearing.

As reported by WTNH News8’s chief political correspondent Mark Davis in a tweet:

Woman expelled from gun hearing after being seen sending this text about a state lawmaker.

The woman’s text message reads:

If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA.

Republican Connecticut State Senator Rob Sampson is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and defender of the NRA (National Rifles Association).

Threatening government officials of the United States is a felony under federal law:

  • Threatening the President of the United States is a felony under 18 U.S.C. § 871, punishable by up to 5 years of imprisonment, and is investigated by the U.S. Secret Service.
  • Threatening other officials, such as State Senator Rob Sampson, is a Class C or D felony, usually carrying maximum penalties of 5 or 10 years under 18 U.S.C. § 875, 18 U.S.C. § 876 and other statutes, and is investigated by the FBI.

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19 responses to “Anti-gun activist threatens to shoot GOP senator & the NRA

  1. Throw the book at her!

    These libtards are why we can’t have nice things. THEY are the unhinged ones projecting THEIR mental illness upon all of us, trying to erode us normal folk of our God-given rights.

    We “cling to our guns” because of THEM.

  2. Doctor Moebius

    As a gun owner, I have no problem with these trivial legal items in the bill. But they will do nothing, because legal gun owners are rarely the problem. The problem is much broader than gun control. People should stop looking at the issue as a single problem. Only then can sensible measures be taken.

    • There are NO measures that need to be taken. “…shall not be infringed”, is as clear as it gets. The gun is an object, a tool, like a rock or a hammer. This has NOTHING to do with safety or concern. This is about “parasite safety”. They are afraid that us eaters will become fed up enough to remove them.

      Anytime we engage in discussions with this tribe of zombies we lose. We do not have to do that. We need to DEMAND that the officials who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution do so, irregardless of their personal liking.

      There are very few things that I learned in school that proved to be accurate and valid. One of them was a professor telling me to beware of those who invoke “special circumstances’. Just as Benjamin Franklin warned,” those who would trade liberty for temporary security are worthy of neither”, those who would continually advance legislation to deprive us of our Constitutionally protected rights should be immediately removed from office and face charges for violations of their oaths.

      We don’t have a gun problem. We have a faith and morals problem. Problem or no problem they have NO RIGHT to attack our rights.

      • Hear, hear! You’re spot on, Lophatt. Gun owners like Dr. Moebius above are part of the PROBLEM; they’re part of the reason why our Second Amendment has been shredded. “Shall not be infringed” is as CLEAR as it gets…

        • Amen to that, MarkyMark. There should be NO acquiescence by law abiding gun owners to “trivial legal items” that restrict ANY part of the 2nd Amendment. It is such leftist, libtard “common sense” trivial gun restrictions that chip away at our God-given, unalienable rights to defend ourselves from criminal’s and from a corrupt government that has run amok in a lust for power and control of ordinary citizens.. It is “trivial” crap that has given us universal background checks, limits on the number of firearm someone may possess, waiting periods, banning of commonly owned firearms and firearm accessories, and on and on.

          • Grif,

            I know you mean well, but I have a problem with the phrase “law abiding gun owner”, or “legal gun owner”, etc. When I person says that, they’re saying, “Ooooh, look at me! I was a good, little boy/girl; I jumped through all the government’s hoops, and now I’m a legal gun owner!” Guys like Dr. M are all proud of themselves for prostrating themselves in front of ‘the authorities’. Truth be told, the Founding Fathers thought that, if you didn’t trust a person with a gun, then he should NOT be free to roam the streets in the first place! Per the Founding Fathers and the Second Amendment, we’re all legal gun owners.

            Guys like Dr. M above are the ones who gave in on the background check, 1968 Gun Control Act, etc.; they’re the ones who agreed to ‘common sense’ gun control. Back in the ’90s, when Brady was passed (giving us background checks), the Dems were going all out to take our guns away. They engaged in faux negotiation by saying, if you’ll just give us the background check, we’ll take everything else off the table. Guys like Dr. M AGREED to it! They didn’t realize the Dems SNOOKERED us; they didn’t realize that, with the background check, the Second Amendment was de facto repealed.

            The background check basically turned the Second Amendment into a PRIVILEGE, because it amounts to asking permission to buy a gun. If you go to a gun shop, choose your weapon, and fill out the 4473; then the gun salesman calls an anonymous bureaucrat, who decides whether or not you can buy the gun. That reeks of permission to me. If you have to ask permission to do something, then you do not have the RIGHT to do that something now, do you? A rose by any other name is still a rose…

    • What, in your opinion, is a “sensible measure”?

      I’m not sure that one person’s sense is the same as another person’s sense, and therein lies the problem. But perhaps I’m just being too conservative….

  3. The only people who shouldn’t be allowed to own or possess firearms are insane leftists. However, Conservatives, Christians and other sane folks, should be highly encouraged to own them, to protect themselves against the insane left.

    • Arlen, do you really wish to exempt insane reactionaries? I sure as Hell don’t. As far as I know, insanity is insanity is insanity, and at the end of the day we’re still left with nutso, psychotic, crank, maniac. Did I miss anyone?

      I think most standards for “certifiably insane” are fairly rigorous and useful. If we can detect Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson before they blossom that would be a good thing. I’m talking about the most extreme types, not the garden-variety, difficult to understand why they’re singled out Crank who lives next door.

      I’ve had five courses of psychotherapy, including two tours of the 4th floor; I know that however difficult it may be to establish standards, it CAN be done in a way that allows flexibility, say by insisting on a panel of five doctors to give the final judgement on a particular case, and requires a minimum three out of five to assent to certification.

  4. 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 News article commonsenseevaluation “FBI Data Shows Armed Citizens Have 94% Success rate Stopping Would be Mass Shooters” The left is lying to us AGAIN. Nothing good ever comes from knee jerk reactionary emotionalistic hysterical legislation. We are not in a civil war, we are in the mist of a communist style over throw of America. The second amendment was never more important than now. The second amendment was not placed in the constitution to preserve hunting rights, it was put there by the founding fathers to prevent overthrow by would be tyrants such as we see all over the world today. Keep informed, Spread the word. Catch up with me on YouTube. News article: Never Give Up Your Guns

  5. Steven Broiles

    100% of the hatred in this country comes from THE LEFT. They are irrational and unhinged; They don’t want anyone outside of government to carry a firearm, yet they demand “Abortion on demand and without apology.”

    Yet the Left are not in charge, so to speak: They are the “useful idiots” Lenin identified as being of use to those really in charge, the people at the levers of power who, in turn, are controlled by Sabbatean-Frankists and satanists. It is they who want us unarmed, so they can implement their genocide when they see fit to do so.

    The State of Connecticut may not be in a state of insurrection in the way California is, but I think the DOJ should investigate the State from Sandy Hook on forward. The Sandy Hook/Newtown debacle was an exercise in clandestine activism designed to denude us of our Second Amendment rights, and the principals behind it are, likely and for the most part, still in power. Oh, they’ll get this lunatic and prosecute her—as they should—but, clearly, “Something is rotten in the State of Connecticut.”

  6. Whenever you lib fktards are ready..
    Let’s get it on.

  7. What is needed is education. Children should be taught how to use and respect firearms. As I was growing up in Texas all of my friends, including many of the girls, had been taught by their parents how to handle a firearm safely and how to use it for its intended purpose. We handled toy guns just as we would handle a real gun. My guess is that the boys involved in that shooting had never been taught anything about firearms.

  8. Connecticut as recently as 30 years ago was a manufacturing dynamo; used to be Republican and conservative; had the highest per capita income; and, outside the cities it’s even today a beautiful place with authentic colonial architecture dominating its local Main Streets and town squares. But, it was hit by a plague called the Democratic Party, and it’s buried under impossible debts. Don’t even think of visiting the capitol, Hartford, which has been turned into on of this country’s poorest and most dangerous cities by aggressive Hispanics everywhere you turn. If you break down on I-95 going through Bridgeport and head off the highway, you may never be heard from again. Some years ago a woman tourist and her daughter got off the bus in Stamford one stop too far and the mother was shot dead in front of her daughter in a no-go black area. Bus drivers at black schools don’t dare get out of their buses in Stamford, where hard leftist (and suspected ‘mo) Dan Malloy had been mayor before further sabotaging the state as governor.

    Connecticut ranks 48th on Tax Freedom Day, May 3—the first day average wages don’t go to taxes paid to one form of government or another—, ranking just behind NY and equal to NJ, and all three are worse than California. Don’t ever let any young people you know, entranced by the high wages for financial workers like they were the kids following the Child Catcher, move there since with the sales tax they pay on almost all they earn puts them in a 50% overall tax bracket. Guns? Who needs guns when Hispanic gangs own the streets of the state capital and Connecticut’s other cities?

  9. When I was young gun control in my house consisted of being shown the safe handling of the firearms. In our kitchen behind the door sat a double barrel 20 gauge shotgun with the appropriate shells on the shelf above it. Everything from low brass birdshot to high brass birdshot, buckshot and slugs. There was also a .22 rifle with the magazine loaded on the same shelf. You were not allowed to touch them without permission under penalty of a bright red ass courtesy of my fathers belt. Only 1 time did I use the shotgun without permission and the dead dog with one of our chickens in it’s mouth vindicated my use. I left the dog right there for my father to see and explained it to him. I paid for my own .22 single shot rifle and single barrel shotgun which I was allowed to keep in my room at 13. Today the thought of a 13 year old having a firearm sets off the Liberals like a lighter setting off a firecracker…

  10. Left/libtards’ idea of “gun safety” is only they and their loyal cronies (certainly not everyday private citizens) have guns.

  11. “In the light of the Admissions Scandal David Hogg’s Admission To HARVARD Now Publicly Questioned”

    Has anyone else noticed that almost all involved seem to have either a Jewish or an otherwise ultra-SJW status?

    This article below zeros in on Hogg, and some great questions are being asked.

    “Back in December in fact Axios reported, David Hogg, survivor of the Parkland high school shooting and a prominent gun control activist, announced on Twitter Saturday that he will be attending Harvard University to study political science in the fall.

    While on the topic of fraudulent college admissions… I wonder if our @FBI will take a look at David Hogg’s acceptance into Harvard University.

    That’s got to be the biggest University scam of the decade.

    — Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) March 13, 2019

    With Hogg’s father being a former FBI agent, That may be a stretch.”

  12. Corporate Clubbists are all too often among the networking SJW “Zionists”. They truly (((often))) are “Zionists”.

    These are the same (((Corporatists))) who push for the denial of the constitutional rights and protections of and for the American people, and which they too often accomplish, by alleging that the American constitutional restrictions apply only to government itself, but purportedly do not apply to them or to any of those anti-American activities which they undertake.

    They have a special knack for working with (((media and advertisers))) and with (((their dual-implants))) inside government [aka networking] in trying to (((change))) America’s social policy on a massive scale. They work to evade, subvert, change and destroy America’s constitution in many different ways.

    “CEOs of Dick’s, TOMS, Levi Strauss and RXR Realty Push Gun Control in Open Letter”

    “John Feinblatt, the President of Everytown for Gun Safety, praised the businessmen for endorsing what gun-control advocates call “universal background checks.”

    “America’s business leaders are raising their voices in support of common-sense solutions to the uniquely American problem of gun violence,” said Feinblatt. “We are proud to stand with these courageous companies and the communities they serve in supporting the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, which will close the deadly loopholes in America’s background checks law.”

  13. “Are Gun Rights the Next Target of (((Corporate Censorship)))?”

    !!! (((Certainly))) !!!

    “Citigroup is setting restrictions on the sale of firearms by its business customers, making it the first Wall Street bank to take a stance in the divisive nationwide gun control debate.

    The new policy, announced Thursday, prohibits the sale of firearms to customers who have not passed a background check or who are younger than 21. It also bars the sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.

    It’s not just gun owners who are experiencing limited shopping choices. Gun rights lobbies like the National Rifle Association have faced opposition from corporate America. Rental car companies like Avis and software companies like Symantec have severed their affiliate programs with the NRA in the wake of the Parkland shooting hysteria.”


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