Anthony Weiner's so gross even PR flacks are disgusted by him

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Weiner ain’t no Slick Willy…
NY Post: Anthony Weiner is so toxic that the powerhouse public-relations firm that hired him is losing top-flight talent, sources tell The Post. Arthur Schwartz, one of the top executives at MWW, quit after the p.r. firm put the horndog ex-congressman from Queens on its payroll as a public policy “expert,” the sources said.
Schwartz’s September departure is the clearest evidence of the blowback at MWW for hiring the married Weiner — who was forced out of Congress in disgrace in 2011 after he sent lewd pictures of his penis to young women under the moniker “Carlos Danger” and then lied about it. The former Queens politician had admitted to revelations of more tawdry sexting behind the back of his wife, Huma Abedin, a top adviser to Hillary Clinton, when he ran for mayor in 2013.

Schwartz on the right/NY Post photo

Schwartz on the right/NY Post photo

The Post broke the story of MWW’s hiring of Weiner in July.
Schwartz, 43, a senior vice president and managing director of MWW’s corporate communication practice since October 2014, was one of the few Republicans at the Democratic-leaning firm, with deep ties to the GOP establishment and the conservative-leaning corporate leaders. He previously was a top adviser to billionaire insurance titan Maurice “Hank” Greenberg.
Schwartz’s frustration boiled over when Weiner continued to tweet personal snarky put-downs of Republicans after joining the firm. “In related news, George Pataki hasn’t been seen all day,” Weiner tweeted on Aug. 28 of the three-term GOP New York governor who is running for president.
To which Schwarz tweeted the reply: “In unrelated news, @GovernorPataki is a man of honor and integrity, and you’re . . . well youre @AnthonyWeiner. No explanation necessary.
MWW is headed by Michael Kempner, a prominent New Jersey Democrat who is a fundraiser for the Clintons and President Obama.
Kempner and his buddy Obama

Kempner and his buddy Obama

Since Schwartz left, he has drummed up business with firms that wouldn’t have hired him if he had stayed at MWW because of its ties to Weiner, sources said. “This is a direct reaction from Arthur’s business associates being uncomfortable with Anthony Weiner,” said O’Brien Murray, a consultant and Schwartz associate. “Corporations don’t want the image of working with a firm that is affiliated with Anthony Weiner,” Murray said.
MWW’s client list includes Netflix, Walgreens, Samsung, Ball Park Franks and Nikon.
Schwartz confirmed he left the firm but declined to comment on Weiner. “Michael Kempner is a very talented man who built a great company,” he said. “I’m sure MWW will do just fine.” Asked about Schwartz’s departure, MWW Executive VP Don McIver said, “We thank Arthur for his loyalty and service and will always consider him part of the MWWPR family.” The firm declined to comment on whether Weiner was a factor in Schwartz’s departure.

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0 responses to “Anthony Weiner's so gross even PR flacks are disgusted by him

  1. Carlos Danger rides again…

  2. All of which raises the question of why MWW hired Wiener and still has him on their payroll.

    • Orders from Media Matters/Soros/Clinton et al… they want continued business they’d better take him, you know.

  3. Weiner, bad as he is, is not as bad as his wife. They probably deserve each other. According to FOX News “Abedin is facing her own troubles — less salacious than her husband’s, but potentially more severe.”
    Abedin was Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department. The title changed, according to Politico, when Abedin took maternity leave during the summer of 2012. Clinton awarded her bosom buddy of 15 years the title of “special government employee.”
    Abedin’s part-time labors on behalf of the State Department netted her an annual salary of $135,000 — $155,000 with benefits. The status change was kept secret. It was unearthed by The Politico in May, 2013. Being a “special government employee” gave Abedin plenty of time with her new family but it also permitted Abedin to pursue other, more lucrative jobs while on the government payroll. For example, as a consultant for Teneo.
    Teneo trades stocks and bonds. Abedin’s security clearance and access to insider trading information is at issue here, among other possible infractions. Such as keeping her nose in the government feeding trough at taxpayer expense while rooting for truffles in greener pastures. Abedin’s part-time consulting gig  with Teneo harvested an additional $355,000 annually. Bill Clinton is a board member of Teneo. According to a witness, Abedin was also employed, during that time, privately by no less than four entities: Hillary, the State Department, Teneo, and the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation. Heckuva gig for a stay-at-home mom.
    -Marilyn Assenheimer

  4. I can’t understand why feminists don’t get it: This (alleged) man is married to a Hillary Clinton aide, and both of THEM are just as disgusting, if not more so, than he is!


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