Another Story from the WTF? File

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I got an email a little earlier from a friend who informed me that, according to Rush Limbaugh, Little Caesar Obumma was going to share our missile defense system information with the Russians.
Having been sufficiently gobsmacked (and still not sure I was buying it), I began doing a little casual research which ended at the Big Guy’s website, and utimately led to this:
President Obama signaled Congress this week that he is prepared to share U.S. missile defense secrets with Russia.
In the president’s signing statement issued Saturday in passing into law the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill, Mr. Obama said restrictions aimed at protecting top-secret technical data on U.S. Standard Missile-3 velocity burnout parameters might impinge on his constitutional foreign policy authority.
As first disclosed in this space several weeks ago, U.S. officials are planning to provide Moscow with the SM-3 data, despite reservations from security officials who say that doing so could compromise the effectiveness of the system by allowing Russian weapons technicians to counter the missile. The weapons are considered some of the most effective high-speed interceptors in the U.S. missile defense arsenal.
There are also concerns that Russia could share the secret data with China and rogue states such as Iran and North Korea to help their missile programs defeat U.S. missile defenses.
Officials from the State Department and Missile Defense Agency have discussed the idea of providing the SM-3 data to the Russians as part of the so-far fruitless missile-defense talks with Moscow, headed in part of by Undersecretary of State Ellen Tauscher, who defense officials say is a critic of U.S. missile defenses.
Their thinking is that if the Russians know the technical data, it will help allay Moscow’s fears that the planned missile defenses in Europe would be used against Russian ICBMs. Officials said current SM-3s are not fast enough to catch long-range Russian missiles, but a future variant may have some anti-ICBM capabilities.
Ms. Tauscher has repeatedly denied that her talks with the Russians are secret. However, the administration has provided almost no briefings about the talks to Congress, which prompted critics of the talks to include language in the new defense spending law limiting data-sharing.
Section 1227 of the defense law prohibits spending any funds that would be used to give Russian officials access to sensitive missile-defense technology, as part of a cooperation agreement without first sending Congress a report identifying the specific secrets, how they would be used and steps to protect the data from compromise.
The president also must certify to Congress that Russia will not share the secrets with other states and that it will not help Russia “to develop countermeasures” to U.S. defenses.
The certification also must show whether Russia is providing equal access to its missile defense technologies, which are mainly nuclear-tipped anti-missile interceptors.
You will find the rest of this incredible story here.
I have an idea.
Why not just give the Russkies the codes for the self-destruct mechanisms in all of our ICBMs instead.
May as well.

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0 responses to “Another Story from the WTF? File

  1. First a drone to Iran and now the missile defense to Russia, we are going to be up a creek without a paddle. Can I say treason?

  2. Clintong opened the U.S. Patent Office to China in 1993. To be a Democrat is Treason.

  3. It would be a good idea to stop war altogether and concentrate on global action to figure out how to protect our planet from famine and turbulence and other effects upon our weather systems and the general upheavals of earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados etc, as well as loose asteroids or whatever objects may come hurtling towards us from space. We need to come to terms with how our galaxy interacts with other galaxies and what it means for our existence here on planet Earth. The idea of war, on the basis of thermonuclear weapons being used is beyond the realm of possibility for any sane person.
    The whole concept of it is immoral and obsolete, because the implications are unthinkable. We are already suffering huge loss of human life as a result of oligarchical monetary systems and austerity agendas causing dreadful living conditions and little or no scientific and technological advance in the workplace.
    Only gadgets and gimmicks that lead to more and more mischief. Our Commander in Mischief is double minded in everyway, schitzophrenic behavior, it’s never likely for us to figure out where he’s coming from next. He’s like a loose cannon, and not equipped to deal with the presidency for another moment. Just commenting on his actions will not remove him from office, it would take articles of impeachment or the invocation of the 25th Amendment Section 4 to have this happen constitutionally. Reports of US troops deplying to Israel are already appearing on the internet and the NATO forces gathering on the Turkish Syrian border are not there to have a picnic. Help us LORD~

    • Are you really American? I mean I didn’t know there are wise people in USA, I though everybody there was just eager to kill kids in Iraq and Afganistan. I never though someone from this corner of the globe would care about peace. Good to know that at least one of you think about peace

      • Good to know that at least one of you think about peace.
        That depends on the conditions of the ‘peace.’

  4. and the reaction from the Republicans….
    [sound of crickets]

  5. Every Dictator has called for “Global Action” to justify his means to Genocide. Even Rev. Jim Jones callen on global action to justify his means. Rev. Jones declared, “Peace can only be obtained when everyone is dead. As long as there is more than one human being on this globe, there will be war.” Koolaid anyone?
    Agenda 21

  6. Remember Kissinger way back in the 1960s musing on a “what if” scenario about how the whole world would work together if we were invaded by aliens from another planet?
    The globalists have been searching for the “magical enchilada” that would have the whole world singing their version of Kumbaya. The enchilada turned out to be “climate change” and we get………… Agenda 21.

  7. You know people say BO has not been an effective president, I say he has been the most effective one in history…
    1. He has effectively destroyed many businesses in this country by crony capitalism, putting unions before everyone else and closing businesses that he did not like.
    2. He has effectively provided amnesty to illegals, by attacking and suing states and law enforcement officials and changing the rules.
    3. He has effectively destroyed the DOJ, which may never recover its reputation as an agency that upholds the law of the land for all citizens.
    4. He has destroyed our economy and it may not recover for a long,long time.
    5. His coup de grace, he is destroying our ability to protect our country by cutting troop levels, freeing terrorists from Gitmo and now giving away our secrets…
    There is probably more I am forgetting, but you get the idea. We cannot afford even one more year of this man, much less another 4 year term…
    GOD save the USA, because we haven’t…

  8. Koolaid anyone?

  9. Boom shakalaka as Dr. Manning would say. Peace out.
    That’s our best shot at this rate.

  10. aka obama and his entire administration,D.C. past and present,thrown in gitmo. We have reason to believe all past living Presidents have sold us down the river. GHW Bush,major damage,communist,America hater. God will sort them out.

  11. Generally speaking, this may be the most reactionary, ill-informed, overly emotional, monkey-ranting comments section on the internet. If conscious evolution (I know, I know, silly concept) was a race, Limbags would still be putting their track shoes on.

    • “Limbags”? “conscious evolution” as “a race”?
      A race to what? What’s “conscious evolution” and how does that differ from the “unconscious” variety?
      For someone who can only hurl insults instead of debate substance, you don’t even make sense. Ever heard of psychological projection? You are “ill-informed”, “overly emotional” and “monkey-ranting.”

    • Welcome to the Dear Ruler’s Amerika, slave.
      Too bad your government-educated ass is too f’ing stupid to comprehend the predicament you will very soon find yourself in.
      Sucks to be you, I guess.

    • I’m sorry to say but I think you might be on the wrong site, honeychild. I would assume that the majority of this sites members are DUCKKILLERS (aka…hunters). At least this little southern girl is.
      You are obviously very “booksmart” sweetie pie, and that is super! “Conscious evolution” can only be brainwashed into a mind by books, media, or the Internet. But just to be fair, if you ever decide to back up that pretty little mouth of yours let me know, b/c I would put my “CommonSense” up against your “conscious evolution” any day. I will bet money on it that I finish the race, redo my makeup and put my high heels back on before you can even figure out what the heck the Starter is firing at.
      You are allowing Satan to lead you right to the place he wants you to be and I pray that you realize it, come back, and figure out why you cannot win this race on your own. Your Salvation depends on it.

  12. Beware of “Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing”. They pose as “Protectors of the Earth”. They have only the “End of Mankind in Mind”.


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