Another soldier denied service at California gas station

After the incident in Bugolusa, Louisiana, in which a Muslim-owned Texaco gas station denied service to a National Guardsman, here’s another case — this time in the city of Modesto, California.
Ben Deci reports for Fox40 News, July 24, 2012, that serviceman Kelly Kjelstrom claims he was denied service at a Chevron gas station in Modesto:
“I’m proud to be a military member- defending our Constitution, in service so that individuals like him have the right to say what he said,” said Kelly Kjelstrom.

Kjelstrom says he was just trying to buy a soda from the corner gas station.  To be specific, he says he was at the Chevron gas station at the corner of Palendale Road and Sisk Road in Modesto.
But Kjelstrom says when he pulled out his wallet to pay, the cashier noticed his military identification.
“The person told me that they don’t like my kind, and I didn’t belong in their country,” Kjelstrom said.
The story made it’s way into social media and sparked a marathon, angry protest in front of the gas station.
“If they don’t feel like they have our support, then they’re not going to do the job to the best of their ability,” said Trudy Turnbull, an Army Mom who was one the pprotesters waving an American flag in front of the gas station for much of the day Tuesday.
The Chevron is a privately owned station. It’s a franchise of the corporation that now says it’s called for a review of security tapes to see if there’s any truth to Kjelstrom’s story.
Meanwhile, company spokesman Sean Comey told me he’d been trying to get a hold of Kjelstrom all day.
“If you’ve spoken to somebody directly, if they would be willing to talk to us, we would like to talk to them directly,” Comey told me in a phone conversation.
Comey said the company is investigating, but at this point all they have is an unsubstantiated allegation. Comey said that they take claims of discrimination and improper conduct seriously.
I also spoke with the manager at the Chevron. He denied that any discrimination happened. And he said, in the three years he’s been at that location, they haven’t refused service to anyone.
As for Kjelstrom, he says he still isn’t certain what country the cashier wanted the U.S. Military out of, but he says he sure got out of the store in a hurry.
Did he end up buying that soda?
“No,” he said. “No, no, no. I’ll never buy anything there again.”
Go to link for Fox40’s news video.
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7 years ago

He NEVER said he was refused service! What he did was take his business elsewhere. The owner made a tactless comment, period. Social media mass hysteria. Again.

7 years ago

For the record, the Louisiana thing was bogus, the owners are Indian Hindus, not Arab Muslims, and they never refused service to anyone. One idiot overheard part of a conversation that he misunderstood and started the whole stupid mess. Not every foreigner is a Muslim, and not every US Muslim is a radical. People need to look carefully at things before jumping to conclusions.

7 years ago

He wasn’t denied service. He refused to give them business after the comment was made. He could have still bought the soda. Kjelstrom even confirmed this in another article. Clarifying, Mr Kjelstrom told the Modesto Bee: ‘I was disrespected, not denied.’ Funny how this article left out the quote. But then again this site does look like a hate site so I’m not surprised. Kelly seems like a standup guy and he’s a medic. Medics constantly risk their lives just to save their fellow soldiers, so he deserves better. Obviously the cashier was a jerk and I hope he got… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

OK that’s fair. But explain why you titled the article “Another soldier denied service at California gas station” when there was nothing in the article saying that he was actually denied service?

7 years ago
Reply to  MehMeh

Anyone who disrespects our soldiers can suck it.