Another Sick Woman

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Mental issues? Who knew...


As if we didn’t see this coming…
Via TMZ: Casey Anthony won’t be sitting down with ABC .. NBC … CBS or any other network for at least a couple of months — TMZ has learned Casey will be seeking professional treatment for serious mental issues instead.  Sources close to Anthony tell us … Casey is seeking treatment for three reasons:

  1. First, Casey now realizes that her questionable behavior when her daughter Caylee went missing back in 2008 stemmed from “obvious mental health issues.”
  2. The second reason — Casey still needs help coping with the “obvious trauma of losing her child.”
  3. Third, Casey spent nearly three years in solitary confinement in a Florida jail … where she spent 23 hours a day in a 4×9 foot cell … all while facing murder chargers. Our source, directly connected to Casey, tells us, “It messed with her head.”

We’re told Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, will continue to field offers on behalf of Casey … and when she’s healthy, Anthony will have the final word on where and how her story will be told.
You’d think reason no. 2 would a) already have been addressed in jail and, b) be the no. 1 reason to seek treatment. Another sick woman…

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0 responses to “Another Sick Woman

  1. Haven’t we had enough of the Anthonys to last ten lifetimes? Why anyone would want to write a book about them or make a movie regarding what happened escapes me. That this tiny little girl had no chance at life is a shame, but, considering the type of family she would have grown up in, maybe she is in a far better place. I just wonder how much the New York Times is paying Casey for her “ordeal?”
    Clifton Lee West

  2. She’ll be kicking babies out in no time; Caylee2, Caylee3, Caylee4, and so on. And the money keeps flowing in…………… -Jane

  3. As to reason #1, wasn’t Casey evaluated several times and given the OK signal? Otherwise, the defense could’ve used some sort of mental incompetency. I thought the defense said the child wasn’t missing??…I’m curious to which “questionable behavior” they are referring? The lying? The stealing? The defense claimed this was on-going in Casey’s life, even before Caylee’s death. Maybe the abuse of the corpse?
    These aren’t mental health issues, they are moral issues. Bring her to church.
    As to #2, if she is still “coping” with the “obvious trauma of losing her child”, when did her trauma start? Her close friends and family saw no signs of trauma. The investigators and mental health experts saw the opposite of trauma. Her jailhouse letters reveal no sign of trauma. Even during her trial, Baez had jailhouse officials testify that Casey was a model inmate, always cheerful, talkative, and cooperative—no depression, deep mood swings, suicidal tendencies, etc. And this leads to …
    #3 Casey’s confinement. Again, no signs of looney tunes from those around her.
    I’m just not sure what “serious mental health issues” these guys are spinning about.

  4. she didn’t loose her Child, she killed her Child!
    What Trauma? Please give me a Break.
    The Defense is pinning this Issue just like they did everything else in this Case, trying to muster up some Sympathy for Casey Anthony. Too little too late!
    As for the almost 3 Years Confinement Casey dealt with, who’s Fault is that?
    She is lucky she didn’t get Life without Parole, so quit whining about it. JMO

  5. Cute, but doing interviews was the only way she’d be able to pay her bills… she thinks she’s Octomom or something? (Uh-oh, shouldn’t give her ideas… )

  6. This is just another “stall” ploy. They can’t get Casey to interview under the present circumstances, and they don’t want to lose out on the initial “big bucks”. The Baez camp wants to garner sympathy for Casey before she does any interviews. They will come back and say she has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, memory lapses, and other issues in order to steer her away from talking about the issues at hand. It’s the “Red Herring” trial all over again, just like when they opened the trial by throwing George under the bus to completely derail all sensibility. They had 3 years to come up with that circus and now they are trying to buy time to milk the cash cow. I still don’t George Anthony had any thing to do with Caylee missing or Casey’s big fat lies. Besides; everyone is becoming bored with the same old dog and pony show…

  7. Caylee wasn’t killed, she drown in the pool. Looks like most people didn’t understand the trial. 🙁 -Jane

    • And O.J. looked for the real killers, too… mostly on the golf course, as I understand.

    • And I’m the Tooth Fairy…
      Jurors considered her punishment in determining her verdict. Looks to me like they didn’t understand the trial process.

  8. Casey needs to repent? For what? Caylee went into the pool and drown on her own, Casey wasn’t even there. Cindy left the ladder down and Caylee knew how to get into the pool by herself. Ohh, that’s right, you missed that part of the trial. Casey is a hero and Caylee died as result of her own actions, at least according to the facts of the case and what was proven in court. -Jane

    • Casey is a hero? A two year old cannot be responsible for their own actions. That’s what mom and dad are for.
      So she’s a hero for not calling 911? For stuffing her daughters body in the trunk or burying her? God I pray you don’t have children…
      You should join Casey in mental health counseling…

  9. Glad to see both Sage and DCG agree that Casey is a hero in this case and that Caylee drown from her own actions. Bad Caylee, in your next-life, listen to your mother and grandmother and do not go into the pool by yourself.

  10. Janelwhite has an empty head and blog to match!

  11. Thanks Zorro for proving my points that many uneducated and uninformed people like you feel the same way as you do. Takes a higher-education to fully understand. The site you mentioned is only there to obtain a web-address that is needed to enter the other sections at the dispatch areas, all you need is your departmental jurisdictional code and your badge number. There are 11, 841 logged in at this very second, join us if you have the credentials. -Jane

  12. ha ha ha looks like Janel MFM has found a new place to be ban from.. You say the same bull chit everywhere you go……..
    And there is no such help for a PSYCHOPATH so Casey and her lying lawyer are shit out of luck….No one cares about Casey or her lying family.
    Not one of them could be trusted to tell the truth…………Not one of them protected Caylee and thats the reason she is not here today….So sad.

  13. Thank you Linda!!!!! MFM has been using my names for 3 years, and the harrassment really needs to stop! To MFM….please stop fixating on my names and please leave me alone. This illegal use of my names is so not cool! For whatever it’s worth…..take care.

    • BlogOwner, that troll, Janel Corey, has been using my name and versions of my name for years. It is a “he” and has a verifiable prison record for crimes against children in the state of California according to a troll-monitoring-site, and you can see by his IP-addresses, one for his e-mail and one for his twitter, that he still resides and posts from California for the most part. As you can see, that troll uses many different names, all generated from the same IP-addresses, but the name changes to make back-up-comments supporting previous-comments he makes under different names. He is currently under investigation again, and there is tracking done of his attacks against people while he continues to exhibit signs of his psychosis obvious in many of his rants. Case-in-point; your blog. If you look at the IP-addresses of your imposter Janel Corey and michellefrommadison, the IP-addresses may even be identical or he is using his e-mail for one and his twitter for the other, but you’ll have the means to verify that for yourself. Best part from my perspective is that he is not allowed to possess any firearms due to his previous convictions. -Jane

      • janetwhite,
        I haven’t the slightest idea who you are or who you claim as your imposter is. But I do know that the comments you’ve made on my blog are idiotic, the last two of which were never published because I had already banned you.
        Steve and I didn’t co-found this blog to entertain nitwits like you. We have serious work to do on this Fellowship of the Minds — we are trying to inform Americans so as to save our beloved country for which our Founders had sacrificed so much to create. This is not a Casey Anthony trivia forum. Beginning now, both Janetwhite and Janel Corey are banned from this site.


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