Another Sandy Hook fundraiser that pre-dates the massacre

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In addition to the four memorial-donation webpages for Sandy Hook victims which were created one to three days before the massacre, and the Crisis Management Institute guide on how to talk to children about the massacre which also predated the massacre, here’s another pre-massacre webpage. is a free online fundraising site. This is how it describes itself: is a simple, FREE online platform created for people who want to fundraise for causes they care about. From medical expenses, to memorials and mission trips or even pet care — if it’s important to you it qualifies you to set up a free online fundraiser. We provide you with customizable personal fundraising webpages to help you spread your cause and raise support.
Good-hearted Cathy Canfield, a child therapist, set up a fundraiser on to help children in Newtown, CT, to cope with the terrible massacre of 20 first-grade students and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.
Canfield’s fundraiser page on does not give a date for its inception, but Canfield referred to the Sandy Hook shootings as “yesterday’s tragedy” and that donation must be made ASAP because her “plan is to leave tomorrow (12.16.12)” for Newtown, CT. All of which suggests that she had created her fundraiser page on Dec. 15, 2012, a day after the Sandy Hook massacre. Indeed, the 20 donations she’s received, totaling at least $1360 (two donations are of unknown “hidden amount”), are all dated Dec. 16, 2012.
This is what her page on says:

Support Free Play Sessions to Connecticut Children


Beneficiary: Cathy Canfield

In response to yesterday’s tragedy, I plan to put my skills to work and provide some much needed help to the children affected by the Sandy Hook Shootings.

I practice child-centered play therapy, which I do because it has been proven to work time and again in a wide variety of situations, including trauma, at my private practice  If a child sees me only once, during that time I can provide emotional relief that they may not otherwise experience right now.

In order to do so, i need your help with expenses. I have set my goal at $1500 to cover my expenses  Because I am not going through another agency, this money goes directly towards helping.

The plan is to leave tomorrow (12.16.12), so donate what you can right now and tell your friends about it. And if somehow, I cannot raise enough money to go, I will refund any amount donated.

After having raised $1620 of her stated goal of $2000, Canfield closed down her fundraiser. Here’s a screenshot I just took of Canfield’s page (in case takes it down):

Canfield fundraiser

The only problem is this:
There’s an article by JesseW, a frequent blogger (therefore a staff member) of, about Cathy Canfield’s Sandy Hook fundraiser. But JesseW’s blog about Canfield’s fundraiser is dated December 14, 2012, 06:45. (More on the 06:45 time later.)
Here’s a screenshot I just took of JesseW’s blog (in case it is scrubbed from the site), followed by the article in its entirety (note that JesseW mistakenly gave the date for the Sandy Hook massacre as December 15, instead of December 14, 2012).


Holiday Fundraiser for Newtown Students

by JesseW 14. December 2012 06:45

Cathy Canfield Fundraiser

Generosity is a Gift That Keeps Giving

For the families in Newtown CT, this holiday season has been one that will be forever engrained with the tragedies that took place on December 15th, 2012. To help, many very generous people have gone well out of their way to express their care and support. Today we want to feature one of these generous and inspiring people, who is giving their best to support their fellow Americans.

Meet Cathy Canfield, Cathy is a child therapist from Alexandria, VA who is doing everything in her ability to help the children of Newtown. When Cathy heard about the tragedy that took place on Friday the 15th, she knew that she could help in some way. She wrote a small post on Facebook that mentioned her desire to drive to Newtown and put her skills to good use during this difficult time. After a bit of encouragement from some friends who saw the post, Cathy decided to create a free online fundraiser to help her secure the funds she needed. Not long after, and to much surprise she found that she had raised $2,100 with the help of her friends. Cathy then proceeded to contact the schools to find where her skills could be best put to use. Unfortunately, the only thing Cathy heard back was that there had already been so much help and support given to the town that they did not know if Cathy could even get an opening.

After hearing this news, Cathy decided that she would still try and help in any way possible. She contacted her donors and explained her situation, some requested their donation back and others gave it willingly to Cathy to be used as she saw fit. Cathy is now left with $1,000 which will go to the people of Newtown. You can visit her fundraising site, or start your own today on 

The “free online fundraiser to help” to which JesseW refers is Cathy Canfield’s Sandy Hook fundraiser page on — a page that presumably was created on December 15, 2012, a day after the massacre. But why is it that JesseW’s blog about Canfield’s fundraiser has a date of “14. December 2012 06:45”?
To the alert reader who asks if the “14” in “14. December 2012 06:45” represents a sequential number assigned to JesseW’s blogs (as in the 14th blog posted by JesseW), I refer you to’s archived links to all of JesseW’s blogs, especially to page 4 showing a 4-day gap between her “31. December 2012 07:53” blog, “6 Tips For Crowd-funding,” and her “27. December 2012 03:44” blog, “Funeral Fundraiser For a Young Man Shot On Christmas Eve.”
In other words, the “14. December 2012 06:45” of JesseW’s blog about Cathy Canfield’s Sandy Hook fundraiser on, refers to the date, month, year, and time when the article was published on
Not only is that a day BEFORE Canfield presumably had created her fundraiser on, there is still another problem with JesseW’s December 14 blog: its time-stamp of 06:45.
06:45 means 6:45 a.m. because runs on military time as proved by the timestamp on this post:’s IP server is in San Antonio,Texas. You can see that for yourself by going to IP

San Antonio, Texas is on Central Time — which means a time-stamp of 06:45 is 07:45 Eastern time, which is two full hours before Lanza allegedly shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School.
We are told that sometime before 9:30 a.m. EST on December 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot his mother with a .22 Marlin rifle at their Newtown home. Adam then drove his mother’s car to Sandy Hook Elementary School. At about 9:35 a.m., Adam shot his way through a locked glass door at the front of the school.
Wait. It gets better.’s server is running on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which means that JesseW’s blog’s time-stamp of 06:45 GMT is actually 01:45 EST, that is, a full seven hours before the massacre.
You can see for yourself that runs on GMT by going here (, then plug in’s IP (, which will show you that the server works on Greenwich Mean Time.
To conclude, a blog written by a staff member of, about a fundraiser for children affected by the Sandy Hook massacre, was posted onto the web on December 14, 2012 — SEVEN hours before the massacre took place.
H/t the brilliant FOTM reader Tony who alerted me to JesseW’s blog’s time-stamp, and patiently showed me how to verify the time-stamp.


3 hours after I published this post, a reader “David Burke” wrote a comment (scroll down to read it) alerting me to his blog, wherein he posted a screenshot he took of another blog by JesseW on “Fundraiser for the Families Involved in the Tragic Newtown, CT Shootings.” This blog has a date of 10 December 2012 08:56, FOUR days before the Sandy Hook massacre! Here’s the screenshot he took:



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0 responses to “Another Sandy Hook fundraiser that pre-dates the massacre

  1. now go here-
    “So, in short, to “commemorate” a shooting that was carried out by a MK patsy, survivors of the shooting are made to sing (because this wasn’t of their own initiative neither was it their song choice) a song that is used to program MK slaves. All of this in one big staged media event, where the children are asked to smile and pose for the cameras. How about not exploiting these kids for BS charity and not making them further part of this horrifying ritual that was the Sandy Hook shooting?”

  2. Great sleuthing Tony and Dr. Eowyn! Who are these groups/individuals that own these sites? Are they just pawns being manipulated by the “deceivers”?

  3. Eowyn, how come “You Caring” URL does not show a date stamp? Any idea.? The ones from the Blog create a date.
    As Usual my friend great job.
    To Tony, thank you and welcome to the rabbit hole.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. This is additional evidence added on to the other evidence you have gathered regarding the suspicious timing issues in this matter.

  5. we are dealing with “pure evil”. if we didn’t have a terrible case of owned-yellow bellied media in America, more people would find truth. Thankyou Dr. Eowyn and all Patriots contributing.

  6. I personally made two different screenshots of sites connected with the Sandy Hook fraud. One is a page by JesseW – dated 10 December 2012.
    The other is an page entitled “Talking with your child about the Sandy Hook Tragedy” – dated 13 December 2012.
    The problem with most other screenshots is that they’re of Google searches for which the indexing dates are bot-generated, and hence subject to both accidental glitching and human manipulation.
    In both of my screenshots, the dates are textual – written by the authors into the page text.
    You can see them here:
    These are 70% reductions. I still have the original 100%-sized screenshots stored offsite I’ve emailed the owners of this blog to offer them the originals.

    • Thank you, David!
      So’s JesseW actually had another blog “Fundraiser for the Families Involved in the Tragic Newtown, CT Shootings”, which is dated 10 December 2012 08:56,
      FOUR days before the actual massacre!!!!

  7. Does anyone have any info on this Jessie W person as she/he seems to keep cropping up on numerous anomalous pre dated web pages regarding this [supposed] shooting.

  8. I don’t understand the implications of all of these findings. Was there no massacre and no dead children or was there a planned massacre with many people in on the atrocity? If this horrible atrocity actually happened and was planned and carried out by our government we are in a lot of trouble. Were there other atrocities that this government planned and executed? It all makes the Aurora killings very suspicious.

  9. I would be eager to know the same as previous post….what exactly are the implications of this information. I have been consumed by this the past few days.

    • illill and V, know what? We don’t understand either..LOL So don’t feel bad.
      What we do have are a lot of strange things that just don’t seem to add up.
      The more we dig the stranger it get’s.
      First off we have been trying to sort fact from rumor. Not easy.
      If you go to this link, which is “Sandy Hook Massacre” on top of our page, you will find all the stories we’ve done. Each new one just gets stranger.
      My first big problem is if you watch any video of parents of victims there is a lot of sobbing and crying. Except not one, and I mean one person actually sheds a real tear. Watch them, you will see.
      Next we have found I think 4-5 websites/documents about the shooting, They all seem to be created around 12-10-12 Umm shooting was the 14th.
      We’ve had some commenters with the technical knowledge about dating these things going back and forth. Seems the consensus is that
      1 document may be a mistake, but 4-5 seems implausible.
      We have a blackout of news coverage since about 3 days after. Then the media just stops reporting and all they and Gov do are push gun control.
      There are what’s called “crisis actors” See post at that link.
      Then there is no info coming from “Official sources”
      In sumation something is just not right. There is such a lack of trust in Gov that people are questioning everything.
      I pray it was a giant hoax. Don’t think so though. I think little babies did die that day, but we just don’t know how, and yes by who.
      We are all looking for answers that are not forthcoming.

  10. I’d like to see whoever is giving the “thumbs down” to comments in the Sandy Hook discussions, actually offering their explanation for some of the questions presented. Enlighten those of us who just can’t make certain pieces of a puzzle “fit” ! I think most of us would LOVE to hear some rational explanations !

    • Lilly,
      Meh. Sticks and stones, etc. etc.
      It’s probably the vile individuals whose comments I spammed because they contained gratuitous insults of “retards,” “morons,” “crazy,” “nuts,” etc.
      I will not tolerate verbal abuse.

  11. Dr. Ewoyn, you shouldn’t tolerate the sleezy insults. You have put alot of time, research and thought into what you include in this site –and, I believe readers that frequent FOTM know that “flimsy rumors” don’t find any mention here. So for those trolls browsing by with snarky remarks, you don’t have ground to stand on.
    Thanks Dr. Eowyn for this forum !

  12. Kinda tired of the predated blogs. It can be easily manipulated. I wouldn’t consider this hard evidence.

    • Gosh, tim, so you’re “tired of the predated blogs”? Thank you very much for telling us that. You know, no one is putting a gun to your head to read them. And no one on FOTM, certainly not I, says the predated blogs are “hard evidence” — whatever you mean by “hard”. All I’m trying to do is to ask the questions that the MSM aren’t asking. If that’s tiresome and boring for you, the door is wide open for you to leave. Please do!

    • Tim,

  13. I. I’m with a previous comment that I want to know what the implications of this are. I can imagine, but I think I need to see it, hear it, from someone, plainly stated. Normalcy bias is a bitch 😉
    2. I’d be very interested to have someone experienced with leftist propaganda try to disprove this, you know, the way Media Matters does. What would they point to? I want to know so we can be better armed to argue.
    3. Scary…
    4. Thank you… I think.

    • Annie, not sure what you want. You left this link.
      Problem is it’s just the main page. Was there something in there you wanted us to see? Find the story and then copy the full address on
      address bar. Paste in new comment and we’ll see if we can help you out.

    • The implication is that this event was, at the very least, staged, meaning that it was designed and executed by what would have to be a group of very powerful people with virtually limitless influence/resources in both government and network media, and, at most, is starting to look like it may not have happened at all. And this would be par for the course in the history modern history of tyrannical governments or governments attempting to move toward complete tyranny.

  14. I just thought of a (possible) way these could be faked (though I can’t imagine why anyone would do it… but here it goes):
    You go back to a post you made prior to the shooting and simply change the title & content… That would explain the timestamp, though the previous content would probably show up in the web archive…
    How’s that for a theory?

    • Annie, does it have to be bloodless. LOL
      I’m no techie but I guess that might work, except by doing that they are implicating themselves. It’s like changing something so you get in trouble..LOL

    • I would love to view the archive. But what is strange or coincidental is that all these pages were still created within the week of the shooting regardless of what the contents may have been been leading up to that point. How come there are no pages created months or years beforehand and then titles changed to create a memorial or fund for these events?

  15. I think it’s rather tiresome & boring when someone skips through the blogs & replies, doesn’t really pay attention, then comments, & misrepresents the whole point!
    Geeez, I think someone needs to get back on their ADHD med !
    (At least we are THINKERS—).

  16. Let me please add, I didn’t give a name to the above “someone”, as I didn’t want to appear to be delivering a personal attack—but was referring to the meister 3 replies up—the “bored” one–!

  17. Thank you for the response to my reply! I truly appreciate the work you have put into raising questions about this event. All I know for sure is this…..I am a mother to two small children and my family was out for dinner last weekend when my 7 year old daughter started choking on her food in the restaurant. My husband and I reacted as soon as we were aware of her crisis and did what came naturally to us to stop her choking. She was fine but I was not, not in the least. I lost it and began crying and shaking uncontrolably at the mere thought of losing her….
    I look forward to digging into this further!

    • What a frightening experience that must have been! Thank God you and your husband were right there and acted quickly.
      I don’t have human children, but I love my pets like my children. 7 years ago, my most beloved Gariel, a ginger-apricot Persian, suddenly died from cardiomyoppathy. When I took his little body home from emergency vet hospital, I held his body on my lap and wept for an hour as my best friend and Godsister, Joan (of FOTM), sat with me. I am a strong woman and not prone to crying, but I grieved for three months. EVERY morning and night of EVERY day, without willing it, tears streamed down my face.
      There was Grace while I held his little body, weeping: A lovely fragrance came from Gabriel, like no fragrance I’d ever smelled from any flower or perfume. Joan was witness to the phenomenon and smelled it too. Neither of us wore any perfume that day. My husband, who arrived hours later that day by plane, also smelled it. The scent of sanctity!

  18. I searched “Sandy Hook hoax” with the time span February 1 2012 to February 28 2012 using google. Strangely, google gives “cached” results documenting various websites affirming that Sandy Hook was a hoax 11 months before the incident! Now should we also affirm that people recognized sandy hook was a hoax as early as February 2012?, or rather shall we conclude that google’s reported cache dates are not reliable? I think the latter.

    • nonroy, can you give me your exact search phrase?
      I searched sandy hook hoax february 1 2012 – december 2012
      I found nothing dating like that.

  19. Belated message to Newton: Thank you!

  20. @Steve above – Vonroy is correct. Using your exact phrase and changing the date to only Feb. 2012 leads to a first result of a Yamaha message board. Here’s the date info: “5 posts – 5 authors – Feb 1, 2012”. The second result is a Twitter account, the third is a link to a news story about “Travel Scam Artists return with different name” – but the text underneath the headline refers to Sandy Hook. Unfortunately, using Google cache in that manner is horribly ineffective. Crawlers may use prior urls (example, that forum may have had a thread that was in existence in February when crawled. The thread is deleted. It leaves the blog up to allow the new URL to be used. It gets used for a Sandy Hook thread. Since Google first saw the url creation in February, it updates the content in the preview but first “tells” us it was seen in February. I’m down with thinking most of Sandy Hook was a hoax. (I differ in that I believe some parents not in the know actually did have children die – there needs to be a few people “real” to perpetuate the whole thing down the road.) BUT – Google cache is AWFUL and a search result with the date is not only just not correct, it’s potentially damaging to the entire point of getting the right information out. If someone can poke holes in a theory so simply, then it’s not worth putting up. In fact, the next result – the following url is “archive index.php thread-3385 html” – which means the webpage existed BEFORE – but the content was different.
    Also, as for the timestamp on a site like YouCaring – just because a site’s internet clock is GMT doesn’t mean the entire site functions that way. In reality, ALL sites are tracked on Greenwich Mean Time because it’s the only “time” that exists. HOWEVER, there is codes that allow a site to customize a timestamp based on *you’re* location. (Think of a forum in which you are allowed to change your “time zone” so the threads timestamp appears custom to you). The only base zone in the world? GMT. In fact, EST is still just a different definition of -5:00 GMT. WE are one of the few countries to “name” our timezones, others just use -X GMT. It all depends on the backend preferences of the site owner. HOWEVER, if say someone in Alaska accessed the site, it would appear to them as 06:45 even though it was 9:45 EST.
    It doesn’t matter where a site is hosted, or where their server is or anything of the sort. All computers, servers, etc. based their timekeeping off the NIST Atomic Clock. It’s why you can plug your computer in and “get” the date and time correct. It’s the timekeeper for pretty much the entire world. Remember old computers, when they’d get laggy the time would be off by several minutes? That’s because it didn’t build in an automatic sync to the Atomic Clock. Now it does and no computers, without a person manually changing the time (which then overrides the updates) is off by more than a couple seconds.

  21. Great work of research exposing this barbarity

  22. That Jesse w guy also posted a fundraiser on12-12-2012 for
    But in the message it says she passed away on dec 15, 2012

  23. @ Mary: You’re right about the way timezones are calculated on websites. However, even if the blog entry was entered at 09:45 on December 14th, that’s *during* the event in question. Dispatcher did not receive ‘the school is clear’ until 09:53.

  24. A friend of mine had seen a Facebook benefit page on Sandy Hook’s victims on the 12th of December 2012 & told me about it which was before Sandy Hook even happened.

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