Another reason to hate Twitter: Some fool threw cheese at a baby and now we have the #cheesedchallenge

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I guess peek-a-boo is just not enough entertainment for some adults these days…

From NY Post: Instead of telling babies to say “cheese” for the camera, people on Twitter are now literally throwing slices of cheddar at them.

The quirky Twitter trend, which has been called the “cheesed challenge,” was started by user @unclehxlmes on Thursday.

He uploaded a video of himself approaching his toddler brother while holding an ominous slice of cheese. In a scene that could be described as a low-budget Hitchcock film, the seemingly terrified baby braces himself as his older brother flings the dairy product on his face.

“Just cheesed my lil brother,” @unclehxlmes wrote. The video has shot to stardom online, garnering more than 8.3 million views.

“Kid’s gonna grow up with a cheese phobia,” one user wrote.

“I shouldn’t laugh as much as I just did, he even knew something bad was about to happen,” another Twitter user said.


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19 responses to “Another reason to hate Twitter: Some fool threw cheese at a baby and now we have the #cheesedchallenge

  1. This country has a very low average intelligence quotient.
    Doesn’t take much to amuse most people.

  2. Leeann Springer

    Only low-class, trash bottom feeders, would do that to a baby. It’s not funny and shows disrespect for the dignity of innocent children. Personally speaking, anyone who thinks it’s fun to do that, deserves to be hit with a highchair tray . Leeann

    • Well, since they obviously have no problem murdering them, why would they mind this? All part of The Plan. Total denigration of societal norms. They can’t get their collapse soon enough.

    • Exactly, Leeann. I’ve never bothered even looking at Twitter. The screen shots in the articles here make it look like mass superficiality, erasing millennia of hard-won cultural and intellectual advances in less than a generation.

    • I think I’d go with the whole highchair. You can leave the tray on. After all, it isn’t like an infant has to trust adults not to hurt her or him or anything like that, huh? I don’t even think monkeys are stupid and low class enough to do this.

  3. ‘How stupid can you get?’ a question, not a challenge.

    • Give me a freaking break. It was funny. Good lord you people tLe everything so freaking personal. The kids will be fine. Holy crap.

      • Leeann Springer

        How would you feel if people decided to hit you with cheese slices in the face? There’s something out of kilter with anyone who finds it funny or to make a contest of it. It’s wrong! Leeann

  4. Jackie Puppet

    It was just plain LAME! I mean, where is the comedic value? Throwing cheese on a baby is funny? It’s beneath juvenile…

    Normal people laugh at what babies do, not laugh at their expense.

  5. This is like all the idiots years ago who smashed their kids faces into the kids birthday cake while videoing it. These people are looking for instant fame with the stupidest things. Nothing surprises me anymore. Anyone doing thst to a kid should have a loaded diaper flipped into their face and see how they like it.

  6. “It was funny.”

    That’s your opinion.

    Others find the Tide Pod, No Lackin, cinnamon, car surfing (etc.) challenges funny. Doesn’t mean they are.

    Good Lord, I don’t take people being stupid so freaking personal. I learned long ago that you can’t fix stoopid…

  7. As if the Tide Pod Challenge and the No Lackin’ Challenge weren’t stupid enough…

  8. Steven Broiles


    Honestly: Mom & Dad always said I was “supersensitive,” but there were certain rules. I had no problem following them. Growing up, it never occurred to me to throw food at other people. (Food fights in college would have been another matter, but I was never in one). Just because Hollywood and television have been saying all men are stupid for the past 30 years, do these jerks have to prove them right???

    IDK. SMH…

    • Steven Broiles


      At any rate, this is not another reason to hate Twitter (or any other social media): It’s just another reason to hate a-holes. I’m on Twitter. I don’t post much; I just follow about 100 people and comment on their posts, sometimes.

      Maybe someone can throw a COW at Jack Dorsey for his moral cowardice.

  9. It’s better than what the liberal’Democrat/communists did in the former First World country SA, before “Democracy” was brought there by Joe Slovo & Co: They fling poop at statues of white people who created the country just like Gorillas do!

    Flinging Poo at South Africa’s Past

    • Tks for the Amren link about SA black activists destroying the universities there. In checking out photos of black activists at SA’s U of Stellenbosch, sure enough, the search brought up photos of what appeared to be synchronized BLM-style demonstrations at Tufts, Yale, etc.

      It’s the same old drill of demanding victim status to rationalize their inability to do college level work and to express their suppressed resentment at being given what they realize are farcical degrees for watching movies and listening to insane rants in black/whiteness/gender/queer studies, or their academic equivalent.

      So, the Slovos, wherever they are, dominate real majors by manipulating the entrance requirements while also keeping their white competition out by taxing university resources with blacks those same Slovos, who also control the teachers’ unions, have ensured never get above a fourth-grade education level, and, realizing who their real oppressors are, join with whites against the common leftist/communist/progressivist enemy of mankind.

  10. 8.3 million views – let’s see – ppl who are keyword searching infant/baby and cheese – now why would someone be searching those words…. ?? Let’s ask the Podesta’s.


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