Another Reason Not to Watch American Idol

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I haven’t watched a single episode of “American Idol” this year. Now I have one more reason not to watch.
The Punk and Mrs. Punk will be on American Idol this coming Wednesday.
For a guy who told America to shut up (“the talk is over!”), he sure doesn’t practice what he preaches. But then narcissists just l-o-v-e to hear themselves talk…and talk…and talk. Like that rambling, incoherent, mind-numbingly boring 17-minute non-response he gave to a woman’s question about taxes.
I’d rather watch the paint dry than AI this Wednesday night.

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5 responses to “Another Reason Not to Watch American Idol

  1. Oh please,how much more embarassment can we take?

  2. And it’s also fixed like pro wrestling.

  3. I have never watched this show and this just gives me another reason to never, ever watch it.
    Vox Populi

  4. Why don’t this clown try being President. Yeah I know it’s a crazy idea but it just might work!!!


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