Another Professor Behaving Badly

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Higher education is so edifying!
In June 2011, we learnt that left-wing Cal State East Bay professor Kenneth Kyle was sentenced to at least 30 years for having raped a 13-month-old baby, with the mother’s consent and facilitation.
In August 2011, we learnt that David Lee, Chancellor of the University of Northern Virginia, was discovered to have a S&M dungeon in the basement of his suburban home.
Now, a 74-year-old college Math prof is charged with running a methamphetamine lab out of her home.

Irina Kristy

Christine Hagar reports for CBS Boston WBZ, Dec. 4 2011, that Irina Kristy, who teaches math at Boston University and Suffolk University, will be arraigned next month for allegedly running a meth lab out of her Somerville home.
Kristy’s son Grigory had pleaded not guilty to the same charges last month.
Kristy has been placed on administrative leave at both Suffolk and Boston University.

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3 responses to “Another Professor Behaving Badly

  1. We have to realize that tenured weasels who have inveigled their way into our education system are the real reason that college kids are emerging into the real world without a clue. This is how they were persuaded to vote for Obama in 2008, and to show up to the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011.

  2. This makes me wonder if an S&M group in Northern Virginia called the Black Rose Society is still around. When I lived in NoVA I rented a room in a place called Bull Run Castle–an honest to goodness 8000 square foot castle made of brick, stone, and cinder blocks about 30 miles from D.C.–that was a favorite place the BRS would pay to have parties in. My landlord, though uptight about a lot of things, was willing to look the other way since they paid well. There was also a small “dungeon” beneath the small area behind the portcullis (which was an honest-to-goodness portcullis)–maybe 6 feet wide by 6 feet long and 10 feet deep, and every couple of months or so a BRS member would pay my landlord $50 to be chained up in there for 8 hours, no matter what (including if the guy yelled to be let out).

  3. Behavior most foul!!!!!


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