Another Potential School Tragedy Avoided… By Armed Guard

Doubt we’ll see much of this.  ~Steve~     Big H/T   Stephanie O

By Bobby Eberle February 1, 2013 7:13 am
So here’s the news story that those on the left don’t want you to hear. Whenever someone goes crazy or someone with evil intentions starts shooting, the result is usually tragic, and the reaction of the left is to disarm the population. However, at an Atlanta middle school, after one child was shot, the shooting came to an end… because of an armed guard. That’s right. There was not a mass killing spree in Atlanta on Thursday, but there could have been. We’ll never know. And thankfully so, because an armed guard stepped in.   As reported by USA Today, “A 14-year-old student was shot at an Atlanta middle school Thursday afternoon, and another student was taken into custody, police said.”
An armed guard disarmed the shooter moments after the 1:50 p.m. shooting in a courtyard at the Price Middle School in southeast Atlanta.   Atlanta Public Schools public information officer Steve Alford said the teen’s wound was more toward the back of the neck, WXIA-TV reported.   An armed off-duty Atlanta police officer who works at the school subdued the shooter and had him drop his weapon, Police Chief George Turner said.   Several shots were fired, Turner added. He did not identify the gun.
It appears that the shooting could have been gang related, but here’s the point. Rather than having a shooter run amok, this school had an armed guard. Rather than disarming law-abiding Americans, shouldn’t the real focus be on providing a safe and secure environment for our kids?
Barack Obama’s children go to a school with armed guards, but that’s not acceptable for the rest of America? If children are really the focus, then let’s protect them. These so-called “gun free” zones do nothing but invite violence. It’s like putting up a sign that reads, “Come in. Stop by. Rob or shoot this place. Everyone is unarmed.”

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7 years ago

A happy ending due to a gun… no wonder we haven’t heard much about it on the news.

7 years ago

The armed guards at the schools sounds like a good idea on the surface , but think about it . Could this be MORE indoctrination of the youth to refrain from resistance of a future police state ; because after all , the gov’t is doing this for our own good !!!……Something to ponder !

7 years ago

I like the statement in the press report, “He did not identify the gun.” It doesn’t make any difference if the gun had a name or not, whether it’s name was Frank, Demetreus, Irving, Jack or Spartacus. Or, what I believe the reporter meant , was, it’s make, model or type was not reported. Why would the model of the gun make a difference? Had it been an AR-15 or a similar model, ooooo an “assault weapon,” it would really have been a big issue, wouldn’t it? Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomburg and the rest of the gun grabbers would have had… Read more »