Why Sane Professionals Believe the Osama Kill Story

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I belong to an e-mail list comprised of U.S. and foreign professionals with an interest and expertise in military-strategic matters. Many are retired and active US military.
Of late, I seem to be the only one on the list who expresses skepticism about the much-celebrated killing of Osama bin Laden. Everyone else seems to implicitly accept the Obama administration’s version of events. Last evening, I defended my radical skepticism with two points:

  • I questioned Obama’s refusal to release the Osama death photos when both his and the Bush administrations released gruesome prisoner abuse photos from Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • My operating premise (a priori) with this administration is that “Obama lies,” of which we have ample evidence.

Thus far, only one member of the e-list, “X,” responded. I give X credit for not dismissing my radical skepticism by calling it “lunacy” and “toxic,” which was what a friend of mine did (he’s no longer a friend). Here’s X’s response to me. It is reasoned, temperate, and deserves a reading:

It is quite true that, during the election campaign, Obama promised an “open” administration, in a radical sense never before witnessed – “transparent” was used at times.  It is equally true that his administration has set records for being unwilling to release information about what it did, why it did it, etc.  To that extent, Eowyn has a point.  Nevertheless, it  is possible to overreact to this data;  it may be that O was naive and inexperienced and had no clue why government is not entirely open – but he has learned better.  He seems to be more of a pragmatist than I feared he might be.  I feared he might be too ideological to address any matter in a practical way.

When Z [another member of our e-mail list] was very young – and I only a few years older – Z went undercover in the Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Washington – the primary target of that organization (which was national).  It sent the staff of a regiment (30) to Seattle to organize and seed “the revolution” – and as I (and Y on this list) waited outside with a squad of students who also were US military veterans, listening on a CB radio to what Z was witnessing inside, we heard SDS meetings which, among other things,

  • planned a series of bombings (two before we got involved, one afterward – which we warned about and caused us to be taken seriously – no other bomb ever went off there because we warned of every one);
  • obtained money from Cuban agents who said it came from the Soviet Union;
  • listened to inspiring speeches (mainly on tape) by two people who became the sponsors of Barak Obama’s political career (Bill Ayres and his later wife Bernadine Dorn) – in which they claimed the path to success for the radical (communist) left was to (a) radicalize the population; (b) get the government to crack down with security measures to radicalize the population even more; and (c) to elect suitable officials who would corrupt the system from within. 

I feared O might be just such an agent – doubly because his first campaign began in their home – and their check was the first (for $5000).

My impression is O is not their creature, and he used them as much as vice versa, or more.  He is content to be the “first black President” and has no plans to rule forever.  He is a pragmatist enough to do things like keep Robert Gates as SECDEF – and to even stay in wars the hard left opposes – if it gives him a better shot at a second term – and some good comments by historians.  Never mind the hard left is entirely opposed to US National Interests – O is willing to give them some consideration – and I am not displeased at all by that.

I do not doubt the SEALS raided OBL’s home, or killed him.  I think there is evidence real evidence was obtained there.  I think the many officials involved have disclosed enough to make it clear something significant happened – and something unusual for real lefties to have authorized.  This is more like Mrs Clinton than Obama style – it is going along with the bureaucracy because it will sound good in the press and in history – never mind the hard core left will hate it. 

That O may have less than pure motives – or less than mature grasp of NI – I will stipulate.  That does not mean we ought not to be glad for what he authorized.  Or believe that, in general, we are being told the broad outline of the truth.  In such affairs there will always be things we are not told – and others that are garbled in the telling. 


UPDATE: Right after I hit the “publish” button for this post, I received another response to my radical skepticism. This is from Z:

“OK, got it.  I don’t trust Obama either, but in this case the scrutiny is so intense I doubt he will lie.  Anyway, al Qaeda confirmed today.  Doesn’t prove it but one more brick in the wall. -Z”


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0 responses to “Why Sane Professionals Believe the Osama Kill Story

  1. “…but in this case the scrutiny is so intense I doubt he will lie.”
    Which is exactly why I am skeptical about certain aspects of this, and the fact that this administration has changed its version of events numerous times, and has been nailed releasing staged photographs, is only causing me more pause.
    Many people today are reluctant to question things and speak their minds because they are terrified of being tagged with the “conspiracy kook” label, which is the exact result their accusers are looking for.
    I reserve the right to question anything my government tells me, and if that makes me a conspiracy kook in the eyes of some, then so be it.
    This administration is infested with reflexive liars, and there is almost nothing I would put past them.
    They may very well have taken out OBL in that raid, but I am not willing to take this administration’s word for it, and especially not this particular president’s, who has demonstrated repeatedly that his word isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit or cold urine.
    I’ll believe OBL was present and killed during that raid when I see 110% irrefutable evidence of it, not because a bunch of government employees worried about there job security tells me he was.
    There was a time when we were a nation of healthy skeptics, but not anymore, as political correctness and intimidation (really the same thing, actually) have people afraid to question many things that are going on in this world and particularly government.
    As a libertarian, I understand that government is inherently evil, and the larger and more powerful it becomes, its capacity to do evil rises exponentially.
    There comes a point when government is only interested in increasing it’s power and control, and not protecting the rights of its citizens – which, in my mind, is government’s only real responsibility.
    I trust government about as far as I could throw it, and I don’t much care if the people running same have an “R” or a “D” after their name.
    Historically, sheeple who choose not to see have one thing in common – life under tyranny.
    And we are very rapidly moving closer to tyranny as each day passes.

  2. I agree with Dave. The president lies about everything. As one Ldotter put it: Obama killed Osama and we got 72 versions.
    I also agree with Dave this: “Many people today are reluctant to question things and speak their minds because they are terrified of being tagged with the “conspiracy kook” label, which is the exact result their accusers are looking for.”
    It wasn’t so long ago that HRC voiced the same opinion: ” I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.”
    Although you should hear it for its full effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CzteDucRHo

    • Kitty,
      LOL – Yeah, I remember her shrieking that.
      Funny that is this was the Bush administration, I would be willing to take their word for it, but because of who is currently in charge, I’m just not buying it without positive proof.
      They have put out three versions of what happened (so far), and have already been caught putting out staged photos.
      It just bugs me that so many are so willing to take their word for this on face value alone.
      LOL – And now that AQ has piped in and said OBL is room temperature, I’m supposed to just take their word for it too?
      Not this guy.

  3. Eowyn,
    There is one other aspect to this that I forgot to mention (I am still a little coffee deprived this a.m. which explains my spelling), and that has to do with the current president.
    One thing I have noticed since the start of this administration, actually even back during the campaign, is that many people, even many conservatives, were and are very reluctant to be vocally critical of Obama.
    I believe that somewhere in the backs of their minds they fear being tagged with the “racist” charge – never mind that charge has been so over used as to carry virtually no weight.
    I have a feeling this is exactly what his well-heeled handlers were hoping would happen when he was being groomed to run for the presidency, as it is plainly obvious to anyone with an IQ above freezer temperature he doesn’t possess even a fraction of the skills necessary for the job.

  4. Eo- I think the problem began with John Brennan. He came out on Monday with the hero speech in which Obama was the subject and not the SeAL team that took ObL out. He interjected a bunch of since-retracted details like “firefight” and “human shield”.
    Once the “theme” had been set- thoughtful, pragmatic, courageous Obama- the White House team being the second-rate juveniles that they are, ran with it. They released the pictures from the Situation Room. They told the tale of a respectful burial. And so on. Unfortunately for them, Leon Panetta realized right from the start that he would be giving testimony to Congress about this and that he better not embellish the story. And therein lies the controversy.
    I think you have an amateurish White House staff that does whatever it can to build Obama into this larger than life figure, constantly ignoring the facts that belie their outrageous claims. They still believe that the media will ultimately protect them from harm -and they may be right to a certain point- but ignore the fact that Congress, more specifically the House- has subpoena power, a fact not lost on Leon Panetta. Now they’re blaming the fog of war when what they should be doing is looking in the mirror and saying, “we really need to stop making stuff up.”
    As I’ve said before, I think Osama is dead. I also personally approve of the methods by which he met his demise. I think they should show the pictures and they probably will eventually. And I think there is reason to celebrate, albeit for a very short time. Ultimately though, this changes little for Obama going forward. In 18 months, he’ll still be packing his bags.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Did you notice in that Situation Room photo, Bambi was the smallest, most insignificant person in the room?
      He was huddled down in the corner, not the picture of great resolution, leadership or courage.

    • “I think the problem began with John Brennan. He came out on Monday with the hero speech in which Obama was the subject and not the SeAL team that took ObL out. He interjected a bunch of since-retracted details like “firefight” and “human shield”.”
      In other words, it is Team Obama’s second nature to lie, lie, lie.

      • Yep. Absolutely. Though there are lies, damned lies, and statistics, as they say, and I think Brennan is a drama queen who lies, and ObL is now a statistic.
        “Trust but verify” doesn’t work with this White House. For these guys it’s “yeah, uh, I’ll wait for proof, thank you very much.”

    • lowtechgrannie

      Steve, I think the Chicago political-style is to just wing it and trust the corrupt system to cover up any loose ends. That’s what the Blago trial was all about.
      They may have been stars in the Chicago political scene; but, on a national and international stage, they’re really out of their depth. The MSM is playing along, but they can’t control the blogosphere. Too bad for them! LOL!

    • And, since they had been planning this for months, why did Barry need another 16 hours to make up his mind? A strong leader would have taken the following approach:
      1. Leave it to the experts to devise multiple plans for various scenarios, and have them argue each on the merits.
      2. Settle on a plan A and an alternate plan B for the likely scenarios after a consensus among the experts.
      3. Determine that when certain conditions are met, the plan will proceed for that scenario; plan A first with plan B as the backup pending a final authorization by the president.
      All of the above were probably met only the President failed to commit prior to the conditions being. Eventually, he came around to it, but not without reservation and doubt. A strong leader assess those well enough in advance to not choke under pressure. The 3 am call came and Obama couldn’t get out of bed to answer it; instead, he checked his messages and got back to the caller the next day.

  5. I wanna see the pic. Until then, I question everything this empty suit says.

  6. more lies, damn lies and statistics (twain) so much of what obama and his minions spew forth is so much bull they repeat the lie over and over and then suddenly this lie is accepted as the truth. and the cheerleaders of this admin. also called msm can’t wait to heap praise (nobel prize). under bush msm, bush was held accountable for everything from gas prices to someone losing a sock in the dryer. while now obama is held accountable for nothing bad but anything that could be perceived as good he is lauded and praised. under no circumstances should obama be elected for another term his incompetence and ignorance is so pervasive.

  7. I don’t doubt they killed some muslims,Sunday night or whenever. But after 10yrs of osama dying at different times. I don’t believe a damn word the bambi administration says. What is worse, Boehner comes out today and says he is against releasing photos,this creates even more doubt. We all got to watch Hussein hang,remember. There was no doubt there.

    • With the White House’s ever-changing story, refusal to release the death photos, Obama narcissistically giving himself undue prominence in the Osama-takedown narrative, and now John Boehner being an enabler, this administration has managed to do the impossible — suck out whatever relief & elation the American people had derived from Osama’s demise.
      Truly, the Obama administration is its own worst enemy.

  8. -X you are not the only one who finds this whole things full of holes. My son just got in from Iraq on leave,on Saturday. and he is skeptical too. He wouldn’t tell me why, but , but suffice it to say, I don’t feel like such a cynic anymore. My daughter and I have been skeptical as well.

  9. PS God Bless our military.


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