Another perspective on Ferguson

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With ambassadors like this, how will anyone heal race relations in America?

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0 responses to “Another perspective on Ferguson

  1. Let’s hear it for higher education and affirmative action…I’m sorry folks, but there’s no fixing this problem…That white guy had to be a little out of his mind to butt in on that tirade however!

  2. Her mother must be so proud to have raised such a beautiful, articulate lady…
    Or maybe she’s proud that her daughter was “keepin it realz”…

  3. In my long life, 99% of negroes I have crossed paths with had to deal with were just like the foul mouth simian throwback. Libs can holler rayciss at me til the cows come home but when I reply with “how many public housing black have you had the pleasure of living next to or having to deal with 24×7” These white zombies respond with a “mutha f***8 rayciss” and walk away not answering the question. Marxist Liberals will almost never face the downside of anything they push on society
    Watching and hearing that sewer mouthed poster child of Obama rant on raised my BP 100 points. NO sane person should have to be within 3000 miles of (I use the term loosely) people
    Maybe Davis Manning is right that the bulk of African and carribean negroes are indwelt by ancestral demon spirits considering their native religion for centuries is voodoo and islam

    • Art; it’s interesting to hear you say that about the ‘demon spirits’, etc. Having closely studied Christian Theology for the last 21 years; I’ve heard, and read, very learned men discussing that same issue! It is said (by what original source I have no idea) that Africa is called “The Dark Continent” for just that reason; that the natives of that continent, from time immemorial, have worshiped various idols, etc., which has led to a certain ‘infiltration’ of those demon spirits that they prayed to as ‘gods’ over the years. Now here is the difficult part to say without making generalizations: (I’ll put it in quotes, although I don’t have one particular source to credit) “that our Holy Creator God has abandoned them because of just that; their refusal to ever turn to the true Living God. It is a ‘curse’ upon them in general for this reason.”
      Knowing what I’ve learned over my many years; I’m well aware of the ‘discipline and chastisement’ that He has poured out upon the Jewish people in general for not receiving His Son as their Messiah: “He came to His own {Jews}, and those who were His own did not receive Him.” (John 1.11.) So the entire premise makes for logical thinking! Of course as you’ve already stated; this bled over into the idol-worshiping Caribbean islands such as Haiti, Jamaica, et al., who continue to practice these demonic rituals.

      • David Manning I a black Baptist minister from Harlem and he has had a lot of interesting and informative things to say about his own race> I did listen to a couple of his sermons where he stressed from time immemorial black Africans indulged in voodoo, inviting ancestral and earth animal spirits into them, savagery at their core. According to Manning, negroes do not want to hear this but until they cease from living like savages they will never collectively crawl out of the stone age. He also stressed that they have never built societies, language, farming until outsiders visited Africa, many of which were savagely killed by the natives. SO the romantic notion of the noble savage is a fiction.
        I would only call myself a rank amateur at best a struggling sin filled Christian who is far from pure and lily white. I have my doubts about a lot of the Bible but I have read a lot about bloodlines, genetic traits and ancestral curses, which may be a primitive way of saying genetic deformities.
        The caca continent aside, families where witchcraft has been practiced for generations seem to pass the evil along to the next and then the next, etc
        Of course the elite controlled media and eduKational system would never point out Africa’s evil demonic heritage, the liberals would be lightning quick to reply “oh yeah well look what those Christians did”

  4. I’d have given her money back,in cash and had the cops walk her out of the store-and I’d tell her,at the door,to NEVER come back. That was inexcusable. And I have to agree,more-n-more of ’em act like that. SO-WHY don’t they get any RESPECT??

  5. The reason this crap continues is because it is accepted. I guarantee that if everyone in that restaurant stood up, walked up to her and told her to get her Section 8 sociatal sucking a** out of there, this sh*t would stop. I’m certain she fails to possess the intellectual capital necessary to understand that the WORKING taxpayer behind the counter was actually funding the EBT card that paid for her meal.
    I wholeheartedly agree with Frederick Douglass “…let them fall.”

    • The reason no one “walked up to her and told her to…get out of there” is because blacks, the media, and the Left have so deftly wielded their “RACIST!” card that everyone is intimidated and few have the courage to stand up to the racial extortion. That, in turn, makes too many blacks even more emboldened.
      Do you live in a town or city with a substantial black population? I’ve had personal encounters in public with blacks — complete strangers — who viciously snapped at me for no reason. An example: I was standing in line at Walmart to pay for my purchases. A black woman ahead of me glared and snapped at me because I had the gall to place my purchases on the cashier’s conveyer belt before she was done. Weighing at least 150 lbs more than I, she was intimidating and scary.

      • I understand what you’re saying and agree, for the most part. I was born and raised in CA, Los Angeles to be specific, and went through the public school system that had a large population of both blacks and Mexicans (chola’s). Consequently, I was never intimidated by them due to either stupidity or because I’m a hardheaded Sicilian.
        I think if everyone got over the fear of being called a racist and started taking a stand against this blight on society, it would stop.
        If, during your incident at Walmart, 2 or 3 others came to your defense, she would likely think twice before her next outburst.
        I would have, if I was there.

        • Thank you, Jo. If you were being mistreated, I would also come to your defense!
          I live in a notoriously ultra-left city, wedged between 2 cities with substantial black populations and high homicide rates.

      • That’s true,but I’m putting THAT on my list of “DO NOT’s”,along with Political “Correctness”. The ONLY way this BS will stop is if WE quit playing their game.
        And,Dr.,in a more normal world,I’d have said something like,”This isn’t a problem-see-my stuff isn’t touching YOUR stuff. If she persisted,I’d say,”Well I’m tired. Whatcha gonna do,kick my ass?”,and if she laid a finger on me,I’d sue her ass off. But we’re not IN a normal world,ARE WE?,and suing her would backfire,because she likely doesn’t own anything-everything she has was probably gifts from the Taxpayers. (Thanks,Obama, In all honesty,I’d probably just ignore her. (THAT seems to REALLY piss ’em off!)

        • There was another incident in a grocery store.
          A young black man parked his grocery cart right in front of a display of onions, garlic, tomatoes, and avocados, blocking other shoppers’ access to the veggies. He was chatting with his girl friend. So I squeezed my body between his grocery cart and the display to grab an avocado. My body did not touch his cart. He glared at me and accused me of disrespecting him. I just shook my head and left, without engaging him.

          • The reply here would be,”I don’t OWE you respect-respect is EARNED,and you’ve not earned my respect yet.” (It’s easy to think of stuff to say when we’re sitting in front of the keyboard. When we’re actually THERE,it’s actually easier to knock the guy out,then act concerned and try to wake him up,thus looking heroic to the bystanders that didn’t notice him hitting the floor.)

            • Nope, the reply would be NOTHING unless you can use something humorous or otherwise disarming. Dishing a snappy, goofy remark at someone who has started a confrontation with some negative, stupid irrational remark has a greater chance of diffusing a hot situation and leaving you in the driver’s seat.

          • The proper reply in America these days to such an encounter is,”Lo siento, No hablo Englis.”

        • This is truth, even though I’m certain that you’ve heard someone else say this very thing on the Internet. That said: I’m sitting here in front of my desktop, and having just awakened from a two-hour, deep sleep nap, I am drinking a coke (for the caffeine). When I came to the part where you said “Well, I’m tired. Whatcha gonna do………? Yep, I did it; spewed half a mouthful of coke on and around my keyboard…

      • That is the reason I left CA. Aside from a nagging foreboding feeling and something that kept proding me to leave, I didn’t want to raise my little boy there. A leftist state devoid of morals, ethics or liberties and where everyone gets to be a victim except criminals, communist politicians and Sean Penn. On any given day, getting out of bed in the morning can rack up 3-4 solid felonies and a couple misdemeanors.

  6. I find it disheartening that so much anger can be generated from an order at McDonald’s.
    Time to think outside the bun.

  7. Oddly enough, in our neighboring town with a large black population, we’ve seen little of this behavior. One reason may be the very real racial harmony in the black, white and mixed churches in town. Many years ago a prominent black pastor commissioned me to paint a mural of the Cross to go behind the pulpit. Years later he was still talking about it to my (white) pastor. My wife has a number of christian friends who ride the train with her, and they are about equal numbers of black and non-black (european, asian, native american). We joke that the devil would not be able to attack a train with that many guardian angels around it.
    Don’t get me wrong. I always go into that town with my situational awareness turned up to high, but we have yet to hear of an incident of the knockout game, thank God. This is a great contrast to cities in the mid-west and in California.
    Martin Luther King was right. It’s not the color of the skin, but the content of the character that counts.

    • There’s a phrase used in a movie,spoken by Eddie Murphy,I believe,that fits neatly into this Racism crap. “Don’t START nothin’-won’t BE nothin’.”

  8. Dr., I hope that you had your video cam and obtained good material for your next Walmart posting. Ok, seriously, now, I have met coldness, even hatred, from blacks where they never occurred a few years ago. Former congeniality is disappearing right on Illuminati schedule. No jobs, free time, racial discrimination being claimed, so hatred and division between races and everybody else is being generated. The frustrations for blacks will increase for whites as well, and it may well lead to a civil war Michael Savage is warning us about in his newest book. Continued loss of jobs, rights, self-respect from idleness… The plan is to get us fighting each other for the amusement and protection of Luciferians.

  9. Brought to you by Samuel L. Jackson’s screenwriters… doesn’t being civil enter into “keeping it real” anywhere?

  10. How could anyone respect a person like this ? If you were blind you would get the heck out of there figuring this person had gone nuts and would start shooting anytime !!!

  11. I am shocked…….. SHOCKED, I say……. I NEVER thought I would ever see something like this…..
    I didn’t even KNOW that Michelle Obama ever goes to a McDonalds!!!!!!
    Good God…. give her her damned McRib and tell her to get the f**k outta here!
    Sounds like she’s been taking Hillary lessons…..

  12. Bob, Moochie, aka Wookie, can’t eat McRib it’s pork… A couple of years ago at work, a black lady was caught stealing, the guy in charge after catching her was also black. She accused him of being a racist… go figure… I agree that when the EBT cards quit working ya better live in the country and/or have plenty of beans and bullets stored up…

  13. I don’t hear of Hispanics acting like this in restaurants. Of course, they kinda have their own thing going on but where I live, I feel peaceful and safe. I live in suburban Los Angeles, in the foothills, San Fernando Valley. I love living here. I hate the politics and the stupid way the State is handling the water crisis. America has a huge spiritual crisis. Satan is the god of this world.


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