Ground Zero Mosque Gets Another OK

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Have we already forgotten this?

Karen Matthews of the Associated Press reports this morning that a New York City panel, the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously (9-0) against granting landmark status to a building near Ground Zero, thereby freeing organizers to build an Islamic center and mosque there. 
In December 2009, plans were announced for the construction of a Muslim mosque near New York’s Ground Zero — the site of the collapsed Twin Towers that were targeted by Muslim terrorists on 9-11. The mosque is envisioned to be part of a 13-story Islamic community center called Cordoba House, now given the new innocuous name of Park 51. The mosque would accomodate 1,000 to 2,000 Muslims in daily prayer.
Despite protests from 9/11 families, politicians, organizations, academics, and Americans across the U.S., the mosque nevertheless won non-binding support from the local NY Community Board, as well as some elected officials, such as NY Mayor Bloomberg. The planned mosque and community center were even criticized by other Muslims, such as Sufi mysticist Suleiman Schwartz, who said that such a building two blocks from Ground Zero, is inconsistent with Sufi (one of 3 Muslim sects; the other two are Sunni and Shi’ite) philosophy of simplicity of faith and sensitivity towards others.
Once again, here are the reasons why the mosque is a very bad idea:
1. It would be located two blocks from Ground Zero, which is akin to building a neo-Nazi “community center” right next to Auchwitz.
2. The group behind the construction is the Cordoba Initiative, a name heavy with significance for Muslims. As HotAir explains:

“Cordoba was…the seat of the caliphate established in what is now modern Spain after the Islamic invasion from North Africa in the 8th century A.D.  The medieval occupation of Spain – ‘al-Andalus’ – is considered by Islamic theorists to have been an inevitable step in the manifest destiny of Islam, and its eventual reversal through the lengthy European ‘Reconquista’ a tragic but temporary triumph of the infidels.  The great mosque at Cordoba was built on the foundation of a Christian cathedral, and when Europeans retook Cordoba in the 13th century they turned the magnificent mosque back into a cathedral.”

3. The director of the Cordoba Initiative is a Muslim imam named Feisal Abdul Rauf. In a 60 Minutes interview shortly after the September 11 attacks Rauf said, “I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened, but the United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.” When the interviewer asked Rauf how he considered the U.S. an accessory, the Imam replied, “Because we have been accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world. In fact, in the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden is made in the USA.”

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0 responses to “Ground Zero Mosque Gets Another OK

  1. Just despicable…why don’t these people help rebuild the Twin Towers if they really are interested in peace? (rhetorical)
    It is quite clear our govt is the enemy…suing the State of AZ and allowing this. This PC crap is going to ruin us, demoralize the victims’ families, and ultimately get the lib idiots voted out of office (hopefully).

  2. You can bet there are jihadists slapping each other on the back prolcaiming Allah Ackbar! over this right now.

  3. I would comment on this, but I am so seriously pissed off about it that every other word would start with an “F.”
    Just remember that I despise the 7th Century barbarian camel-scrubbers to the point where I believe they have no place in a civilized world, and let your imagination just run with it.
    Islam is not about religion, it is about power and control, and this Mosgue is nothing more that the dune monkeys giving America, and particularly the people of NYC, the proverbial finger.
    Fork ’em and feed ’em cous-cous, and may they all rot in f’ing Hell.

  4. i remember 9-11-2001 thinking how long will it take for americans to forget this horror and let our guard down. with our president bowing to a saudi prince and now this

  5. I just came from , it seems like it’s not really a mosque, and there’s already more than one mosque there. So why all the fuss?

    • It will contain a mosque:
      Did you read the articles linked in this post? Do you know the history of the Imam? Did you see the picture at this post?
      This building is a secular community center according to the funders and organizers. Therefore the “freedom of religion” chant the liberals suddenly care so much about (unless it’s Christimas) does not really apply. Do the homework on this radical Imam and his group. He’s a radical Muslim that wants to make NYC a laughing stock at Ground Zero.


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