Another Obama War – In Pakistan via Proxies

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This morning, we woke up to the news that Obama has involved the United States in yet another war — in Uganda.
Two days ago, D.C. investigative reporter Wayne Madsen wrote that Obama has already begun a war against Pakistan, through proxies. Here’s Madsen’s exclusive-to-subscribers report of Oct. 13, 2011.

U.S. engaged in military operations against Pakistani forces

The editor’s recent article, “Next Stop is Pakistan,” regarding plans for a U.S. military strike on that country, has elicited responses from both the U.S. and Pakistani military sides.

Writing in Pakistan’s The Nation, Khalid Iqbal, retired Air Commodore and former assistant chief of air staff of the Pakistan Air Force, cites the following: “An American writer, Wayne Madsen, recently claimed: ‘Pakistan is next on the target list of nations that will soon be feeling the military muscle of the US…….unlike other Muslim nations that have been subjected to its military intervention, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya. Pakistan’s ultimate prize for the West is its nuclear weapons arsenal . . . The plans have been coordinated between the CIA, RAW and Mossad.'”Iqbal adds, “the US always wanted to get to Pakistan’s nukes.”
After reading “Next Stop is Pakistan,” a senior U.S. military source in Kandahar, Afghanistan revealed the following:

“The saber rattling has led Pakistan to rotate its normal border patrol agents with Army regulars in recent weeks and Afghan security forces are in a state of high alert. While it does not get much press, there is already considerable cross-border conflict in the form of raids, shelling and regular movement of people and material at night, usually through groups that are proxies for other entities.  And there have been cross border protests and counter protests — that may be a healthy political expression for this part of the world – but which have further exacerbated the tensions.”

With the Obama administration currently ratcheting up tensions with Iran as a result of claiming a “Made in Hollywood” plot by Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, and actual hostilities breaking out between mostly U.S. and Pakistani proxies on the Afghan-Pakistani border, the question whether Obama is mentally fit for office becomes more than politically rhetorical.

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0 responses to “Another Obama War – In Pakistan via Proxies

  1. This POTUS has lost his mind.
    I wonder if the repubs are ever going to do anything to stop him?

  2. …”mentally fit”… IS the question. Like Dave said, this guy has lost his flippin’ mind. ugh
    And Sage… Dernit, I wish your response wasn’t the truth 😉 … but I know that it is, and it is a NWO they are indeed working toward, and circumstances are seemingly playing out according to plan… maybe not as quickly, or perhaps quicker than expected… 🙁

  3. And they question Herman Caine about his international experience?? SEEMS anyone would be better than the yo-yo who is in there now! Well everyone except for maybe Pelosi.

  4. Like I believe I said elsewhere, why aren’t the libs having major hissie fits over this? Skippy has us in another war and they are protesting the greedy corporations. Makes no sense…

  5. DCG –
    They can’t afford to spread themselves too thin… *eye roll* … they only expect our troops to pull off miracle after miracle with less and less… and apparently they haven’t mastered multi-tasking… LOL


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