Another Obama scandal: pedophilia, prostitutes and drugs in State Department

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Here’s another Obama regime scandal that you’re not hearing or reading about in the State Controlled Media.

The Western Center for Journalism reports that under the watch of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the U.S. State Department was rife with corruption and sex crimes:

  • State Department’s diplomatic security agents in Lebanon sexually attacked guards.
  • State Department contractors in Baghdad bought illegal drugs from an underground drug ring.
  • Clinton’s own security agents, at least seven of them, hired prostitutes while traveling with her in various countries, including Russia and Colombia. The agents even took the prostitutes back to their hotels. Investigators called the use of prostitutes by Clinton’s security agents “endemic.”

Most serious of all is U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman.

Howard GutmanHoward Gutman

According to a suppressed State Department Inspector General (IG) report, in Brussels, Belgium’s capital, Gutman routinely ditched his security detail to solicit prostitutes, including underaged minors. 

Interestingly, the married Gutman’s residence in Brussels is on a street that is the northern border of the Parc Royal/ Warandepark, where some of the alleged solicitations and ditching of security took place. According to Atlantic Wire, the park is rumored to be a site of frequent homosexual and underage prostitution involving young boys.

Even when it became known that he was engaged in pedophilia, Gutman was allowed to continue his sexual perversity for months. Why?

Because Gutman has special connections to the POS in the White House.

Like Obama, 57-year-old Howard Gutman is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. More importantly, Gutman was a money man for Obama, having raised (“bundled”) $500,000 (half a million!) for the latter’s 2008 presidential campaign and another $275,000 for his inauguration..

As reported by S.A. Miller and Geoff Earle of the New York Post, instead of throwing Gutman in jail as a sexual predator, Hillary’s deputy, Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy, ordered the IG investigation ceased, and the ambassador remains in place until he departs from the ambassadorship on July 23, 2013.

All this was contained in the IG report, which outlined eight cases of problems within the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) that provides protection and investigates crimes involving any State Department workers overseas. But the cases were removed from the IG report by the department’s senior officials, including one instance of interference by Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills.

Aurelia FedenisnFormer State Department inspector general investigator Aurelia Federnisn

IG senior investigator Aurelia Fedenisn turned whistleblower and revealed the massive coverup. For that, she was subjected to a campaign of intimidation.

As reported by John Hudson for Foreign Policy, FBI agents camped in front of her house, bullied her children, and demanded that she sign documents—in effect a confession—that she had stolen confidential State Department documents. Fedenisn refused and has paid the price, becoming one of the many hounded and intimidated whistleblowers pursued by the Obama regime.

Pres. Lucifer’s henchmen even went after Fedenisn’s attorneys — the law firm Schulman & Mathias. As in Nixon’s Watergate break-in, the law office of Schulman and Mathias was broken into multiple times in a single day. Even though there was money, even silver bars in the office, the only thing that the “burglars” took were computers — computers containing the files of Fedenisn’s case on Hillary Clinton’s coverup of the criminal behaviors of her State Department underlings, including pedophile Gutman.

This is the same Hillary Clinton who, just days after she stepped down from being Secretary of State, launched a new website on January 31, 2013. To match the new website, she also got a new face and new hairstyle — all moves to position herself to run for the presidency in 2016. (See my post of June 4, 2013, “3 signs Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016.”)

Hillary after and beforeHillary before plastic surgery (r); after (l)

H/t FOTM’s Miss May and Impeach Obama Campaign.


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  1. For Amerika, Judgement and Justice Cometh…

  2. Plastic surgery is a waste of money. The corruption and evil in her soul is revealed in her shrieking tirades and tantrums. She is a puppet of the devil.

  3. How in the Hell can ANYBODY in their right mind even THINK about backing such a crude backstabbing BITCH? She is just a mean spiteful woman, at least I think she is a woman! WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE, ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD, BITCH! Semper Fi.

  4. If Hillary gets elected, or it’s another stolen election, I’m going to puke. In fact, I’m feeling woozy just thinking about it. And what’s going on between Hillary and Wiener’s wife, Huma Abedin. They’re always together, close together, REAL close together. Hmmn….

  5. Can’t believe the law office didn’t have an alarm system……….granted, they have the thieves on camera. I wonder how aggressive the hunt for them will be pursued by law enforcement? No wonder there are so few whistleblowers these days. Who wants to be added to Hilary and Bill’s death list? Crossing them is a sure way to end up dead before one’s time.

  6. Well, they don’t call it Foggy Bottom for nothing.


  7. Russophile=scumbag. Those “reset of relations” fans have an example to follow: their beloved pedophile dictator Putin pumped up with Botox.

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  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most revealing post. This is a regime of goons and Nazis, sick and narcissistic individuals.

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