Another Obama Milestone – 200 Gaffes

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As many of you know, my bestest NewsBusters bud Blonde Gator has been assembling a list of the POS’s gaffes and goofs and posting links to them on her blog.

She has only been at it for about fifteen months, and as of today has added gaffe #200.

Click here to see the entire list.

And let us all hope he will be committing his last gaffe on January 20, 2013, when he slinks across the White House lawn, climbs aboard Marine One for the short hop over to Andrews, boards Air Force One for the last time, and thus returns to wherever the Hell it is he came from.


(ht: Blonde Gator)

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0 responses to “Another Obama Milestone – 200 Gaffes

  1. Thanks, Dave, for sharing the List with everyone here. It wasn’t “my” list, per se….I had lots of help from the hordes of pissed off conservatives on the internet.

    Glad you all enjoyed it….it started out on a lark, but it was an awful lot of fun!

    @Terry….if after reading them, you think of any I’ve missed, give me a shout. There are so many now that I have to do a word search on the page before I post a new (old) one, because I can’t remember them all. But my sense of snark generally causes me to think of the same phrase, so I generally can find a duplicate that I’d forgotten (when someone says to me “hey….did you get XYZ?).

    Thanks again!

    ~ Blonde Gator


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