Another mob of Black teens "working twice as hard" terrorizing Chicago

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Alexandria Fisher reports for NBC5 Chicago that on Saturday night, May 18, 2013, Chicago once again was subjected to an unruly “flash mob”.

A group of 40 to 60 teens was seen disrupting and running through traffic along North Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Police arrested 12 people, including 11 juveniles, for obstructing traffic and being reckless.

The disturbance came on the same day that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law new legislation that would implement harsher penalties for violent flash mobs who organize via social media.

Recent attacks along Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” prompted concerns from many area residents. Last month, more than two dozen teens were arrested after groups began randomly attacking each other and pedestrians. “We see it virtually every year when the weather gets warm,” Supt. Garry McCarthy said after last month’s attacks.

The “flash mob” on April 1, 2013, involved as many as 300 to 400 swarming teens.
Reporters refuse to say it, but hundreds of “teens” swarming on city streets, “attaching each other and pedestrians” is a form of TERRORISM.
Reporters today simply refuse to actually report the facts. Facts like who these flash mobs are, and who are the “unruly teens” whom police arrested.

So let’s play a “Guess Who” game!

Here are some pictures from last Saturday night’s mob scene in Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile”:

Chicago mobChicago police officers monitor a group of teens near the intersection of Chicago and Michigan Ave., May 18, 2013. (Nuccio DiNuzzo / Chicago Tribune)

Below are 4 screenshots I took from NBC5 Chicago’s news video (which you can watch for yourself by going here):
Chicago1Chicago2Chicago4Chicago5And here are screenshots I took from the NBCChicago news video of the “flash mob” of 300-400 teens on April 1, 2013 (you can watch the video for yourself, here):

So,how did you do in our “Guess Who” game?

On May 19, 2013, a day after the “flash mob” of “unruly teens” ran amuck in Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile,” President Lucifer the POS played the race card when he gave the Commencement address at the black college Morehouse College.
The man who became President of the United States despite being a B-average student, actually said: “As an African American you have to work twice as hard as anyone else if you want to get by.”
Hey, you POS in the White House. By “working twice as hard as anyone else,” are you referring to those “African American” teens in those “flash mobs” in your home Chi-town?

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0 responses to “Another mob of Black teens "working twice as hard" terrorizing Chicago

  1. After watching the videos , it’s obvious what these people have in common . They don’t reflect a whole lotta light . I am so glad I moved away from that hell on earth in ’85 . As to my old friends if they are still living there ; I laugh at you .

  2. I heard today that Los Angeles authorities are afraid that the city will burn down if the current occupant of the oval office is impeached. Can we find any officials with an ounce of courage?

  3. Lemme see… are they Asian? Mexican? Gee, I’m stumped… 😉

  4. I live right off the Mag mile in Chicago. I was shopping with my 4 year old when this started going down. It was threatening and very much terrorist like. I implimented my security plan and got my child to safety. I also happened to be at the Wisconsin State fair 2 years ago when the same thing happened in West Allis. They are animals and have no regard for human life. Illinois is being forced to enact conceal carry by June 8th, 2013. I can’t wait to see what happens then. As a former Marine, highly trained in dealing with these types of threats, I will not stand to allow individuals to threaten a life; mine, family or others. My Sig M-11 holds no prejudice in the sights of a life threat! Then again, since most of these pavement ape, tar animals are cowards, they will realize once CCW is activated that they no longer have the upper hand. Lock and load America! Time to take our country back at any and all cost! And I say we start with the White House! I also say, if Los Angeles is going to burn because we impeach that bum, let it burn! We can rebuild! We did it after the first American Revolution, why can’t we do it after the second Revolution! It’s time for every Patriot American to find their inner Marine! Semper Fi America!!!!! Make peace or die!!!

    • John,
      Have you just gone all the way, in one comment, from decrying inner city race riots, to declaring a 2nd American revolution? I agree with you about the problem, but not the solution.
      Revolution is a horror. Say, for instance, you win. What then? You’ve changed the regime. Have you changed human nature, the ultimate corrupting influence? We need a new heart, not a just a new leader. We need a national turning to God, a grand repentance.
      But then, I am keeping the powder dry, just in case. And I totally agree with you about CCW.

      • Well said, TD!
        1. Revolutions are a horror, with many degenerating into even worse horror (e.g., French Revolution).
        2. Then there’s the necessary second step — rebuilding. Some revolutions fail at that, so all the horror, deaths, and destruction turned out to be for naught (e.g., 1911 Revolution in China; the first Russian Revolution in 1917 – in February).
        3. Some revolutions are taken way beyond what was originally intended, ending in a much worse dictatorship than the toppled regime. (e.g., the second 1917 Russian Revolution, in October, begun by soldiers, then taken over by the Bolsheviks, resulting in a 3-year civil war that ended with the installation of the USSR).

        • Thanks Dr. Eowyn,
          That’s exactly what I was getting at. The law of unintended consequences would likely cause the death of people you love dearly, and possibly yourself. To lose your dearest, only to end up like the USSR, or Rhodesia(Zimbabwe), or Mao’s China, or post-revolution France, or Castro’s Cuba…
          I’m just not going to encourage it. PERIOD

        • Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most informative post. I completely agree that revolutions are a “horror.” A period of the French Revolution was called the “Reign of Terror.” Such hatred was exhibited during that time and unconscienable violence not supported by any logic or moral purpose was perpetrated upon innocent people. Speaking the truth as is done by the writers on FOTM is the way to influence change for the better. We must be diligent and we must think with our intellect and use our strong free wills.

  5. Butt butt butt – you said the B word! You’re disqualified!!!

  6. philosophy and the brain washing of american students. think about how often we hear a black speaker remark about how he had to try twice as hard to pass through something and yet the facts show the exact opposite blacks always score at the bottom always the national average in the act test the test used for college admittance for all students blacks average is a woeful 17 a 17 guess what white or asian students are not accepted into college with such a pathetic test score but hey blacks try twice as hard. bullshit repeated loudly and often becomes the truth.

  7. Far too many young blacks are screwed from birth, born losers, because their Mothers, Fathers, aunts, uncles and other siblings are street punks themselves with nothing to teach and the children are trapped in the middle with no positive outlets. They don’t have morals and values. You add the poverty, drugs, no education and Demonic rap songs made by these goofy devil worshipping hip hop artist and there you have it; weak and naive young being led by other weak and naive fools. I tell you what; if there isn’t a clean sweep where your undesirables are contained there is no future for black people in America, the museum as an exhibit of what once was is all that will be left. The new Negro in America are Hispanics and Gays in my opinion. We have a so called Black President from Chicago, and the city is at an all time high in violence, murder, taxes, fines and chaos. Something is wrong with this picture folks and it stinks to high heaven. “Yes we can” and change” Bull—-! We’ve been had, took and hornswabbled.

    • Wow, Lavelle.
      One of this blog’s readers, Will, who was with FOTM since our inception, once also said that, for blacks to have a future, we’ll need to dump (meaning, by pass) at least 2 generations of blacks and start over.
      My heart aches for you….

      • Thanks for the email Eowyn! Lavelle speaks the truth and I stand by my comment from before. As we stand we are done, this generation is a total loss and maybe even the next. The sooner we accept that fact the sooner we can at least start treating the illness to save the patient (our people) for the next generation over.
        It’s going to get a helluva lot worse before it get better….if it get better…and I see a lot of bloodshed by those who want to keep hold of the “old ways” and right now they have us outnumbered by a huge margin.

        • Will you are absolutely correct when you state that the sooner people accept the truth so that we can move forward with saving the next generation over. Glad to know there are people like you in world my man. We need more honest, real people like yourself to see that we have a major problem that needs to be dealt with. As you stated; as of now we are done, and things will get worse before they get better. Something has got to give.

  8. It’s time to arm the citizens. Drop this gun free madness and start issuing out permits once more. You don’t even have to kill these kids. Once bullets start coming from the other direction, that would be motivation enough.

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