Another Kennedy Fool

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. fancies himself a big greenie. He never hesitates telling Americans how we must live our lives in order to save the planet, but flies around on private planes to lecture about the perils of global warming. He also receives royalty payments from two family-owned oil drilling companies..
Kennedy wrote a column last year bemoaning how manmade global warming has led to the lack of snow or cold in Washington, D.C. and its environs. I wonder what he’s thinking now?

White House's West Wing buried by Snowmageddon, Feb. 6, 2010.

Spurred on by Kennedy’s incredibly stupid column, I thought I’d look into what this arrogant hypocrite has done — just as I did with his cousin, Patrick Kennedy.
Robert K. Kennedy Jr. is the son of the late Sen. Robert “Bobby” Kennedy. A lawyer (what else?), Junior briefly flirted with the idea of running for the presidency in 2008. Did you know that he has a criminal record? According to wikipedia:

  • In 1983, Kennedy was arrested in a Rapid City South Dakota Airport for heroin possession. A search of his carry-on bag uncovered 183 milligrams of the drug. Kennedy pled guilty and was sentenced to two years probation, periodic tests for drug use, treatment by joining Narcotics Anonymous, and 1,500 hours of community service.
  • In 2001, Kennedy was arrested for trespassing at Camp Garcia, the U.S. Navy training facility on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Kennedy and others were protesting the use of a small section of the island for training. The trespassing incident forced the suspension of live-fire exercises for almost 3 hours. Despite the best efforts of his counsel, former N.Y. Governor Mario Cuomo, Kennedy was sentenced to 30 days in jail.
  • In 2007, Kennedy committed a crime against civility. Speaking at a Live Earth event in New Jersey, he called Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and ABC’s John Stossel “flat-earthers” and “traitors”.


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10 years ago

Is there a male Kennedy that doesn’t have some kind of bad trait..drinking, womanizing, drugs, whatever. They seem to think they are above the rules.

Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife
10 years ago

All the Kennedy’s have skeletons in their closets, but they still act like royalty. Maybe Scott Brown’s election brought them down a notch ot two. (probably Not)