Another Example of "If We Don't Learn From History, We Are Doomed to Repeat It"

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Disarmed Russian Columnist Warns Americans: ‘Never Give Up Your Guns’

Stanislav Mishin is a Russian who knows his history — particularly the history of how the Russian people were robbed of freedom once they were disarmed by Lenin & Co. after the Russian revolution in 1917. He knows how the newly born Soviet Union then acted with impunity toward defenseless citizens, carrying out “mass deportations, mass murder, [and even] mass starvation.”

This is why his message to the American people is very clear — “never give up your guns.”
Writing in Pravda over the weekend, Mishin pointed out how the world that was once enchanted with America has become less and less so as America has moved more and more toward a socialistic framework. The one thing people have continued to admire is America’s long held right to keep and bear arms, according to Mishin, yet now Obama and the Democrats are threatening to take it away as well. 
Writes Mishin: “This will probably come as a shock to most of my Western readers, but at one point Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. This was, of course, when we were free [before the Russian Revolution].”  After this, he goes through a list of abuses the Russian people have faced not only during Soviet times but under Vladimir Putin too, and here is his conclusion: “[Gun control] is about power and total power over the people.”
Speaking as one who knows firsthand how gun control eviscerates freedom, Mishin warns Americans: “Never give up your guns.” We would do well to heed his warning. 
We know where this is heading and if you don’t, you choose at your own risk to bury your head in the sand. Once they get our guns we will no longer have the means to fight back. The Constitution and the right to bear arms are our aces in the hole, we lose them and we lose, period!

Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Another Example of "If We Don't Learn From History, We Are Doomed to Repeat It"

  1. I read this over the weekend, too, and was struck because it’s the SECOND piece I’d read in a week warning us Yanks to “stick to our guns.” This link is video of people in England warning us of the same follies should we surrender the right to protect ourselves:

  2. We’ll never give up our guns. That genie has been out of the bottle for a very long time and I, for one, don’t think it is within the realm of possibility that American citizens will ever have their conventional firearms taken away. They may simply become effectively obsolete.
    Now, it is possible that new weapons technologies may not make it into the hands of the citizenry. Beam weapons, autonomous weapons (“drones”) and the like I can easily see being made illegal or very restricted to own and it is not hard to imagine that civilian defense technologies against autonomous weapons could similarly be made illegal (jammers, detectors, etc). It wouldn’t surprise me at all if laws are enacted that protect drones or other robotic law-enforcement technologies in the same way police K9 animals are protected today. Not sure what to think about those possibilities.
    We may chuckle at the thought of the current crop of bumbling quad-copters ever becoming a threat but when they are the size of a housefly we may feel differently. That day is likely coming rapidly and firearms will be as ineffective against them as a spear is against a firearm today.

  3. I just saw this this afternoon and blogged it. We’re descending rapidly into a conflagration…anyone else feel that way?

    • No. This country has faced all manner of challenges in its history and, my opinion only, this “gun grab” is hysterically overblown—on both sides of the argument.
      Realistically, what do you suppose the extent of such legislation could really, truly, mean? We have the second amendment and, for absolutely certain, it is not going to be countermanded any time soon.
      If it were up to you and you could magically proclaim laws, what would you consider?

  4. We have an escalated amount of ignorance in our government, in that they seem to overlook the atrocities of a Civil War. And, when they change our Constitution for any purpose including for the confiscation of our guns, they will subject Americans to the likewise events of a Civil War. The Liberal Left seem to think that we “American Constitutionalist” will just lay down our arms of freedom just because they say to do so. Their ignorance seem to over-look that we Constitutionalist know that tantamount to a war between government and civilians caused by forced disarmorment is the potential of a Jihad between the Great Satan (America) and Islam, which will demand that we Americans be armed. These confrontations and the destruction thereof will be stemming from politician ignorance, greed and cowardis action against this administration to preserve America and will forever be written in the history books.

  5. Just got a GOA alert. Harry Reid prepares to annihilate the Second Amendment. Spread the word.

  6. Thanks for the heads up, Maziel. The madness is accelerating by the minute! xO

  7. What in “Bloody L” is blinding people???!!!!
    This couldn’t be clearer! When Ann Coulter read Obama’s book during the 2008 presidential race, she sounded the alarm, calling it Obama’s “Mein Kampf”. She said, if you want to know what Obama intends to do, he tells you in his book!


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