Another dog post

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Smitty must watch Marmaduke

The reason for this post?
We all need a smile. 😀

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0 responses to “Another dog post

  1. That was fabulous! I needed to start my day with a smile.

  2. Too funny!

  3. Smitty really was watching — intently. So cute! 😀

  4. Hilarious and heart-warming! This brings back a fond memory of my high school BFF’s two litter-mate cats who, weekly, HAD to sit on the arm of the sofa, 2-ft from the TV screen, and watch “Wild Kingdom.” Believe me…they knew the TV programming schedule! You HAD to assemble to watch it, too, just so you could watch the cats watching the show…….head-bobbing, crouching in “fear” or caution, heads moving in tandom (like people watching a tennis match!) as the lion ran across the screen, etc……


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