Another Dem Bites the Dust

Massachusetts Democrat Congressman Barney Frank recently announced he’s not seeking reelection. Now, Politico reports that Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska will announce today that he is retiring after two terms, a serious blow to Democratic efforts to hold on to the majority in the chamber next November.
Nelson is scheduled to hold a press conference back home in Nebraska as early as today to make his decision official, said several Democratic insiders close to the leadership.
The 70-year-old Nelson was considered one of the most endangered Democratic incumbents this cycle…The White House and top Senate Democrats, including Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Chuck Schumer of New York, had quietly mounted a pressure campaign to keep Nelson from retiring.
Other vulnerable Democrats, like Sens. Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Jon Tester of Montana, also face difficult — although winnable — reelection fights.
There will also be costly races in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, featuring Democratic incumbent Sens. Sherrod Brown, Bill Nelson and Bob Casey. Obama’s reelection campaign is expected to spend heavily in those states, potentially giving a boost to Democratic incumbents.
Overall, 23 Democratic-controlled seats are up this cycle, while Republicans have to defend only 10. Senate Republicans need to pick up only four seats to grab control of the chamber.
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Good news!

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

I read on another site that the Oathkeepers are strongly fighting the re-election of every legislator who voted for SB 1867, especially in Montana. If I can find the story again, I’ll post it.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.


it is my goal to see everyone of these rats behind bars where they belong,past and present members of Congress. Enjoy your freedom while you have it. Bunch of treasonous hacks.


I know what your saying grouchy,but there are some very determined people this time around. These things have taken place for years,unspeakable. It is time to hold them all accountable for their actions.