Another deep thought from the iY Generation: US overdoes 9/11 rituals

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The enlightened Jeremy Rowley

The enlightened Jeremy Rowley

Campus Reform: America “overdoses” on patriotism on September 11, according to an editorial authored by a University of Wyoming student.
911 explosion2
Published on the 13-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a student at the University of Wyoming penned an editorial decrying the sense of “pride” Americans showcase on September 11. The student blames suburban families and public schools as being the worst culprits when it comes to patriotism.
“Pride is by far the most common response to the annual reminder of the attacks on our country, and this is the issue,” Jeremy Rowley, a sophomore at the university, wrote. “Suburban families erect their stars and stripes as public schools broadcast cliché images of bald eagles and American landmarks while blaring Lee Greenwood’s ‘Proud to be an American.’”
Instead, Rowley suggested that those who “may not be ready to move on” mourn quietly and humbly. “Instead of celebrating our country and shunning all those who don’t fit in or agree, we, the United States of America, need to get over it,” he wrote.
Rowley turned the attention in his editorial to social issues, lightly referencing the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the alleged gender pay gap. “Contrary to popular belief, America is not the best country in the world,” Rowley writes.
“We live in a country where unarmed people of color are shot to death without justification,” Rowley said. “This same country still struggles with paying women a fair wage. All the while, we neglect to give our children an internationally competitive education. The list of injustices goes on and on, and yet we band together and celebrate our country at a time when pride is the least justifiable reaction.
A university spokesperson confirmed the author of the editorial is a student at the school. The University of Wyoming declined to comment on the editorial.
The university’s calendar listed one event—a “ 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance(maybe they assembled KaBOOM! backpacks like Obama did?)—that was scheduled for Thursday evening at War Memorial Stadium.
Rowley did not return Campus Reform’s request for comment by press time.
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0 responses to “Another deep thought from the iY Generation: US overdoes 9/11 rituals

  1. This “student” needs a good dose of reality. It’s obvious this kid has no idea as to what it takes to become a country, and to maintain a country. The United States was the first country on the planet that was able to declare a “free nation” despite the difficulties it has come to face, and the enemies it has. If I am “guilty” of being a patriot, I will gladly and humbly accept that defeat. The kid also forgot that after the demise of the twin towers (regardless of who is actually at fault for it) America took a look at it, and said, “We will never forget”, and so gave birth to all the “patriotic stuff” that goes along with remembering it.
    I say we give the kid a free trip to North Carolina for some basic training, followed by a trip to Ft Benning for Airborne training, and then lets give him a free seat to lets say Iran, to be one of the first to light a fire under ISIS, he can join the other 500 men and women that are already there. Then after a couple of years of that duty, lets find out what he has to say about “patriotism”.

  2. Maybe Jeremy should cross our borders and choose some other welcoming nation to call home so he would have a basis for his statement: “Contrary to popular belief, America is not the best country in the world,”

  3. So we should all just get over it and move on, eh? I wonder if the 3000 people murdered on 9/11 think we should get over it. I wonder if the victims in the 23,818 (as I write) muslim attacks just *since* 9/11 think we should just move on. I wonder if Lee Rigby thinks we should forget his blood washed into the sewers of London and move on. Heck, I even wonder if James Foley thinks we should get over it and move on.
    This “”student”” (and I use the term very loosely, with double quotes to denote air quotes) is a glittering jewel in a crown of colossal ignorance, and a shining example of someone without a brain and without a soul.

  4. Hey, Pajama Boy, think about this for a minute while you go on about how “excessive” 9/11 commemoration is:

    • “Hey, Pajama Boy, think about this for a minute while you go on about how “excessive” 9/11 commemoration is:”
      Exactly so, that very same footage came to my mind too, and frequently does. Thanks for posting that, anyone who has never seen it (*heard* it!) is in for a real emotional jolt.

  5. That kid has been taught by despicable teachers.

  6. So just exactly how old was this little gubbermint-ejumikated pudknocker when the attacks took place?

  7. I hope they run the little bastard off campus to the point the stinking little puke has to flee to Siberia.
    Seriously, I don’t give a rat’s left gonad about these America-hating little shits anymore.


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