Another Caption Contest! – We have a winner!

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I asked the writers of FotM to each vote for a winner (#1) and a runner-up (#2). Here are the results:
The winner of this, our 3rd Caption Contest, is Ted Nougat — with 5 votes for #1, and 1 vote for #2. His caption submission is:

“Due to its placement on the far side of the court, Barack relied on the First Lady to help him read the teleprompter… ‘chew…chew…chew’.”

Congratulations, Ted! You clearly have a talent in writing clever captions, because you are a three-time winner of FotM’s caption contests!
Our 2nd-place winner or runner-up is Terry, whose caption submission received three #2 votes:

“Barry…Barry! …c’mon let’s go. That’s NOT Reggie out there in those little shorts!”

Terry narrowly beat out Lone Wolf, whose caption submission received two #2 votes:

“Who put the crucifix in this damned hotdog?”

Igor get an honorable mention for his caption mission that garnered one #1 vote:

“honey could you slide over a bit Reggie will be here any minute and I want to sit next to him.”

Congratulations to the winners ! and thanks to all who submitted a caption.  🙂
~Eowyn (Dec. 2, 2011)


Last Saturday, Nov. 26, 2011, Obama took Moochelle and their girls to watch the most expensive basketball game, ever.
The family flew in Marine One from the White House to Towson University in Maryland, to watch a NCAA basketball game between the Oregon State Beavers and Towson Tigers.
This pic of Skippy and Moochelle cries out for your clever caption.

To get the contest started, here’s my caption submission:

“Holy jihad! I just ate a pork hotdog!”

The winner of this caption contest (our 3rd) will be announced this Friday, voted on by the writers of Fellowship of the Minds. Captions submitted by FotM writers will not be considered.
The winner gets a one-year free subscription to FotM. LOL
Congratulations to the winner, Ted Nougat, and runner-up, Tom Runge, of our last caption contest!

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34 responses to “Another Caption Contest! – We have a winner!

  1. What do you mean, that wasn’t a Hebrew National hotdog??

  2. Barry, can we get 10 of those hot dogs to go?

  3. Hell, if Michelle won’t do me, I’ll do myself.

  4. Marine One for what would have been a 45 mile drive? Are you kidding me? That gas guzzler for such a short trip? Unbelievable…
    This is not a caption submission BTW 🙂

  5. “Due to its placement on the far side of the court, Barak relied on the First Lady to help him read the teleprompter…”chew…chew…chew.”

  6. “Oh, no — there’s a photographer and you left the White House without your wig again, Michelle. You also forgot to take your pajama top off this morning!!!!! I’m horrified for how you’re going to look on camera today.”

  7. That’s the third hotdog you shoved in there! When do we leave this stinking place?

  8. It tastes good, but it’s not Reggie.

  9. Hmm, that feels vaguely familiar.
    Uh, Chewy, oops, I meant sweety, would you mind dropping me off at Reggie’s place before he packs up and leaves?
    Trust me, the SS won’t mind, and they already know the way.

  10. “I”m too sexy for your party”…………………………

  11. Congrats on your KKK party racist contest! You people are vile, sick, losers! I guess you get that from your head racist, Rushie! Afraid of black people like the dirty, racist, redneck scum you people are!

    • Pathetic that all you have left to defend this Kenyan Muslim commie from his rapidly accelerating destruction of our America is with the race card.
      That’s like defending Hitler’s destruction of Germany because of his silly little mustache.
      Oh, and be sure and smile when you ask your customers tomorrow, “Would you like fries with that?”
      And in between batches of fries, perhaps you might wish to brush up on your grammar?
      And perhaps even a little basic history?
      Nahh, you are far too gone for that.
      You are destined for government slavery, and nothing more.
      And something tells me you are scared sh*tless of Herman Cain and Allen West – both of whom love America – unlike the Herr Kenyan Dear Fuhrer.
      But you are too stoopid to even grasp what is happening to your country.
      Sucks to be you, I guess, you (very) near-future stoopid government slave.

    • BTW, You government-educated dumbass, the KKK was started and run by DEMOCRATS for the duration.
      But I guess they didn’t teach you that in government school, did they?
      Then again, you are probably only 16, if even that, and your knowledge of history only goes back to Miley Cyrus’ first training bra.
      If even that far.

    • UNeverKnow,
      Again with the racism. How boring. Y.A.W.N. Can’t you mind-numbed libs come up with something more creative to hurl at us? Yeah, we’re so racist we keep defending Herman Cain against his bimbo eruptions.
      BTW, haven’t I banned you before? I remember your demonic e-address SoulStraw@, from Brooklyn, New York.
      Not to worry, you are now, once again, banned, you soul-less one. Go do your soul-sucking somewhere else.

    • Yo UKnow,,, I happen to know sheet wearing KKK members, dyed in the wool Democrats, each and every one.
      Do de name Robert Byrd strike a fammilar note Kingfish?
      They didn’t call him “Sheets” behind his back because he promoted “diversity”.

  12. I sure am gonna miss you Bawney..

  13. “Barry, why are they booing us? You told me they’d applaud me if I wear this ugly orange heart sweater!”

  14. honey could you slide over a bit reggie will be here any minute and i want to sit next to him…

  15. This golf ball’s sure getting uncomfortable. Better keep my eyes on that basketball…

  16. You guys win this game and this is what I’m willing to do for you!

  17. “What? Bawney Fwank sold his penis to the highest bidder at his gender change operation and it was the republican party?,quick mooseshelle!,either bring me some mouthwash or my lavender smoking slippers”.
    Wild Bill

  18. “Who put the crucifix in this damned hotdog?”

  19. Barry: You know, honey, Skoal and hotdogs do go well together after all. It’s American as cherry pie! Michelle: I got on Marine-1 for this?

  20. “Look Michelle, that guy is hot! I’m giving him my come hither look.”
    You guys are so bad, how come I am just now discovering you?

    • Thanks Steve, I will try and uphold your high standards of satire.
      May The Force be with you. /sarc

  21. Damnit Steve,,, You are, you’re, not “your”. Not intending to offend, just don’t want to introduce a crack to be used to call somebody ignorant.
    Kind of like calling a revolver a pistol.
    Gotta run right now, got two red horses trying to jump the ditch.

    • Open,
      A very warm welcome to the Fellowship.
      Having said that, please don’t ever, ever, ever correct/remonstrate my best bud Steve for his writing. He is this blog’s co-founder, who stood with me when no one else did. He is what he is — and no matter what you say, he will continue to write “your” instead of “you’re.” Live with it. I try to catch it and fix the small error when I can, but some slip by me.
      You may be a good speller and grammarian, but I’ll wager you $10 that you have other flaws.
      Founder, Owner, Administrator, and Chief Writer of FotM

  22. Flaws??? You bet, I can no longer hit the ten ring with consistory. I need optics to be accurate, I am an old vet.
    Sorry if I raised your ire, just want your staff to avoid folks calling them ignorant when that is not the case.
    Peace brother.

  23. after watching “dancing with the stars” and seeing the formerly female chasity bono now a male chas bono michelle thought about being micheal
    and she tried out her new look at the basketball game. micheal and barack suck down some red hots while watching men run around in shorts.

  24. We have a winner in our (3rd) Caption Contest!
    Please see my Update at the top of this post. 😉

  25. That’s funny, Terry!
    Ted Nougat should watch his back. I have a feeling you’ll be snatching the #1 award from his jaws in our next Caption Contest. LOL


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