Another Candidate for the Beast

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“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Book of Revelation 13:17-18)

The other day, while wandering on the world wide web, I came across an essay, dated June 14, 2011, written by Anne M. Berg, a Norwegian now living in California.

Berg quoted from and translated into English a news article in the Norwegian paper, Afterpolten, June 11, 2011:

Norway’s “Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg announced today that Norway will double the funds allocated to vaccines for poor countries to a total of 180 million US dollars per year. Norway will work closely with UK and the Gates Foundation on this vaccine program that will save 9 million children in poor countries.”

Bill Gates (l) and Jens Stoltenberg (r)

Berg noted that Norway’s crown prince had attended the recent Bilderberg Group conference in St. Moritz, and that PM Stoltenberg and his “prominent” father are previous Bilderberg guests as well. Berg also noted that both Jens and his sister “are heavily invested in the vaccine industry.”

Indeed, I found on a Norwegian-language blog called A New World Order (which you can have translated into English if you use Internet Explorer) that Jens Stoltenberg has a sister named Camilla, who is the assistant director of Norway’s Nasjonalt folkehelseinstitutt (FHI or National Public Health Institute). FHI, in turn, “is an active participant in the vaccine market” and has received “tens of millions of dollars each year from the Rockefeller Foundation.”

Then Anne Berg made this remark about PM Jens Stoltenberg that really made me sit up with attention:

“As an aside I once came over a photo of this career politician, before he advanced to prime minister, of him surrounded by children in Africa while promoting vaccines – a life long vocation of his it seems. What stood out in this photo, besides the poor children, was a black t-shirt worn by this man. On the front of this black t-shirt were three large white numbers – 666. I’ll never forget it.”

Alas, Berg did not provide the photo.

So I went scouring the web to see if I could find a pic of Stoltenberg in that t-shirt. I found it on A New World Order:

Norway's Prime Minister Jen Stoltenberg, date unknown

Wikipedia says Stoltenberg grew up in a political family — the son of former Foreign Minister Thorvald Stoltenberg and junior minister Karin Stoltenberg. Jens Stoltenberg “was raised in the Waldorf Education system as formulated by Rudolf Steiner.” Steiner was a Theosophist, Mason, Rosicrucian, Darwinist, and gnostic.

The word “stolten” is Norwegian for “pride or arrogance”; the word “berg” is German for “mountain”. (The German word for “pride” is “stolz”). The name “Stoltenberg,” in English, therefore means “mountain of pride.”

And here’s Bill Gates — Jens Stoltenberg’s partner in the new global vaccination venture– making a Freudian slip (?) at a 2010 TED conference. The purpose of vaccines is not to prevent diseases, it’s to reduce the world’s population:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [number of 9 billion] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Hmm, someone please tell me how vaccines can decrease the world’s population?


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12 responses to “Another Candidate for the Beast

  1. reducing it with vaccines? My thoughts were, a few years ago, that perhaps, they would give vaccines that would program their dna to kill them in a given circumstance,such as an epoidemic of agressive flu, or a vaccine to render them sterile.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    The plot thickens! Thanks for this one, Eowyn. I’m getting it out on the grapevine ASAP!

  3. lowtechgrannie

    There are videos on Youtube of congressional proceedings relating to Dept of Defense / Biological Warefare legislation. The technology exists, all that’s required is the will to use it and a big PR Media campaign to get the people to stand in line to receive it. Just like the Jews lining up for showers as Auschwitz/Birkenau. .

    Here’s the website for official information about Project 112 Shad

  4. lowtechgrannie

    My husband joined the Navy in 1963 and served on surface vessels in his first hitch. Second hitch in 1966 he was on FBM nuclear submarines for six more years. Who knows what he and his fellow sailors were exposed to? There are millions of American service personnel these experiments may have affected.

  5. Oh! Oh! Something is rotten in the state of (Denmark) Norway – Hamlet.


  7. This might be the answer:


    Hans Rosling explains that as life expectancy in a country increases, family size decreases. People want to produce two children that will be able to support them in the future. In developing countries, where the risk of child mortality is high, people have more children to try to ensure that at least two will survive to adulthood. Thus we shouldn’t just let children die in developing countries because that will only exacerbate the overpopulation issue.

    Vaccines can help life expectancy in developing countries to grow, which will lead to family size decrease.

  8. PS:

    My comment is only an answer to the question: “Hmm, someone please tell me how vaccines can decrease the world’s population?”

    The story about Stoltenberg and his t-shirt and vaccines etcetera, I don’t have an answer to.

    The conclusion of the different comments might be: Vaccines can be used in a right way and in a bad way. Let’s hope it’s used in the right way.

  9. I find it very interesting that you noted this in 2011 and now this man has rose to lead NATO….gives me chills…indeed one to keep an eye on! he has much dialogue indicating the desire to merge with the UN…perhaps this is the renewed Roman empire of Daniels prophecy…wow…Christ may be coming sooner than we know!!

  10. Anne M. Berg

    We are now well into 2015 and standing on shaky ground with military drills going on all over the world. NATO is no longer what it started out to be, it is now a major war monger. Jens Stoltenberg, who is featured in the story above, has since been rewarded with the position of Secretary General of NATO. Positions like that are not given to boy scouts and Stoltenberg is no boy scout. A tiny example of that has been reported in Norwegian media.
    This man who now overseas major war mongering at NATO was observed backing his Saab into a parked Volvo in a hospital parking lot in Oslo. Before driving away he sat for a long time in his car, registered to the labor party, then stepped out and left something under the windshield viper on the Volvo.

    The curious observer assumed that Stoltenberg left his name and phone number so the damage he caused to the Volvo would be covered. He went over to check and all he found was a parking ticket stuck under the viper.
    The observer reported what he witnessed to the owners of the Volvo. A labor party representative insisted that Stoltenberg had left his card on the windshield, but only a parking ticket was found. The party paid for the damages. Stoltenberg is no boy scout, but he heads NATO.

    This is a Google translation of the story, hence the strange English:

  11. What a great find, and thanks to Anne Berg and Dr Eowyn. Assuming the photo is authentic, which it certainly appears to be, the 666 Mark of the Beast on his shirt is no jesting fashion statement or identification with vague Satanism. Aleister Crowley of Thelema infamy was known as Agent 666 or Beast 666 and the sexual, economic, and spiritualist Beast 666 agenda of OTO, as one example, is unambiguously the agenda of all Western governments today, making Stoltenberg’s shirt a coy but presumptive affirmation that the NWO is Satanic in fact and not merely metaphorically so. We know that Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 plan for an elite ruling over an enslaved humanity, but this photo affirms it as the reign of Satan on earth, at least for Stoltenberg. Thomas Molnar wrote years ago that the hoped for annihilation of Christianity and Western Civilization would come about if the Church adopted the supposedly humanist, Masonic, or New Age agenda, which appears to be happening all around us. What unites it all under 666 is a hatred of Christ, coming not least from our politicians falsely claiming to be Christians as they undermine the faith at every turn.


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