Another Blond Blue-Eyed Terrorist!

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Yup. Just another blue eyed, blonde haired Norwegian terrorist hi-jacker!

That’s why we gotta keep profiling them….


POLITICO Breaking News:

The U.S. charged a 23-year-old Nigerian man Saturday with attempting to destroy a Northwest Airlines aircraft on its final approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Christmas Day, and with placing a destructive device on the aircraft. The Justice Department announced: “A preliminary FBI analysis found that the device contained PETN, also known as pentaerythritol, a high explosive. … FBI agents recovered what appear to be the remnants of” a syringe from near the man’s seat.
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4 responses to “Another Blond Blue-Eyed Terrorist!

  1. Everyone needs to go through intense airport security, but common sense should play a part. Our one-year-old tow-headed, blue-eyed grandbaby had to remove white SANDALS in Atlanta this past summer. It was all open and transparent. Go figure, but it did hold things up while buckles were undone.

    • DW,
      Yup, your year-old blue-eyed grandbaby sure fits the Islamofascist terrorist profile! LOL
      This is the kind of absurdity that Political Correctness has gotten America into….

  2. Just a thought–powder explosives could potentially be hidden in diapers, baby or adult. Wonder how they would handle that possibility and security!


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