Another big, fat hypocrite…

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HYPOCRITE / Photo Matthew McDermott

Hypocrisy: A feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not.  Defines this councilman perfectly…

Via NY Post: Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-Queens) stood shoulder-to-shoulder with McDonald’s execs yesterday at the chain’s outpost in Cambria Heights, Queens, to tout the latest version of the Happy Meal, which comes with apple slices, fewer fries and less calories.  The portly politician, whose wife said he weighs around 335 pounds, said the move by McDonald’s to slim down the Happy Meal means his threat to ban fast-food joints from giving out toys in children’s meals worked.

“You know, it was never an absolute ban. It was more of an encouragement for people to do better,” Comrie said.  “McDonald’s is taking the lead, but we have other service restaurants that we’re still looking at.”
Earlier this year, Comrie proposed banning toys in all kids’ meals with more than 500 calories.  “If they are visibly and nutritionally doing better, then there’s no need for the legislation,” Comrie said yesterday.
An old Happy Meal with a burger and Coke came in at 590 calories, but the new Happy Meal has 490 calories — and even less if milk is substituted for soda.
But Comrie said he’ll still push hearings to keep the debate going about toys.
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0 responses to “Another big, fat hypocrite…

  1. This is not unusual at all, most politicians say one thing and do another, it’s in their “play book for politicians/how to fool the public.” Leroy needs a push up bra and a girdle, for openers, and he should not go within a mile of any fast foods organization ever again. Speaking of miles, if Leroy will run five miles to a Baskin-Robins, Barack Obama will give him a free dish of ice cream that he actually paid for himself. Barack Obama will be playing golf that day, but a cut out of him will be next to the ice cream. This silly subject deserves a silly response. We won’t need to worry about calorie count when we can’t afford to buy food, any type of food!

  2. Other politicans want to be like San Fransissy’s (Yes I CAN call it that, I was born and raised there) Mayor {and Nancy Pelosi’s nephew} Gavin Newsome.
    As I was growing up in S.F. Pelosi, Alioto, Moscone, Feinstein and a host of other politicans (some now lifelong political (tax) blood suckers) ruined S.F. by pandering to their special interest groups, and then did the same to California with their (because they know whats better for us than we do) legislating (which is total B.S.). Now the same political leaches are at the forefront of ruining this nation. The ever controlling Hillary Clinton is in this crowd also. I refer to it as “The old political eungenicist hen house.”
    STOP putting HFCS {high fructose corn syrup} in our foods. Cease using BPA in our food packaging. NO MORE GMO in the food chain.
    Rescind the (misnamed) food safety act which handed over the food supply to 5 mega agra-buisnesses… Since the passing of this there has been two of the largest food recalls on processed turkey, ALL from the same mega proscessor. Not the small farms that were {falsely) accused of allowing tainted products into the food chain.
    Stop the chemical assault on the people of this country by the political elite and the business elite.
    REMOVE ALL flouride from ALL water systems.
    These would be a start.

  3. He needs a bra.

    • Dennis H. Bennett

      He is wearing a bra!! He’s been “holstered” by the Moochelle Disease called, “Tell-em-what-to-eat-while-I-eat-anything-I-want”!

  4. LOL..I KNOW right? Ha! I had to do a double take to see ‘what’, he or she, I was looking at! 🙂


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