Another bad week for the “Religion of Peace”

This Just in From Tea Party Nation. Wake Up America!


Posted by Judson Phillips on June 24, 2011 at 7:54am in Tea Party Nation Forum

Perhaps this headline should be America gets lucky again. This week, we have had not one, but two terrorist incidents and guess what? The wannabe Jihadists are Muslims.

When is America going to pay attention?

In Seattle, two Muslims, Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif and Wahlli Mujahidh have been charged with Conspiracy to murder government employees and conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction.

The men wanted to attack an Army and Air Force base in the Seattle area. Fortunately the FBI got wind of their plans and intervened. According to the FBI, the men talked about the headlines that would result from “three Muslim males” walking into a building and murdering everyone.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, a Muslim Marine reservist is the main suspect in a series of shootings at military buildings in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

Yonathan Melaku was born in Ethiopia, is a corporal in the Marine Corp reserve. He was discovered last Friday with suspicious materials and a notebook with phrases written down indicating support for Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Of course the drive by media is not paying much attention to this one. While CNN has stories on Casey Anthony’s trial and the Southwest pilot who decided to slur gays after leaving his microphone on by accident, not a word is to be found about these stories of these attacks being done by Muslims. Fox news has some coverage on the story. Of course the headlines do not mention these were Islamists. The only way you find out is a reference they make to three Muslim males killing people. Their headline on the Washington story refers to Melaku as a “reservist” who “self radicalized” on the Internet.

The FBI in Washington was asked about Melaku’s religious motivations. He made a video where he talked about shooting at the National Museum of the Marine Corps while shouting, “Allah Akbar,” and when asked about his religious motivations to commit these crimes, the FBI said, “”Those facts and individual characteristics of the defendant are not yet readily apparent to us.”

They are apparent to anyone with a brain. He is a radicalized Muslim. He did not do this because he is upset the NFL will not be playing this fall. He did not do this because he is upset Sarah Palin’s bus tour is on hold. He did not do this because Army beat Navy. He did it because he is a radicalized Muslim!

Ditto for the two clowns in Seattle.

The real question is when are we going to wake up and realize we have a problem? Not every Muslim may be our enemy but all of our enemies are Muslim.

Both the media and the government bend over backwards to avoid calling a Muslim terrorist a Muslim terrorist. You can never defeat an enemy if you cannot identify the enemy. Islam is our enemy. America may not want to make war in Islam, but Islam is making war on America. We have two choices. We can fight or we can submit.

I am an American. I choose to fight.

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9 years ago

Gee such a shame America has enemies from the Middle East.

We never had any enemies in the Middle East until Israel became our friend?

Go figure.

9 years ago
Reply to  beijingyank

Aw, c’mon, they’d just invent reasons to hate us anyway… infidels w/ freedom and prosperity they don’t have, I’m amazed if they didn’t hate us.

9 years ago

Islam is a plague and spreading fast but since it is based on hatred it will never survive