Jeremy Irons Lectures to Us About Excessive Consumption

Jeremy Irons and his "deeply socialist" wife, Sinead Cusack

Amy Turner of the Sunday Times reports on May 23, 2010, that Jeremy Irons, the actor, is launching himself as a green campaigner with plans to make a documentary about sustainability and waste.
The owner of SEVEN houses, including a pink castle in Ireland, Irons warns us that the increasing global population would put an intolerable strain on the world’s resources and we must address the gulf between developing countries and westerners living a bountiful “pie-in-the-sky” existence. He told the Sunday Times:

“One always returns to the fact that there are just too many of us, the population continues to rise and it’s unsustainable. I think we have to find ways where we’re not having to scrap our effluent junk and are a really sustainable planet. People around the world suffer hunger — 1 billion. Now that’s bad, worse than bad, that’s crazy! We’ve got to get mad. I want you to get mad. I want you to get up right now, stick your head out of the window and yell, ‘I’m mad as hell’.”

The 61-year-old actor speculated that either disease or war, “probably disease”, could become nature’s way of halving the population.
The actor, who says he is apolitical although he is a former Labour donor and his wife Sinead Cusack is “deeply socialist”, has made a short video for an organisation campaigning to end world hunger. Irons, who owns seven houses, including a pink castle in Co Cork, Ireland, believes a new economic vision is needed in the wake of the global financial crisis:

“We are facing an economic revolution. I don’t think things can ever be the same again. The next generation will have to think laterally and find ways to cope with this. You walk down the high street and it’s just clothes, clothes, clothes. How many clothes do people need? We’re on a hiding to nothing with that. We’ve always known the City was a bubble. We can’t continue to divide the world between people who live a pie-in-the-sky life and people who are starving.”

Irons, who says he runs “very old motor cars” including a 13-year-old Range Rover, also launched an attack on today’s throwaway society. “Why does it make sense for us all to be buying a lot of motor cars, selling our old ones and scrapping them? Why don’t we make cars that last for 40 years? We could,” he said.
Known for backing causes such as an international ban on capital punishment and the repeal of the fox hunting ban, Irons said he developed his views after discussions with Richard Leakey, the Kenyan conservationist and politician. Leakey has argued that the world cannot sustain more than 15 billion humans. The global population is now at 6.7 billion — and rising fast. Earlier this year Sir David Attenborough, the naturalist, said it might be the duty of humans to commit to having smaller families and change their lifestyles to sustain the planet.
Irons, who has two children, Samuel, 31, and Max, 24, says the answer is not enforced population control: “Morally, I don’t think you can tell people not to have children. “In the West we tend to have smaller families anyway, but in developing countries we need to offer as much technology and medical aid as possible. Whether that can happen before some natural disaster kicks in, we’ll have to see.” The grimmer alternative, says Irons, is to continue to inflate the richer western economies to bursting point at the expense of poorer nations: “We would have to ringfence those who are starving and fighting over water, keeping everybody out. We’d live in a sort of fortress world, with an area which is fine, with its guarded oil pipe coming from Afghanistan or wherever, but I can’t see that working.”
The ultimate solution, he says, is for us all to live less decadently — growing our own food and recycling instead of replacing goods: “People must drop their standard of living [so] the wealth can be spread about. There’s a long way to go.”
The Sunday Times article ended with a list of other false prophets:

  • A government chief scientist, John Pattison, predicted in 1996 that half a million Britons could contract vCJD, the human form of BSE, within four years. Just 168 have died.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow said she was “seized with fear” that “toxins” in shampoo caused cancer.
  • Last year, Heather Mills, former wife of Paul McCartney, warned of the dangers of eating meat, citing the “fact” that it lingers in your body for 40 years and putrefies, causing a fatal disease.


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10 years ago

You notice of course, you erudite readers of this blog, that it is always the “HAVES” who preach to us, the great unwashed masses of one owned home, or rented one, who live paycheck to paycheck, and do the best we can.
How many children does HE have (legitimate or otherwise), and how many HAVES have adopted children, besides Madonna and Jolie-Pitt?

10 years ago

hahahahaha…better start practicing what you preach sir! Get back to me when you sell 6 of your homes and get rid of your OWN decadent lifestyle. What an utter tool…
Guess when you haven’t had a decent movie in several years you need to draw attention to yourself some how, some way.

10 years ago

Jeremy Irons… no wonder he played such a good East German in Die Hard 3.

10 years ago

I love your comment Anonymous! It’s hard to believe someone could act so good, isn’t it! Yes, please adjust your own lifestyle before you preach to us. Most Americans are doing the best they can on a budget that they stretch.