Ann Coulter: By signing the budget deal, Trump signs away his right as CIC to build the wall

Yesterday afternoon, the AP reported that “The White House confirms that President Donald Trump will sign a bill averting a potential partial government shutdown at the end of the week.”

At the same time, “Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says Trump will also take ‘other executive action — including a national emergency’ as he seeks to keep his border wall pledge.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) confirmed that Trump would quickly declare a national emergency, so as to divert money from other budget projects into building the southern border wall.

According to Ann Coulter, however, by signing the budget deal, Donald Trump has signed away his right as commander in chief to build a wall.

On the Lars Larson radio show yesterday, Coulter said (beg. 1:00 mark):

“It’s over…. I’ve been one saying since November 8, ‘Hey, you’re commander in chief. You have always had authority to build the wall. That is part of your job description.‘ They’ve talked about national emergency, and his special emergency powers, whether he uses that or not, he’s the commander in chief and his job is to keep America safe.

But now, he signed a bill in which he has signed those powers away. The bill that he signed prohibits any part of the wall going any place on our border. It allows not the prototypes, not a wall, but some gentle pedestrian bollard fencing, in one small section, the Santa Fe section, but only if the local authorities agree….

It’s worse than amnesty — it’s a pre-approved amnesty. You may not be deported if an ‘unaccompanied child’ is a member of your household. This will put human smuggling into overdrive. You could be an MS-13 member, anyone, any illegal in this country, just get a kid in the household, just traffick that child across the border, you got amnesty! That’s the bill he signed.

They’ll try to go to the Supreme Court and say, ‘Hey, I’m Commander In Chief! It’s my job to defend America!’. And the Supreme Court will say, ‘That’s funny, because whose signature is this on a bill that says the commander in chief isn’t allowed to build a wall? Whose John Hancock is on this?’

He has just signed away his inherent powers under the Constitution. It is over. There will not be a fence, there will not be a wall, there will not be a garden trellis, and there will be mass amnesty and open borders like you’ve never seen before. The country’s over, there’s no point to what you do, there’s no point to what I do, there’s no point to listening to this radio show because the whole country goes the way of California. America was nice while it lasted, but they outmaneuvered us, the people who wanted to destroy this country….

This bill passed the United States Senate 83 to 16. I understand some of the Democrats voted against it, so it won’t be held against them, they can’t be blamed for open borders. You know who can be? The guy who put his John Hancock on the bill — Donald Trump. Full open borders like something Hillary Clinton couldn’t have gotten through.”

So, is Ann Coulter correct in her assertions?

In seeking to confirm/disconfirm what Coulter said, I tried to find the primary source — the budget deal itself.

Infuriatingly, I couldn’t find a link to, or even the name of the budget deal in any of the news reports on the agreement. So I went to, and found the budget agreement among the 31 bill texts that received yesterday.

This is what H.J.Resolution 31: The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019, which was passed by both the House and the Senate, and presented to President Trump today, says, which confirms what Ann Coulter said:

(1) Effective amnesty, i.e., no deportation, for illegals with an unaccompanied child:

Title II, Sec. 224. (a) None of the funds provided by this Act or any other Act, or provided from any accounts in the Treasury of the United States derived by the collection of fees available to the components funded by this Act, may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to place in detention, remove, refer for a decision whether to initiate removal proceedings, or initiate removal proceedings against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential
sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child (as defined in section 462(g) of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (6 U.S.C. 279(g))) based on information shared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

(2) No wall, but only pedestrian fencing may be built on the border:

Title II. Sec. 230. (a) Of the total amount made available under “U.S. Customs and Border Protection–Procurement, Construction, and Improvements”,$2,370,222,000 shall be available only as follows:
(1) $1,375,000,000 is for the construction of primary pedestrian fencing, including levee pedestrian fencing, in the Rio Grande Valley Sector;

Sec. 230. (b) The amounts designated in subsection (a)(1) shall only be available for operationally effective designs deployed as of the date of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017 (Public Law 115-31), such as currently deployed steel bollard designs, that prioritize agent safety.

(3) Not even pedestrian fencing in these areas:

Sec. 231. None of the funds made available by this Act or prior Acts are available for the construction of pedestrian fencing–
(1) within the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge;
(2) within the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park;
(3) within La Lomita Historical park;
(4) within the National Butterfly Center; or
(5) within or east of the Vista del Mar Ranch tract of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

(4) Construction of pedestrian border fencing is subject to local authorities’ approval (which means there won’t even be pedestrian fencing in places like California):

Sec. 232. (a) Prior to use of any funds made available by this Act for the construction of physical barriers within the city limits of any city or census designated place described in subsection (c), the Department of Homeland Security and the local elected officials of such a city or census designated place shall confer and seek to reach mutual agreement regarding the design and alignment of physical barriers within that city or the census designated place (as the case may be). Such consultations shall continue until September 30, 2019 (or until agreement is reached, if earlier) and may be extended beyond that date by agreement of the parties, and no funds made available in this Act shall be used for such construction while consultations are continuing.

Sec. 232. (c) The cities and census designated place described in this subsection are as follows:
(1) Roma, Texas.
(2) Rio Grande City, Texas.
(3) Escobares, Texas.
(4) La Grulla, Texas.
(5) The census designated place of Salineno, Texas.

While what Ann Coulter said about the budget deal — the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019 — is true, does this mean that by signing the bill, President Trump effectively signed away his right as commander in chief to build a border wall?

Certainly, for Trump not to sign the bill would mean another government shut down — and government shut down has shown itself to be ineffective in pressuring the Demonrats to allocate the $5+ billion Trump wants to build the wall. But by signing the bill, Trump in effect agrees to the bill’s provisions, including its stipulation that the funds Congress has allocated for border security can only be spent on pedestrian fencing, instead of a wall.

But that doesn’t mean President Trump can’t muster funds outside of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 to build the wall, on the grounds of national emergency. Whether that will work remains to be seen.

H/t Auntie Lulu


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Ann Coulter: By signing the budget deal, Trump signs away his right as CIC to build the wall
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24 responses to “Ann Coulter: By signing the budget deal, Trump signs away his right as CIC to build the wall

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    coulter has spoken too soon. It ain’t over…..Yet.

    • Kevin, I agree with You. It is one thing totally different as seen on the outside when inside it is so different. Donal Trump, POTUS, is not a man of failures, he says he is a builder, and men like him push forward, he has surrounded himself with powerful thinkers and doers, and when he leaves, though some things may have not been favorable, he will leave bigger than himself -time will tell and will be recognized for loving “we the people” and America. Ann Coulter loves the cameras and attention,

  2. I think it reads that the funds made available for the boarder in the newly signed H.J.Resolution 31: The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019, limits those funds so they only! Those only can not be used for any building of a wall between Mexico and America.
    But I believe President Trump do not forfeit any of His Presidential ‘National Emergency Powers’ by signing H.J.R. 31 can still declare a National Emergency to protect American citizens as required by Law for Him to do so as Commander In Chief and use other government funds to build the wall!

  3. Ann Coulter’s point about the country being over is correct as far as I’m concerned—it’s over whether the announcement (in the time since she spoke) about $8 billion in emergency funds being diverted for a wall pans out or not. Court challenges could stall construction past the next election, and I’d bet Ann Coulter would say that makes the emergency declaration just so much calculated hot air. The main point, however, is that it was the Republicans who blocked the wall for two years, not the Dems.

    • Spearheaded by Speaker Paul Ryan. AIPAC always makes sure to control the Speaker spot. (and other key positions and committees like the Armed Services Committee)Remember, candidate Trump was banned from visiting the fake state of Israel, for wanting to ban Judeo-Muslims from Immigrating/Colonizing OUR COUNTRY! (They are the ones pushing the destruction of almost every white country via their immigration invasions)

  4. Ann Coulter is a good “bomb-thrower”—always quick to shoot her mouth off. It’s usually amusing, but this time, it’s not. President Trump did not necessarily “sign away his” rights or duties as Commander-in-Chief by signing the budget bill, and he should be able to get the funding for the wall from other sources.

    Be this as it may, Nancy Pelosi has promised a fight, and the case or cause may well wind up in the Supreme Court. I agree with Mike King, writing for Dr. Makow today in that Trump “rope-a-doped” Pelosi in much the same way as Muhammed Ali rope-a-doped George Forman in the “Rumble in the Jungle” back in 1974. As for the country “being over,” yes, that is true in the Biblical way in that “this world is passing away.” I don’t like that, you don’t like that, and, in fact, only a moron likes that. But the demographics are what they are, and the ethnic composition of almost the entire human race has all but approached that critical mass required to ignite massive social change. It stands to reason: Whites—and now black people in America—have and are contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence. This is fact and not my opinion, or “the finding” of some philosopher or social commentator. Certain forces have corroded away at the American social fabric for decades now, and they are taking off their masks in the Democratic Party, the news media, non-governmental organizations and the like. Progressive Cultural Marxism is on the march, and the informed and articulate people needed to counter it are too few in number. (And at any rate, we are living through a period of mass psychosis).

    Ann Coulter is part bomb-thrower and part court jester. She can be amusing, and she can—at times—make people think. I like her up to a point. (In 1998, I drove Ms. Coulter from the Fox News studio on E. 67 St. in Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport. I found her to be, let us say, a TAD arrogant, articulate as she is. She was miffed that I agreed with “only 95%” of what I had to say about Bill Clinton! But she did tip me $5–.)

    • I agree with you. She’s smart enough that I’d rather have her for President, but that’s just me. She’s saying what I’ve been saying since the start. Obviously, the actions do not fit the rhetoric. That makes people want to ask questions.

      Is it because he actually can’t see these things? Is it because he isn’t logical? Is it because he’s afraid? Is he easily influenced by praise or threats?

      I try to be honest about these things. I’m not sure anybody could fix this, but anybody can (and should) act consistently. If you can’t trust those around you, get rid of them. Why that Justice Department isn’t under indictment is a mystery to me. Where’s the indictment for Hillary (multiple indictments)?

      Why appoint Barr? Wow! or Eliott Abrams for that matter. He had a good candidate for AG why didn’t he keep him?

      All the Yosemite Sam stuff isn’t impressive, at least to me. I don’t want to hear a peep about what he intends to do, I want to hear about what he’s already done.

      Coulter’s right. I don’t always agree with her but she’s been spot on on this. She’s got guts too. Why isn’t she in the Administration?

  5. WTH is “pedestrian fencing”? I am so pissed about this bill I can barely see. What a crock. Its a joke. If Americans cannot figure out what these people are doing to our country then there is no hope, for them or us.
    Immigration, refugees, asylees- legal or illegal is a pox on this country.
    The only saving grace of this abomination of a bill is that it expires in Sept which will be smack dab in the forefront of the 2020 Presidential run.
    They need to keep records and expose this farce.
    I trust our President but this is so discouraging….

  6. God Bless you Dr Eowyn for delving into this. I feel somewhat better knowing that some of the language only applies to the monies that Congress has authorized in this bill.

    There is no doubt, we have traitorous minions afoot in our Congress. Their hatred of Trump allows them to put at jeopardy the lives, property and liberty of each and every American citizen

    God Bless America, and God Bless our President–Donald J Trump!

  7. The ports of entry are only a small part of this. The Demonrats want votes, period. Beyond that they wish to carry out their owner’s mission of destruction.

    There was NO REASON whatsoever for him to sign this, especially once he decided to just build the wall. You KNOW its full of treachery. He could simply say “you haven’t behaved honestly so I’m going to veto it’. Let them scream all they like.

    I would go right ahead with my plans and tell them there will be no amnesty. “If you put it in the bill, I will not sign it”. The more they spew their lies the more people forget what this is all about. The more they equate “immigrant” to “illegal alien” the more sympathy they generate.

    We do not have an obligation to let in anyone who wishes to come here. We have a system to do that. When someone violates our laws and comes illegally they should be sent home. All of these people are not “refugees”. Let them stay where they are and apply for asylum.

    There are vast stretches along the border with no barriers. There are ATV roads all along there. People come and go freely all day. All of this needs a fence that is defensible.

    Beyond this, they have changed the dynamic. Now they are pushing for free everything to entice even more of them. They are allowing them to vote so that they can get more Communists into government. So these “elected officials” are violating their oaths and encouraging foreign nationals to break our laws. Beyond that they are refusing to enforce those laws that they took oaths to defend.

    So this is truly a criminal issue. It is much bigger than simple immigration policy. We are in a soft coup. If we allow them to win we’re finished. Its as simple as that.

    • LH,

      I’m DISGUSTED by Trump signing this bill-totally disgusted! I’m sick & tired of hearing the conservative pundits like Limbaugh, Hannity, et al, go on about how he had no choice to sign this, that another gov’t shutdown wouldn’t change things; they said that to veto this POS was fighting a losing battle. I say BOLLUX to that!

      I’m sorry, but even if the odds are totally against you, there’s only one right thing to do: fight on principle. Our boys on Bataan surely knew that they were fighting a losing battle, but they fought anyway; until the ammo ran out, they FOUGHT. Did they fight because they could win? They knew that they’d lose. No, our brave boys fought because it was THE RIGHT & HONORABLE THING TO DO! President Trump should have VETOED this POS because it was the right thing to do; even if it were a losing battle, politically speaking, vetoing this bill was the right thing to do.

      What’s sad is that I voted for Trump; I thought he would make a difference. I thought and felt this so strongly that, after sitting out elections since 2004, I actually renewed my voter registration to vote for Trump! I thought Trump was the right man, in the right place, at the right time in history. Alas, I think I was wrong.

      I think that TPTB SELECTED Trump because he provided a much needed distraction [for them, anyway] to an increasingly woke population; we were waking up and asking too many awkward questions that our elites would just as soon not answer. Trump kept us from asking about more important things like 9/11 or the Federal Reserve.

      It’s no different from the sophisticated psyop that was the Kavanaugh hearings; they distracted us from finding out about his weakness on the Fourth Amendment, his role in bringing the USAPATRIOT Act to life (worked in the GW Bush White House), etc. We heard about Christine Blasey Fraud’s accusations ad nauseum, while we heard NOTHING about his stance on the Fourth Amendment, his role in crafting and shepherding the USAPATRIOT Act, etc. Since he was being vetted for a lifetime appointment, wouldn’t any thinking American want to know about these things?

      There’s something else we all need to remember: WRT the borders, the Democrats and Republicans are of ONE MIND; they both want open borders, even though they want them for different reasons. The Democrats want them because it means more voters for them; it means eventual one party rule, a la California. The Republicans want open borders to please their rich donors; their rich donors, such as the Koch brothers, want an endless supply of cheap labor. All the Democrats and the vast majority of Republicans want open borders, and this POS bill reflects that.

      That’s all I have to say…

      • Well, I wouldn’t argue with much of that. I think both “parties” are two wings on the same bird and the “bird” is totally owned by the Zionists. Other than that I agree with what you said.

        It is what it is. Looked at logically it DOES provide a lot of distraction for them to work their magic, doesn’t it? People who actually watch TV “news” now think that “news = Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia…”. It is particularly telling what they completely avoid reporting.

        Watching these events with excited expectation is like watching Worldwide Wrestling and believing its real. I’d love to believe that someone, somewhere in government actually wants to turn this ship of fools around. I think its wise to start thinking survival strategies. We’d better have a plan. No relief is coming from “upper management”.

        • I like your analogy about the two parties being two wings of the same bird; that is a succinct, accurate description of the DC Uniparty. The Uniparty has existed for a long time too. I’ve been researching Pearl Harbor, and both parties were involved in covering up FDR’s foreknowledge and role in the disaster.

          Yeah, I agree; it’s best to start thinking of survival at this point. I don’t know if leaving the US is the answer, but it’s an option. Our ancestors left their native lands to escape an oppressive gov’t; we may need to follow their example. I just can’t believe what our country has turned into. I feel like that American Indian in the commercial where he sheds a tear for the pollution he saw… 🙁

  8. Here’s a good overview:

    Now, just to be logical, does he know this? If not, why doesn’t he? If he does why would he sign it?

    Remember, these are Communists. They are working for their Zionist owners. They want to destroy all we hold dear. They plan to use illegal immigrants to help them do that.

    Given that fact, would it be wise to look askance at anything they proposed? I think resistance with every fiber of our being is what is called for. So, much as I’d like to, I can’t see any good in this. He could have defused this weeks ago by just doing it. Then set the stage for their funding bill by saying “don’t even send me anything with goodies for illegals”.

    We’re in a coup. The question for me is “do they know this?”.

  9. I know I go to bed each night knowing 50% of this nation thinks it’s okay to kill babies in the womb as long as we allow babies from other nations to enter our borders–2 more decades, this country will be Muslim; and that seems the Congress goal.

  10. Yes, lophatt–I’ve called it a coup since 2008.

  11. Looks like Republicans and DJT got rolled by the Dems (again). We’ve got to KNOW that when they negotiate lengthy pieces of legislation, when it gets to be so lengthy that few are even able to READ it, the Dems have slipped stuff into it that’s awful. Don’t let them keep getting away with this! Or alternatively, do we have Repub negotiators who are traitors? Even then, this could have been stopped early-on, or by presidential VETO.

  12. Pointless Walls R Us

    Ann Coulter now calls Trump an idiot. She needs to take that steel barrier out of her eye before trying to get that tiny speck of cement dust out of his. She’s becoming a loon as bad as the New Green Mean Machine that’s destroying everything around it. Amazon HQ is the latest thing it crushed and Ann focuses on the wall all day and night. Claims Trump is not going to get reelected 2020 because he promised it over and over again. She’s the idiot. All he has to do is keep draining the swamp, showing the swamp creatures for who they are, and that’s what he’s doing every day. The lies are being exposed. The manipulation tactics are being revealed. The issues front and center. He’s pointing out everything they do. Takes time. He will easily win 2020 if he continues what he’s doing even if wall is not built “as promised” because the public can see clearly as they are not so busy writing books.

    • “All he has to do is keep draining the swamp…and that’s what he’s doing every day.”

      Do tell us what swamp creatures he’s drained every day. I bet you also believe signing this atrocious appropriations bill is him playing magic 4D-chess.

  13. Thanks for digging out the text of the actual bill; what a hassle just to find it, wow!

    I heard/read that it was over 1,100 pages long & that it had been “dropped late at night” Wed. by the Dems, so nobody had time to thoroughly read it. One HouseRep tweet I saw (unfamiliar name to me) was royally PO’d about that.

    POTUS tweeted at 9:27am Thurs./yesterday that he & team were at the WH going over the bill.

    Six hours later, circa 3:30pm, all the headlines began saying Trump WOULD sign it, grrr.

    That would mean somebody in the WH had to read circa 200 pages an hour for six hours straight & then point out all its evil inclusions to Trump & have time for him to simmer over a decision to sign it or not!

    Saw a Rand Paul tweet saying he was “disappointed” in the bill (is that all!?), but that he was NOT in favor of declaring a National Emergency! Tsk Tsk! His tweet made it sound like doing such is somehow unConstitutional.

    Wed. evening 13th I heard the Rense interview of William Gheen (ALIPAC founder) from Tues. night 12th. He was very upset already that Potus might sign the bill. Gheen said, just as almost everyone here, that it would be Soft Amnesty. He said all Trump needed to do was REJECT/Veto this bill & Congress would then simply be forced to do another CR > temp funding measure to keep Govt. open.

    Gheen is always a good listen re Everything Immigration for a harsh “Reality Check” vs. Wishful Thinking.

    Ditto Frosty Wooldridge, a teacher in Golden, Colo, who also keeps tabs on Everything Immigration. He says Denver already has 10,000 homeless & that schools there already have to “tolerate” 160-180 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES due to alien student bodies! He did a recent 4-part series of articles (also at Rense site) re EU Immigration since post-WW2 which is heading this way. Terrible!

    (I did not realize EU countries began importing immigrants right after WW2 to help them rebuild their blown-to-bits cities from the war. Frosty said THAT’s when & why it began over there. True? What year was Kalergi-Couldenhove Plan written?)

    @StevenBoiles, always great cab stories 😀 & political observations!

    @Lophatt; “Is he easily influenced by praise or threats?”

    From Day-1 I wondered if Trump was truly NPD, so have kept that in the back of my mind & decided to “wait, watch, see.” (ACTORS are notorious for being NPD.)

    It’s possible there have been threats. It’s possible he agreed to TPTB to be their puppet because of _____?? (fill in the blank: prior indiscretions, huge debts to banksters &/or Jewish Mafias, etc.)

    I do think he is a sucker for “acceptance” & “praise,” as you asked. NPDs feed off of “Narcissistic Supply” (praise) or else they go into “Narcissistic Injury” mode (sulk, pout, “silent treatment,” rage, etc.) On the other hand, Potus has weathered a TON of insults & cruelties, yet he keeps on going, so I just don’t know. (Then again, I don’t live with him. Does he sulk, pout, rage?)

    Ivanka sure seems to get to create all of her favorite pet GLOBAL projects. Maybe SHE pulls Daddy’s strings(?) Kushner gets his projects also. Does the ChaaaaaBad Mafia rule the WH roost?

    You’d think Pence would be more helpful, too, re what’s best for USA, but it doesn’t look like it. Recent tweet of his re he & wife’s visit to WW2 concentration camps & how boohoo that was for them. Why not visit the Russian Gulags & boohoo over the 66+ million Christians slaughtered there?! :-/

    Read an article at RenegadeTribune with eyewitness quotes, said to be the first in a new series, re WW2. It was about all the regular innocent German people who were living in other countries (always? or had fled there during the war?); & how the ALLIES treated THEM after the war > rounded them all up out of their homes, no taking of their possessions with them, & forced them like sardines into boxcars with little to no food/water (could not even sit, but had to stand entire time crammed packed up against other bodies) & were railroaded back to Berlin because those other countries no longer trusted Germans. It said how mothers with children & babies were treated the same & their babies died on the forced-trips & the mothers literally went insane. Guards at the destination end would have to force-pull the dead babies out of their arms. All the “sardine-people” were covered in excrement from having no proper way to relieve themselves in the boxcars. Heartbreaking!

    Point of all that: Excuse me for being sick of hearing about (Pence) & (((concentration camps))), & to say, I think we are being set up for the same… later if not sooner … & whether they come after us as “White People” or as Christians, I think they want the Browns/Blacks to invade, not just for “Dem Votes,” but for savaging the population as is already happening in EU, Scandinavia, UK, South Africa, etc. (“Handwriting on the Wall.”)

    Whether Trump is a willing puppet to that end remains to be seen but he is already treading on thin ice, imo.

    End of Rambling on the last 3-days of Political Theater Suspense. Thank You!

    • That was very good. I enjoyed it. It was honest. I don’t feel as lonely now. Sometimes I get to thinking that I’m the only one that seems to see the inconsistencies. They are LEGION.

      Anyway, I’ve never enjoyed being played for a chump. It’s one thing to get screwed, quite another not to notice. I would rather see action than hear noise. This is too much like a theater production. It’s like a long-running soap opera.

      Nobody acts “natural”. They all act like “characters”. Pense is a good case in point. Of course he could be AI by the look of him. I can see an episode in which Pense (the robot) squeezes the life out of Jared (the Zuckerberg wannabe).

      Anyway, tune in tomorrow. I think that’s the episode where they find out what they signed and hordes of transvestites pledge to lie down in the path of the “trellis?”. About that, has anyone heard a peep from the writers about the response to the pulling of the troops? Maybe they’re afraid we’ll lose the storyline.

  14. The language regarding restrictions on where, what, how much wall can be built is limited to the amount of the appropriation, or $1.75B. Any other funds POTUS applies to the wall will be subject to the appropriation that created those funds. It is very simple law.

    Ms Coulter is dead wrong.

  15. If Environmental,Conservation, Wildlife, groups & Globull Warmists were not hijacked and were really “For” the Environment,Conservation, Wildlife, & Globull Warming, they would be amongst the biggest supporters of the Wall and Immigration Moratorium & deporting invaders.


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