Ann Barnhardt's Theory

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Gosh,  I get such a kick out of the way this woman thinks!  I’m inclined to agree with her.  I’m posting just a little of her lengthy and totally amusing theory of the Mysterious Origins of The One!  -LTG

After reading Jack Cashill’s work on Obama’s fake nativity narrative, here is what I suspect his legal status is. I suspect that Obama was in fact born in Kenya and later gained Indonesian citizenship, but is NOT a U.S. citizen today, and probably never was. I wasn’t always in that camp. I initially suspected that he was born in Hawaii, but that his real BC had some unsavory data on it that he wanted hidden. I don’t think that is the case anymore. The hospitals have NOTHING, he obviously has no Hawaiian BC, and Cashill’s work shows that Stanley Ann Dunham was enrolled, living and present with eyewitnesses, at the University of Washington within a couple of weeks of Obama’s purported birth date in August of ’61.
I think Stanley Ann was deluded enough to believe that Barack Sr. and she were going to be the Communist dictators of Kenya (a la Juan and Eva Peron in Argentina), and thus flew to Kenya with the intent of presenting herself to Barack Sr.’s family like some sort of pathetic Communist princess, and birthing the child in Kenya. She was soundly rejected by Obama’s family for being white, and after giving birth was sent packing, with her half-breed child, by her putative in-laws. I suspect she flew not to Hawaii, but straight to Washington State where the Dunhams had lived and were well-connected, and was set up at UW. Granny Dunham then went to the local records office in Hawaii and remotely registered Barry’s birth with some fake data about Stanley and Barack Sr. living together (which was common in Hawaii in those days – Hawaiian birth registrations were easy to acquire to the point of being absurd and criminal). This is what generated the automated newspaper birth announcements. 
Read the entire post, PRAY FOR TRACTION dated March 5, 2012 on her blog,

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0 responses to “Ann Barnhardt's Theory

  1. Love this gal!
    Her theory seems quite plausible too.

  2. I agree. The 666 beast, man of lawlessness, is not nor ever was a US citizen. He was born a citizen of Britain. Symbol for US is the eagle. Symbol of Britain is England. The 666 beast comes to unite the globe and revive the Roman Empire. Amazingly, he’s a British citizen son of a Muslim entering the head of state position of God’s endtime Christian nation to the world (the USA). It’s APOCALYPTIC for a British citizen to step into the office of POTUS… especially illegally. So many reasons why Barack Obama is the 666 beast. That his name means “Satan” — NOT a coincidence. That he is!!

  3. *typo… Symbol of England is the Lion. The Lion and the Eagle symbols — stands for two things: rapture, and abomination of desolations reign of antichrist. Satan trying to bring his kingdom counterfeiting God’s Kingdom. Anyway, Obama is the 666 beast prophesied. Potential of abomination of desolations/rapture — 1260 days from his oath of office. 7/04/2012… Independence Day… Birth of a Nation.

  4. This is great, and it’s on its way to so at least ten million will read it! ANYTHING we can do to end the Obamamama abomination is useful.

  5. Seems plausible enough to me.

  6. Makes sense to me, too. Thus the missing records, of arrivals from over seas, that are lost for the week of BO’s birth (see Arpaio’s cold case posse press conference)…


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