Animals who adopt humans: stray cat & a wild fox

Many kind people adopt homeless dogs and cats from shelters.

Sometimes, however, the animals adopt humans, as in the cases of a stray cat who adopted a young couple in a camper van, and a wild fox who befriended wildlife filmmaker Dora Nightingale in her back garden.


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The kitty film is heartwarming, glad they went back for her. The Fox film, the encounters between them is rewarding by letting Faith stay wild. I have a crazy bundle of joy that bosses me, and I let him. Love You Barney.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

Those were both incredibly beautiful stories of how creatures from nature come and wish to bond with us. Thank you for sharing this beautiful article.


Strays who adopt us: I want to fondly salute “Buddy,” neutered, former pet of someone else in our neighborhood, who was cast out & who “adopted” us. He slept for a season in an empty cardboard box on my covered back porch for the winter…& every early AM I THOUGHT I saw the box “wiggle” a little…..and then finally, one morning he popped his head up! I was not crazy….Buddy was the box-wiggler! Long story short, Buddy was about 2 years or so old when he came to us (his former owners, a street away, departed acrimoniously & took the… Read more »