Animal Funnies!

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World’s Worst Sheepdog

Nelson, the part-Norfolk Terrier, is a sheepdog.

One day, Nelson decided to have a little fun.

Instead of rounding up the sheep, Nelson ran round and round the sheep instead, and thus won the title of World’s Worst Sheepdog. LOL


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5 responses to “Animal Funnies!

  1. My vote is for the World’s Worst Sheepdog.

  2. The pics sure make up for the chilly weather in Miami. The black kittens look like seeds in a pumpkin. Nelson sure is like my Barney. I wonder if Barney is a chicken, he has apeaceful life and anything scares him. I love my Barney.

  3. What was nelson doing wrong? He was only getting the sheep in condition for the next Sheep Olympics.

  4. Just got to love those animal pictures and videos. The sheep definitely looked like they were having fun.


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