Animal friendships that'll touch your heart

A crow and a dog are inseparable. The crow is almost always on the dog’s back, and the dog barks when people try to touch his pal. So their human built a custom harness for more comfortable rides.

A duck and house cat were raised together. The duck hates water (like cats do) and hasn’t figured out yet that it can fly!

The dog of a worker at a wild-life park in China adopted two tiger cubs, and would regularly visit the cubs.

An orphaned tiger cub has been raised with the family dog since infancy. The two are inseparable.

Humphrey the hippopotamus was a house pet that became too large and was moved to the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve in South Africa, where he was safe but lonely — until a Cameroon Pygmy Mountain Goat climbed the fence into Humphrey’s enclosure and befriended him.

Sobe the iguana and Johann the cat were both rescued by a woman in Brooklyn, NY. Every day when the iguana is let out of her cage, she seeks out Johann to play.

Koko the gorilla, now 46 years old, is famous for having learned to communicate by sign-language. Koko’s two favorite books are about cats. For her birthday in 1984, Koko made signs to her human teacher that she wanted a kitten. Koko got her birthday wish: she chose a kitten from an abandoned litter and named him “All Ball”, and cared for the kitten with great tenderness.

A lioness abandoned by her pack adopted a baby impala after killing its mother. Several times, she tried to leave the baby in the company of other impalas, but ended up taking the baby back when the frightened adult impalas ran away.

A giraffe and ostrich are best friends at Busch Gardens in Florida.

The pet dog of the park-keeper of a hawk conservatory adopted these motherless baby owls.

A stray cat adopted by a family grew fond of their elderly dog. Realizing the dog was blind, the cat took on the responsibility of being the dog’s guide cat, leading him to his water, food, shade, and toys.

A stray cat wandered into an Asiatic bear’s enclosure in the Berlin Zoo. For the next 10 years, the cat made frequent visits to check on his friend.

A fox and cat have been seen together for over a year in Lake Van in Turkey. They were first spotted by a local fisherman who saw them sharing a fish and playing together.

At the Tiger institute in South Carolina, a female chimpanzee raised white tiger cubs after they were separated from their mother.

A photographer witnessed a wild polar bear coming upon a team of tethered sled dogs in the wilderness of Canada’s Hudson Bay. Instead of devouring the dogs, the bear cuddled and played with the dogs, returning every night that week.

Some other examples of strange and improbable animal friendships:

Truly, as St. Bonaventure said, these are creatures without sin.
H/t Shireen

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Aww, that was really heartwarming, thank you.

Helene Pineau
Helene Pineau

The crow and dog pic brought back memories. My black lab/collie/Newfoundland mix dog used to get visits from a one-legged raven (don’t know how the bird lost its leg), who would hop onto my dog’s back and rest there. My dog never protested. A neighbour took their picture, it was so unusual. In 2010 I had to have my beloved pet put down, and never saw the raven after that. Still a mystery to me.

Christian Zionist

I love this kind of stuff, the animal world is absolutely wonderful, humans on the other hand are often repugnant, of course not all the time, but today…..well


Totally wonderful! Talk about the lion laying down with the lamb. 🙂

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

That was a wonderful, awesome treat in this fretful world. I could just feel my blood pressure going down as I went through the various pictures. It never seems to amaze me how wonderful God’s creatures really are.

Steven Broiles

It’s not every day that a crow has his own seeing-eye dog. That’s one lucky crow!
Seriously, we need animals. I very much fear that the coming Armageddon will extinct many of those that we have. Very much.
I hope St. Bonaventure is right about an afterlife for these “creatures without sin.” But I sort of see God’s Point: FOLLOW ME, NOT THE ANIMALS.
(Incidentally, hippopotami in Africa kill more people than lions: People don’t know to avoid the territorial hippopotami, whose bite can be just as fatal).


Just too cool…


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